Beane: Bills aren't looking for a specific type of wide receiver

February 25, 2020 - 12:11 pm

Bills general manager Brandon Beane spoke to local reporters Tuesday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Here are some of the important topics he touched on and what he said:

On paying attention to the CBA situation, and how it may impact negotiations with pending free agents:
Operating on a status quo right now. If there's a new CBA they'll call all the GMs together to review the changes.

On having TE Greg Olsen in for a visit:
"Anytime there's a guy like that you're going to check it out. I'm always going to be looking at draft, free agency, team cuts." Obviously familiar with him from their time in Carolina together.

On if players from the XFL are an option to sign for the team:
"Anything that's football, we're going to check it out. XFL, CFL, we were watching the AAF."

On what he's looking for at wide receiver the offseason:
"I'm looking for a good player. Receiver, of all positions probably, comes in the Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors. Size, speed, length, guys who can run after catch. All sorts of variables.... There are guys who can play above the rim. This is a deep receiver of the last things left is the medical with some of these guys, and making sure they medically check out. We're not just looking for a certain thing, a speed or size. We're looking for good players that we know that can come in and fit alongside what we've already got. The John Browns, the Cole Beasleys and the rest of that group."

On replacing Lorenzo Alexander on the field:
"It's had because there's not a lot of guys who can play as a stack linebacker and also be used as a pass rusher."

On if re-signing or not re-signing Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips will impact their plans to draft a pass rusher:
"Even if we sign back Shaq and Jordan, it would not deter me in any round from drafting a pass rusher. It's one of the premium positions. If there's a guy there in any round that we think can come in and help our roster, we would take him whether we resign those guys or not."

On DT Star Lotulelei's restructured contract:
"It gives us a little money to use elsewhere. Unfortunately he doesn't get the credit he deserves. I''m probably his biggest defender out there and will continue to be....he eats blockers and helps our run defense. He got some guaranteed money that protected him and he gave us something back in return."

On the cap space they have vs. developing and re-signing own players
"I want to draft and develop and sign our own. It's a fine line....we do have some holes to fill, but we've got guys coming up in 2021 and 2022 and I want to make sure we have the funds to be able to re-sign those guys, if they're willing to sign back with us."

On recently released CB Josh Norman:
"We've looked into him and even talked to him, but nothing more than that."

On the difference between this year's WR class vs. others:
"The depth. There truly are a lot of different guys. There's speed, there's size guys, there's underclassmen that didn't come out that are very good, too. There are going to be guys drafted on the third day who could come in and take a veterans spot on a team. It's that deep."

On how important the interviews with players are at the Combine:
"The medical is obviously the most important thing at the combine. But for me, the interview, getting these guys on a setting they can't predict....we don't go through the canned questions. We get on the board and we watch film. See how they respond. See if they take ownership of a mistake, find out about them, where they're at, they're knowledge and love for the game."

You can watch and listen to Beane's full interview in the tweet below:

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