Botterill - You have to be prepared for a call to come in tomorrow"

January 11, 2018 - 6:18 pm

Buffalo Sabres general manager Jason Botterill joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Thursday leading up to the team's bye week, with the team struggling throughout the season. Botterill wasted no time stating the issues of the team this season, starting with consistency, "It's probably the consistency and that's the frustrating thing because I think there's elements in each game or you see times in each game that we look like a good team and that we're playing the way we want to play. But the consistency element of it, something goes wrong. Whether it's one night the power play's not clicking, another night we're not protecting the goalie well enough. We're finding ways to lose."

Botterill did have an optimistic look about the season, however, "We're at 21-one goal losses if you don't include the empty net goals. Okay, we're closer, we're not that far away but still, we have to find ways to start winning games." 

Botterill also was asked about his plans with the trade deadline, with the Sabres clearly set to be sellers. Botterill says he has a plan, but it needs to be adaptable, "You have to be prepared for a call to come in tomorrow. It can't be this panic rush where you're now talking to your scouts, 'What do we think about these players?' We know the players we want to go after in the league and their prospects. If trades do come, we talk about so many different scenarios that could arise. So, you have to be prepared for those situations, whether it happens today or on February 26th." 

"Our situation that we're looking at mainly, when you're talking with teams that are buyers at the deadline, most of them want to keep their team intact. We all would like to bring young NHL players into our organization right now. But, they're buyers, they just want to add to their group. That's where you're looking at it more that it's draft picks... or prospects who we feel we had a good eye on at the World Juniors over the last couple of weeks here in Buffalo or guys we have been focusing on in the American Hockey League. Guys who are ready not four years down the road, but who are ready to step in in a year's time or, at max, two years from now."

You can hear the entire conversation from Botterill's visit with Schopp and Bulldog here: 

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