John Clayton - "I'm skeptical"

November 16, 2017 - 6:09 pm

The Buffalo Bills made massive waves around the NFL with the benching of quarterback Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman, which left many of the national media scratching their heads. John Clayton joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Thursday to discuss the quarterback change. 

Clayton certainly didn't hold back when asked about his thoughts,

"I'm skeptical. Here's the idea, the problem in the last 3-4 weeks -and particularly in the past couple weeks- has been defense... Maybe with injuries, the trade of Marcell Dareus, them being a little light up front on the defensive line, they're starting to get pushed around and the defense is giving up too many points and too many yards. And that's been a multiple week thing."

Clayton cited his disapproval with the fact that transitions to rookie passers often don't start out well, "What happens, usually, if you're going to go to a rookie quarterback, in that first start -unless you're Deshaun Watson- is going to struggle to score between 14-17 points. So now, for a defense that's now starting to leak a little bit, they need more production out of the offense. I just don't think that a rookie quarterback in his first start is going to be able to produce that." 

Here the rest from Clayton with Schopp and Bulldog as they talk Bills and go around the NFL here: 

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