Botterill - There's always going to be competition for spots

July 01, 2017 - 7:43 pm

After the first day of free agency as a general manager, Jason Botterill met with the media to discuss the many value and depth signings he made for the Buffalo Sabres. 

With the addition of winger Benoit Pouliot, the Sabres got a winger who can skate well and be a solid depth scorer if he can break out of the poor season he had last year in Edmonton. Botterill seems confident in Pouliot's ability to bounce back, "If you look at (Pouliot's) history, in situations he's had a difficult season, he's been able to bounce back strong and that's what we're looking for from him to come to Buffalo."

Goaltender Chad Johnson came back to Buffalo on a one-year deal, which would seem to bump Linus Ullmark back to a role in Rochester. Botterill wants Ullmark to get more games and learn the schedule of a starting goaltender, "We've always viewed Ullmark to be a very important piece in our organization moving forward... He's a goalie that has taken big strides in his game in the last 12 months or so here." 

In his introductory press conference, Botterill preached a lot about the need for more development and success in Rochester. With the signings of forwards Seth Griffith, Kevin Porter, Kyle Criscoulo, defenseman Matt Tennyson and goaltender Adam Wilcox, Botterill added much needed depth for the AHL team in Rochester.

"It's certainly a situation where we wanted to... add depth. To strengthen Rochester but also put us in a situation if we ran into injuries up in Buffalo that we would have players that could come in and contribute at the National Hockey League level," Botterill stated.

However, Botterill seems adamant that the team is not done looking into adding players, "There's always going to be competition for spots, but there's also scenarios where there's going to be openings," Botterill said. "As a group here, we'll continue to look at the possibility of signing more players, if the right fir is there over the next couple of days, or from the trade perspective over the next couple of months." 

You can hear the entire conference call from Botterill right here:

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