Cullen - It's easy to say that another 30-goal season is within Skinner's reach

August 03, 2018 - 5:54 pm

The Buffalo Sabres made a big trade on Thursday night to bring in winger Jeff Skinner from the Carolina Hurricanes. The move is being well received, including by TSN's Scott Cullen, who joined Schopp and Bulldog on Friday afternoon. 

Cullen on the impact that Sabres centers Jack Eichel and Casey Mittelstadt can have on Skinner: 

"One thing that is underrated about Skinner, over the last few seasons his most frequent centers are Derek Ryan & Victor Rask... Not guys you want setting up your top goal-scorer."

"It's easy to say that another 30-goal season is within his reach."

Cullen on if the Sabres can keep Skinner around long term: 

"If the #Sabres are willing to pay whatever the going rate is for a 30-goal winger, this could be something that goes longer than a season."

Cullen on how the Sabres should approach signing Skinner long term: 

"If you're Buffalo, you go into this hoping that Skinner likes the idea of playing with Jack Eichel. That maybe this is something you can do for longer than one season." 

"You don't want to go 7 or 8 (years) unless it's the superstars of the league. Maybe it's something similar to what JVR got in Philadelphia. Maybe it's a little less than $7 million per."

Cullen on if the Sabres can compete for a playoff spot: 

"I don't look at them & say "well now this is a playoff team". It's a climb to get there. If all these things fall into place though, maybe they are in contention for a playoff spot."


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