Bills 2019 Rewind: Week 1 - Bills at Jets

May 28, 2020 - 3:12 pm

This is the first installment of a project and series I'll be doing over the next few weeks looking back on the 2019 Buffalo Bills season, game-by-game, both in written and audio form.

I'll not only be looking back at each game on the field, but remembering and telling you about different things I remember from the week leading up to the game, as well as sights and sounds that stood out to me from the sidelines, including plenty I may have never mentioned on the air at the time. So, hopefully, it will be a unique look back at the Bills' 2019 season from a perspective you haven't heard yet.

The audio portion will be via my SalSports....and Stuff podcast, available at the WGR website, as well as through iTunes, Google Play, and other podcast platforms. To get each episode as soon as it becomes available, be sure to subscribe to the podcast. You can do that here:

I'll also include a link to my Arrow Up/Arrow Down column I write after each game, for you to re-read and remember some of the good and not-so-good players, stats, and moments from each game.

The first episode in this series is Week One: Bills at Jets. The two teams came into the season with similar expectations. The Jets led 16-0 before the Bills stormed back, including scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, to steal the game,17-16, and start the season 1-0.

Here is the podcast with my recap, from my perspective all week and on the sidelines during the game:

Here is the Arrow Up/Arrow Down column following the game:

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