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November 03, 2020 - 2:35 pm

First, a confession…

After living the first month of this Buffalo Bills season and the offensive explosion that came with it, I cannot go back to our previous life. I can’t do it. I can’t appreciate an 18-10 win over the New York Jets the way I probably only kind of did before. I can’t get overly jazzed about a 24-21 win over the "Evil Empire", New England Patriots, because they were down a million bodies, and had been giving up more than eight yards per-pass coming into the game.

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I like the wins, sure, but I need the touchdowns. Two straight weeks without a passing touchdown? What are we, Navy?

I know, I know the wind, right?

Before that it was John Brown’s absence.

Before that, they couldn’t run the ball well enough to get a different defensive look that they can pass against.

I’m not down on Josh Allen or the passing game. I’m just ready to get more looks at that ceiling we saw. There won’t be any reason this week not to see it when the Seattle Seahawks come to town.

Brown is back. The sun will shine. The Seahawks will run up the score, and their defense doesn’t stop anyone.

Let’s have the 350-yard, three touchdown game back for the big guy. Let’s see Stefon Diggs and Brown fired up at full potential. I’m not going to say that I want that more than I want the Bills to beat Seattle, but I will say that if you’re asking me which would make me more confident for their chances to win in the playoffs, I might say the offense.

They will go as far as hucking the ball down field will take them. As Allen and the air game go, so go the Bills. Rediscover your aerial attack, and the conversation can begin again. Go toe-to-toe with a Super Bowl contender’s offense and I’m thinking on that level again.

We know the Bills are good, and finding answers on defense is important. But this year, it’s about the offense.

Let Josh cook.

To the tweets!


Well I know that Taylor Hall is definitely good, and I don’t know if Trevor Lawrence will be. He probably will be. He’s younger, and he plays the most important position in the sport.

I’m more afraid of Lawrence to the Patriots. That said, they’re not going to get him. If you want to tank, you’d better start early. Sounds famliar, right?

Gimme option No. 2 because Hall to the Leafs doesn’t have to mean 20 years in the Maple Leafs' shadow.

I don’t want to go back to our New England prison.


Depends on what you’re looking for, right? Is your silver lining “Corey Bojorquez punted well?” Cause that won’t fly for me. Is it, “Josh shredded the Seattle defense and they lost on a missed field goal”? That does.

What does it tell me about the team going forward? Apply as you will.


I think it’ll be frustrating, but fruitful.

This team is going to make the playoffs, but it might not be the cruise it was last year. I think they’ll lose to the Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and maybe the Denver Broncos or Los Angeles Chargers get you to six.

I’m worried that the Week 17 game against the Miami Dolphins could be in play too. I think they’re in great shape, and if they steal one somewhere, they’ll be good to go.

The fact that we’re looking at 4-4 down the stretch as a good finish tells you a lot about their opponents. They’re 6-2 with two wins over the Jets, and very close wins against both New England and the Los Angeles Rams.

Good to be where they are, but I do expect a little drama down the stretch.


High: Super Bowl

It’s somewhat realistic, I guess? I don’t want to say AFC Championship Game because then you’re in a game you can win, and if you win it, you’re in the Super Bowl. Then would I have to say they won a game that was “unrealistic” that they’d win? Sure, Super Bowl.

Low: Miami wins the division and the Bills miss the playoffs.

Still lots of football left.


Ok I’ll stay away from Allen here. Maybe you can guess my answer… it’s Diggs.

A driven, elite player. A guy with some personality to match. I want great players, and swagger. The Bills actually have a few of those now, don’t they?

Honorable mentions to Tre'Davious White, Micah Hyde, Dion Dawkins.


I’ll be more than happy to return to the studio and hang out with Howard again, but there are certainly things that we can work with going forward.

For instance, did you know I went out of state a few weeks back and did a show and Bills pregame from afar? You didn’t?! Bingo.

That’s good news, and bad news, I suppose. Now instead of vacations, maybe I see if I can swing down to Florida and bring gear with me.

Heck, long long ago, I did a Bills Pregame Show from a Phoenix radio studio because I had pregame duties. Maybe when this is all back to “sports normal”, I can make more of the road trips with the teams for pleasure, but also conduct a little business.


It’s "Taco Tuesday" over here.


Elite enough to have three hoodies that shout it out.

- bonfire.com/eliteseason
- bonfire.com/falliselite
- bonfire.com/eliteseasoncolors


I suppose that’s up to him. Winning will be very important. Scoring goals and winning is fun and players tend to like that.


I’ll take the Sabres 10 years in the playoffs because I still get 10 regular falls. That works.


Why all the very best that Southern Tier has to offer, of course.


1.) Harvest Hill

This was my first year ever playing there and I got in about 5-6 rounds. Great design, fun track, lots of tee options means it can be as hard or fun as you’d like. Big fan.

2.) Ivy Ridge
3.) Arrowhead
4.) Glen Oak
5.) Holiday Valley


He definitely plays with me again cause I just shot 70 and that’s amazing. I’d talk to him relentlessly that he ruined my 69, and that’s “not nice”.


The plan is to change my grip. It’s a mess and has been for a while.

The thing about doing that, though, is you might as well be rehabbing a broken bone, right? You have to take time away from the game and work because you’re going to go through a long stretch of bad swings and forgetting everything you’re doing.

So that’s the plan. An offseason grip change.


Season 5 of House of Cards.


PS 5. My FIFA Ultimate Team is rarin' to go.


The Sabres' jerseys are great, and the Kraken jersey is (sorry) just OK. The name is awful and the jersey is just OK. More people should admit it.


I don’t see the benefit. No.


It was good.

However, I will say that the show has something that I think could be a point of criticism. “All of these episodes seem like a series of side missions” and I said “Yup, that’s how video games last 120 hours.”

It was a cool episode, and it sets up some stuff going forward, I’m sure. But the first season had a few “side mission” episodes as well. That’s easier to get away with when you can binge a show.

Think back to a time when the Sopranos would roll Sunday nights and the following day would bring reviews of that episode as part of the regular course of entertainment. Sometimes you have an episode that doesn’t quite follow the episodic timeline and it could almost be a standalone.

If you’d never seen The Mandalorian before Season 2 Episode 1, you’d have been just fine. So yeah, it was good. But I’m ready for some more meat rather than appetizers.


Thanks for the tweets! Go Bills! Stay safe!

Hope this served as a distraction.

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