Fish - I believe McCoy has dropped several rounds already

July 13, 2018 - 8:02 pm

Fantasy football expert Scott Fish was on with us to discuss, LeSean McCoy dropping in fantasy drafts. McCoy is under investigation for the home invasion of ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon on July 10th. He also discussed potential of Josh Gordon in fantasy, and his prediction for the production of Deshaun Watson following his ACL tear, And will he be able to re-create what he did last season in fantasy. 

Here is some of what he had to say:

LeSean McCoy dropping in fantasy drafts:

"It may be too soon to get real hard data on it, but I have noticed some drops in fish bowl drafts. A lot of people have jumped into DO NOT draft mode. I believe he has dropped several rounds already if not more than that."

Potential of Josh Gordon this season: 

" I expect Josh Gordon to be good not great. He's being drafted like he's going to be a star again, but we have to remember we're five years removed from that. I think he can be good, I think Tyrod Taylor's game can be good for him, I believe he has a good deep ball which can be good for Josh Gordon. Jarvis Landry will take a lot of attention and that will get Gordon open, but I think he will be a little inconsistent."

Deshaun Watson fantasy prediction coming of ACL tear:

" I have him ranked fourth or fifth in my quarterbacks right now flipping back and forth. but that means I have no chance to get him because of what you said. All it takes is one of the 12 teams to look at him and say, this guy is amazing look at this four game sample size that we saw. So we have to keep reminding ourselves that it was four games, I know it was four games with 30+ fantasy points but it was just four games."

Keenan Allen injury vs production:  

" I'm actually very much on the Keenan Allen bandwagon. Over his career when he's been healthy, he either scores a touchdown or gets 100+ yards 47% of the time, which is light years above most other players, that's like Odell Beckham Jr and Antonio Brown territory. He's just incredibly consistent when healthy, you just have to worry about the injuries but he was healthy last year. I might be on the side of that Allen is on the up swing."


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