Greg Cosell is all about the Bills defense

October 09, 2019 - 6:02 pm

It's hard to imagine a better start to the season for the Bills, as they sit at 4-1 heading into their bye week. Much of the national media has been impressed with the Bills start, including NFL Films' and ESPN Matchup's Greg Cosell.

Greg joined John Murphy and Steve Tasker on Wednesday afternoon for a film breakdown of the Bills start. Here's some of the best from his time with the guys.

Cosell on how other offensive coaches feel about going up against McDermott's defense

"That's a great point and I think that, you know I've talked to NFL coaches, offensive coaches who always tell me that going up against a Sean McDermott defense is a very tough assignment. You have Sean, Lesly Frazier you have a lot of experience in that defensive room; coaching staff and this is a tough defense to play against."

Cosell on Bills defense

"You know it's a defense as you know guys that doesn't look exciting because it's not high percentage blitz, they don't bring people from all over the field. You know they blitz here and there, they selectively blitz and can be very effective when they do that. It's really a defense that lines up plays, plays really efficiently, doesn't make mistakes and is not out of position."

Cosell on key pieces of the Bills defense

"I mean look, I mentioned this to you guys last year before he got hurt but I think Matt Millano is a really important piece of this defense. Now, I know he missed some time in this game as well and they ended up playing Maurice Alexander who's actually a former safety and then they played Alexander, Lamar Alexander in that role. But, I think that Milano to me is a really really good player and you know he's not a guy that gets talked about nationally obviously."

Cosell on the play of Josh Allen

"Yeah, you know it's funny you say that because I thought there were a couple of throws in this game that were really the kinds of throws that you look at and say that's a step up. Now look he has to get rid of those, well lets put it this way you walk a fine line with quarterbacks who have a great second reaction improvisational ability and ultimately what you hope happens is that they learn from their mistakes. So obviously the interception to Bayard you have to learn from that. You know he had three the week before against the Patriots, you have to learn from that."

Cosell on plays that show Allen's improvement

" I mean there was an 11 yard completion to Duke Williams on third and four in the second quarter, where I thought Allen showed tremendous patience in the pocket where he scanned from right to left and stayed very comfortable and poised in the pocket. You know I thought that was a really good example of a play that showed improvement."

You can hear the full segment with Cosell below.

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