Bills Taron Johnson looks to build on his good rookie season

August 12, 2019 - 3:26 pm

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - Not all cornerbacks get involved in the physical part of the game. There are Hall of Famers that actually shied away from contact and tackling. They would try to just pull a receiver down instead of wrapping them up and hitting him.

Taron Johnson was the Bills' fourth round pick in 2018 and he likes to make contact. In his rookie season Johnson played only 11 games due to injuries, but hitting is his game. Johnson said, "I feel like part of my game is being physical. Even though I'm a smaller guy, I'm going to be just as physical as anybody on the field.

"My mindset when I'm on the field is just (Blank) it and that's how I'm going to continue to play when I'm on the field and play as hard as I can."

In order to be a good hitter, you have to crave that contact. Johnson said, "I feel that it's just in me. You've heard people say that corners and DB's are a little soft sometimes and from the time I was young, I just never wanted anybody saying that about me, so from the time when I was young, I just have been aggressive."

Johnson seemed to have a spring in his step during practices. He said, "I'm excited, I forgot I had surgeries, so I'm just excited to progress and I feel great."

Johnson contributed more than most people thought s fourth round pick would. He said having that experience has helped for this season, "Just seeing things differently. Last year I was just making sure I knew what I had to do, but now I feel like I'm past that where I can focus on what the offense is trying to do to me.

"It's just repetition, the more offenses you play, the more people you see in front of you, the more experience you're getting."

The secondary was Buffalo's strength last season and it appears they may be even better. Johnson said, "We've basically brought everybody back from last year, so that being the fact, we were a pretty good defense last year so with Tremaine this being his second year, my second year, we're just getting older and getting more time together."

If you attended any practices at St. John Fisher you could see how much the guys on the backend communicate. Johnson said it is being stressed all the time, "The coaches definitely want us communicating at all times, I mean that just eliminates a lot of mental errors and when you're communicating out there, you see things that maybe another player sees and that just helps you all over the field."

The Bills are in South Carolina to start practices with the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday.

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