Galko: "A lot of teams feel Buffalo covets Josh Rosen"

February 14, 2018 - 5:23 pm

There's going to be a lot of quarterback talk, reports, and rumors surrounding the Bills leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft. Today it involves UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. Many think of Rosen as the top quarterback in the draft class, and most everyone believes he'll either be selected with the 1st or 2nd pick. Rosen has suggested that'd he'd prefer not to play for the Cleveland Browns, who own the top pick. The Giants own the 2nd pick. Which could open the door for the Bills to get him. Could. 

Friend of WGR and Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko joined Howard and Jeremy on Wednesday morning, and Bills fans may very well be excited about his comments. Here's some of the best from his visit with the guys. 

On the Bills wanting a quarterback
"They have aggressively scouting quarterbacks all year long. I think Josh Rosen is the apple of their eye. It'll be hard to go up and get him, but I think the tie between Buffalo and Giants GM David Gettleman kind of paints a picture of where they both might be thinking to go."

On the connection between the Bills & Rosen
"They've traveled to see him multiple times. I've been told by people around the league that a lot of teams feel Buffalo covets Josh Rosen.... People consider that Buffalo and Josh Rosen are a match. It'll be difficult to get him, they'll need to get into the top two picks."

On the Bills ammunition to trade up
"The Bills have been stock piling assets. One reason to do that is to make a move to get a quarterback. Whether it's moving up in draft, trading to get a guy like Nick Foles, or to just take multiple quarterbacks in this draft. They knew that we're a playoff team, to get to that next step we need a franchise quarterback, and they don't believe Tyrod Taylor or Nathan Peterman are those guys."

If Bills were able to get Rosen
"There is some concern about Rosen. Not about off-field issues, it's a question of if things go wrong early in his career, will he question that, will he be divisive in the locker room. He's been divisive, he hasn't been wrong, when it comes to issues with college football. But what if he calls out wide receivers, what if he calls out coaches? If Buffalo feels comfortable with him, he's the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft."

You can hear Galko's entire segment with Howard & Jeremy below. 

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