CAPACCIO: Why Kyler Murray's height is good news for Bills

February 28, 2019 - 10:07 am

The results are in.  Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who is extremely polarizing due to his size, was measured at the NFL Coming on Thursday morning.  There were plenty of debates on whether or not Murray would be over or under 5-foot-10.  The final verdict?  Over. 

Here it is. The #NFLCombine measurement that so many have been waiting for.#Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray
Height: 5-10 1/8
Weight: 207
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 28 4/8
Wingspan: 69 4/8

— Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) February 28, 2019

Why is this important for the Bills, considering they aren’t even in the market to take a QB this year?  Because other teams are, and the Bills would love for as many quarterbacks as possible to be selected before they get to their No. 9 pick, allowing more talent at other positions to fall so they can either pick an elite prospect or increase the value of trading the pick.

Murray has been projected to be a top ten pick by some, but the question has always been about his size.  His measurement Thursday wasn’t just taller and better than many expected, it was almost right in line with another smaller QB who has had an extremely successful career so far:

Kyler Murray Combine weigh-in: 5-foot-10 1/8, 207

Russell Wilson Combine weigh-in: 5-foot-10 5/8, 204

Russell Wilson Combine weigh-in: 5-foot-10 5/8, 204

Kyler Murray Combine weigh-in: 5-foot-10 1/8, 207

— Evan Silva (@evansilva) February 28, 2019

Will the Heisman Trophy winning QB be taken in the top eight?  Will he still be on the board at No. 9?  And if he is, what’s the price a QB-needy team is willing to pay the Bills to trade up to get him?

Let the fun begin.


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