Eric Moulds "excited" about the 2020 Buffalo Bills

May 27, 2020 - 12:10 pm

The unofficial series of mystery guests continued Wednesday morning on WGR. Despite the sports world being on hold, Howard and Jeremy were joined by former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds. The 1996 first-round draft pick spent the majority of his 12-year career in Buffalo and caught 48 touchdowns during his decade-long tenure with the Bills.

During his time with Howard and Jeremy, Moulds reminisced about his years in Buffalo, spoke on former teammates, shared his feelings about the current Bills and the upcoming season, and more. Here is some of what he had to say.

On rookie season in Buffalo:

"You have to earn your teammates' respect. You have to come in and show them that 'this kid can help us' and do some things to help this football team. But, with the veteran leadership [on the Bills], it was kind of at the end of that [early 1990's] era where you had so many veterans that came every year. I think at that time we had a lot of guys, maybe like 10, 11 or 12, that were from the Super Bowl teams. You just try to come in and sit in, but you try to work hard and show them you want to be a part of what they've built there."

On playing with multiple quarterbacks:

"It was extremely tough. I had this conversation all the time with he was my really good friend while I was playing in the pros at the time and we got drafted together, Marvin Harrison. I was so envious of Marvin because he was with Peyton [Manning] his whole career, and he was always telling me 'man, I couldn't imagine if you had a quarterback, just one quarterback your whole career,' and I would tell him all the time 'just give me [Doug] Flutie for my whole career. Just give me Drew Bledsoe for my whole career and let's see what happens. When you're playing with someone consistently, year-to-year, it makes it easier for the receiver to know what their quarterback's thinking. When you have like seven to eight different [quarterbacks], they think different, they play different, they throw the ball different. So I was always making adjustments to the quarterback, instead of the quarterback being able to throw to me, open, I had to get open so it would make his throws easier.

On the current Bills, the upcoming season and Josh Allen:

"I'm excited about [the 2020 season]. Josh Allen has a lot of new toys to play with; and the thing for him is he's going to have to manage those new toys. [Stefon] Diggs is going to want the football, [John] Brown, [Cole] Beasley, those guys are going to want the football. [Allen's] going to have to be able to pick what guy isn't being double-teamed, what guy is 'the hot guy.' I think as much as it is Josh Allen is going to have to manage that, it's going to have to be the offensive coordinator that's going to have to be the guy to get everybody involved."

On Stefon Diggs:

"He's a hard worker. I know a few people that he knows in Florida and they say this guy just wants to work, he just wants to be great. I was really shocked the Minnesota Vikings traded him, I couldn't believe it. But, at the end of the day it's a business. [Buffalo] is lucky to get a guy that's going to make plays. I think he'll do great. I was excited when the Bills got [John] Brown. I was excited when the Bills got [Cole] Beasley. So, adding Diggs to that group, Josh Allen just has to get the ball to those guys and make plays."

You can hear the entire interview with Moulds below:

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