CAPACCIO: Breaking down Cole Beasley's night in Carolina

August 17, 2019 - 2:20 pm

The Josh Allen-to-Cole Beasley connection is starting to flourish this preseason. Friday night in Carolina, the quarterback targeted the wideout five times, resulting in five completions for 44 yards. I broke down each of those five plays from the formation to Beasley's route to what Allen did at the snap and with the ball. Here's how they happened:

  • 1st and 10 at Bills 25

Twins left, Beasley in the slot, covered man-to-man by Tre Boston. Runs a simple 7-yard curl route and shows a slight move outside with his hips, but curls back inside. He catches the ball for an easy 5-yard gain.

  • 3rd and 5 at Bills 30

Trips right, Beasley the No. 3 WR to that side (most inside receiver of the three). Beasley runs straight ahead 5 yards then runs a square in. Very simple route, no wasted movement. The Panthers are in zone defense. ILB Jermaine Carter is ultimately responsible for Beasley's area in the middle of the field. Bealey catches it right between the hashes for a 9-yard gain and first down.

  • 2nd and 10 at Panthers 28

Twins right, Beasley in the slot. He motions left across the formation, stopping behind the WR on the line to that side, creating a twins stack formation. At the snap of the ball, he takes one step forward then turns back towards Josh Allen and steps back behind the line for a WR screen, with the other WR (Andre Roberts) blocking for him. The Panthers are in man-to-man with CB Corn Elder covering Bealey. Roberts does and excellent job to block Elder, causing the Carolina DBs to switch men, leaving Boston to cover/try to tackle Beasley. Bills OT Dion Dawkins and LG Quinton Spain release and get out in front for key blocks. Beasley gains 10 yards and a first down.

  • 2nd and 11 at Panthers 18

Bills spread five wide receivers with trips to the right and Beasley is the No. 3 WR, lined up only two yards from the right tackle. The Panthers are in nickel defense and playing zone, leaving ILB Jermaine Carter essentially alone in the middle of the defense with other defenders spread out. He's standing on the right hash mark about 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Beasley runs right at Carter, but stops just three yards beyond the line of scrimmage and turns around. Allen pumps but doesn't throw, so Beasley moves slightly towards the middle of the field. Allen throws it and Beasley catches it for a five yard completion.

  • 2nd and 18 at Panthers 43

Bills spread five wide receivers with trips to the right and Beasley the No. 3 WR, lined up only two yards from the right tackle (exactly the same as No. 4 above). Carolina is playing man-to-man with LB Carter matched up on Beasley. Right at the snap of the ball Beasley runs right at Carter, then just as he gets within about a yard of him, Beasley breaks down and gives a hip shake before cutting inside. Carter was left standing and even turning the wrong way as Beasley gets separation as he's running towards the middle of the field. Allen uses a slight look-off left then looked right at Bealey and threw it to him. Beasley catches tin stride and turns upfield for a 14 yard gain (see below):

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