That Escalated Quickly

November 15, 2017 - 12:57 pm

Sean McDermott announced Wednesday that the Bills are replacing Tyrod Taylor at quarterback with fifth round rookie Nathan Peterman. The idea of Peterman playing at some point in the 2017 season was pretty real before the season started, seemed pretty remote when the Bills started the season 5-2, then started percolating again after back to back losses to the Jets and Saints.

I say percolating because I think that’s a brewing method that takes some time and I wasn’t expecting McDermott to make a change this instant. At 5-4 a little patience seemed in order with the starting quarterback who had played quite well in helping the Bills to that 5-2 record.

The thing about that is taking the time to consider whether or not Taylor ever was “their guy” or just their quarterback. There’s a big difference.

The majority of the evidence suggests that all along here Taylor has been viewed as nothing more than a placeholder by McDermott and GM Brandon Beane. Taylor was allowed to look for a better opportunity last off season and I’m still stunned he couldn’t find one. Maybe the Bills were too because while Taylor was shopping they were reportedly talking with Mike Glennon and Brian Hoyer. Eventually a pay cut was accepted and Taylor was back.

There was Beane laying out what his vision of a franchise quarterback was, tall with a commanding pocket presence, while Taylor of course is not tall and makes most of his best plays on the move. When summer arrived McDermott said Taylor “enters camp as the starter” which is not the sort of thing one says about “their guy”.

The offense used by Rick Dennison favors releasing the ball on time, very common and I’d say even desirable in the NFL today, but it never fit Taylor’s skill set. The Bills end up looking as though they were testing Taylor to see if he could play the way they wanted rather than designing an offense that played more to his strengths.

And of course for final confirmation we have the move today, with the team still in a playoff spot. A move you only make if you think it’s giving you a better chance against the Chargers and beyond.

If Taylor had been “their guy” then surely he would’ve been given the opportunity to regain his form and keep the team on track for the playoffs.

So hello Nathan Peterman. Welcome to our angst-y corner of the football world. I wish you luck. Being better than Taylor was against New Orleans shouldn’t be too hard.

Being better than Taylor was against Denver, Tampa and Oakland? That may take some doing. If Peterman’s up to it, great story. If he’s not, the drought can vote and we get busy figuring out how the Bills can draft their next quarterback.



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