Dahlin wrapped up his Scouting Combine on Saturday

June 02, 2018 - 2:54 pm

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Rasmus Dahlin and the rest of the prospects did their testing at the NHL Combine on Saturday. The question that everybody wants to know is did he do a pullup and did he keep his breakfast down doing the Wingate test?

The answer is Dahlin did 10 pullups and he did not vomit after the Wingate. As far as how the whole experience was, Dahlin said, “It was fun, it was kind of hard, but most of the time it was fun.”

Dahlin felt the Wingate was the toughest thing he did, but he didn’t train specifically for that test. Dahlin said he bikes a lot during his training, so that at least helps.

Dahlin thinks training is very important and is always doing things to improve his body makeup. He said, “We have a great area where we can train back at home in Gothenburg and great trainers that help me a lot, so I’m feeling stronger than I did in the last season.”

Dahlin works on sand hills back in Sweden. If any of you have gone for a walk on a deep, sandy beach, you know it can be tough. Dahlin said there is a good reason for this type of training, “It helps the most mentally, because you can't give up and of course it’s good for your legs and it’s good for everything.”

Dahlin will go to Washington for a Stanley Cup Finals game along with prospects Andre Svechnikov, Filip Zadina, Brady Tkachuk, Noah Dobson and Evan Bouchard. After that he said it’s time to go home, “I’m going to go back home, meet my family and work out with Frolunda and then come back for the draft."

Dahlin has enjoyed getting to know some of the prospects this week and is looking forward to going to Washington with them. “It’s been great meeting new guys and making new friends.”

Dahlin didn’t have a chance to have any wings when he was here for the World Junior’s, but he did eat some hot wings at the Anchor Bar on Thursday. He said, “It was good, but I took the ones that were a little too spicy, so I’ve got to go with the mild next time.”



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