Beane says offseason is different this year knowing Bills have a QB they believe in

February 28, 2019 - 12:06 pm

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane met with reporters on Thursday at the NFL Combine.  Here are the important things he talked about and said:

  • On Dennis Lock, hired this week as part of the team's analytics department as the Director of Football Research and Strategy: “This time of year, he’ll be more personnel driven, bringing us some analytical stuff, putting a lot of data together, helping us with grades, testing numbers, things like that.  In season, he will work less with personnel and more with coaches in the game-management process, and things like that.” 
  • On pending UFA DT Jordan Philips: Beane said they’d like to have him back and have had good conversations with Phillips and his representatives since the end of last season.  Those reps are in Indianapolis, but Beane said they haven’t spoken to them yet this week.  He added he liked the energy Phillips brought to the Bills after they acquired him last season.
  • The GM said he “sleeps a little bit better” this year as compared to last year at this time, knowing they have a QB who they believe in and don’t have to try to find one and figure out how to get him.  He even said how much different and better it will be when the team gets to camps this offseason not having to have a three-way QB battle and knowing Josh Allen will be the starter right off the bat and that will help set the tone for the offense.  “He missed out on some reps that we would have liked to have gotten him had we known he would have ended up being the No. 1 as quick as he was, but it played out like it is and obviously that will help us this year.”
  • Is there such thing as a No. 1 WR? “I’m not one that subscribes to a No. 1 receiver.  It’s a position that comes in all sorts of sizes.  You got the guys that are 6’5”, 6’6” and out jumping people and going over the top.  Then you got some 5’7”, 5’8” guys that are making plays.  Even the Super Bowl champions, they won with those type of guys  So, there’s a lot of different sizes, flavors, veterans, young guys, speed, size.  We’re just looking for good football players, good receivers, that can make plays and that Josh can count on when he throws them the ball they’re going to be where they’re supposed to be and they’re going to make the plays. 
  • Re-iterated the medical evacuations are the most important aspect of the Combine since its the first time you can learn some things about players that may not have been known, and sometimes things pop up you need to be aware of.  Also said meeting the players is important, as well.  “The film is one thing, but who’s the person?  What intrinsically motivates them? What’s their ‘smarts?’  What’s their football acumen?  What inspires them?  All of those things we can’t learn from the film.”
  • Beane was asked for a comparison to Ole Miss WR D.K. Metcalf.  He wouldn’t give one, saying he doesn’t like to do that, but said “he’s a big, good-looking young man who had a heck of a career.”
  • On the TE position: Mentioned both free agency and the draft as far as looking at tight ends and said there’s good depth in the draft at the position.
  • Beane said there’s depth on the defensive front and at wide receiver in this draft class.  Called it a “pretty good class all-around.”
  • On newly signed OL Spencer Long: Said the Bills looked at him last year when he was a free agent (Long signed with the Jets).  Then said he won’t be slotted right away at center or guard, that he can play both spots and will be good competition along the line.  
  • Beane said they could still bring back pending free agent offensive linemen.  He didn’t mention them by name, but RT Jordan Mills and RG John Miller are both in that category.  However, he also said they’ve done their homework on free agents and the draft and will add either through those areas if they don’t own players back.
  • On the RB depth chart: Beane said they still feel good about LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory, but they won’t shy away from adding competition to the position, whether through free agency or the draft “if the right opportunity is there.”



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