Cullen: "You think differently about this lineup if they move Rasmus Ristolainen"

July 02, 2019 - 4:27 pm

Day two of NHL Free Agency, and several holes still need to be filled on the Buffalo Sabres' roster. Despite that fact, there is still a current roster to assess; for that Mike Schopp and the Bulldog were joined by Scott Cullen of The Hockey New and for a discussion of what's been done so far, what's still left to get taken care of, and an early prediction on the 2019-20 season for the blue and gold.

Here is some of the best from Cullen's time on WGR.

Cullen on top-six forwards and a surplus of right-hand defenders:

"There is still a gaping hold at second-line center. They have a whole lot of right-shot defenseman, too. You would think differently about this lineup if they move Rasmus Ristolainen."

Cullen on Ristolainen:

"If you're going to move Ristolainen, he is the most marketable piece to bring in a top-six forward. I don't think that had to necessarily happen on July 1st, but as you get closer to August and the start of training camp, I would get worried."

Cullen on Jimmy Vesey:

"When there was a bidding war on him, expectations became totally unreasonable. What he has done is expected. Can he play a second-line role? I think he can. Expecting more is unreasonable."

Cullen on the Sabres' core:

"If you've got the core pieces, you would think that gets you quite far. However, not finding third and fourth-line players shouldn't always keep you out of the playoffs."

Cullen on the Florida Panthers and the Montreal Canadiens:

"I don't look at Flroida and Montreal as hurdles you can't overcome. They have holes, too. Despite that, right now, I don't expect the Sabres to be a playoff team."

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