Botterill: 'There's not going to be a coaching change'

February 20, 2019 - 1:59 pm

The Buffalo Sabres had a 10-game win streak in November. They have just eleven wins since. That has prompted lots of frustration in the fan base with the team and head coach Phil Housley. Sabres general manager Jason Botterill rarely meets with the media on a non-game day, but with the recent slide, he did so on Wednesday afternoon.

Here's some of what the Sabres GM had to say:

On fans wanting a coaching change:

"They want a coaching change? No. We've made progress as an organization compared to last year. We're in a position where we've been in games. I see the results on the ice. I see the communication we're going through here. There's not going to be a coaching change."


On the trade deadline:

"We've had a lot of conversations going on. Whether those things come to fruition, that's always hard to predict. Sometimes you look at the draft and things move into July 1st, and then things move in the summer. Can't predict when it's going to happen. We continue to look at different ways to improve our team."


His assessment of the current roster:

"We're putting players in roles that they're not used to. Some nights they'll succeed in those roles, and some nights not. You've seen our blueprint. You've seen when we play well, we've played assertive in the offensive zone, got in front of the net. Played good defensive hockey. We've received results winning hockey games. Just haven't done that on a consistent basis."


On the tumble from 1st in the NHL to the current position in the standings:

"Well, I probably didn't imagine that there would be a scenario where we'd be first in the league to begin with. It happened. Very proud of that accomplishment. This league has a lot of parity. You have to be prepared for everything. Our players are facing adversity here right now. I like where our players are at... You look at over the last ten games or so, we want better results, but it's a situation where we put ourselves in a spot to win games in the third period. Just haven't had results."


You can listen to Botterill's comments in their entirety below:

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