Lindqvist: Everyone raves on and on about how great Dahlin is

June 19, 2018 - 5:48 pm

The Buffalo Sabres are expected to select Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin first overall at the NHL Draft on June 22nd. Dahlin has been well hyped coming into this draft weekend by many guests of the station, including Jonathan Lindqvist of Viasat, a paper in Sweden that covers the NHL. Here are some things Lindqvist had to say about the projected top pick: 

On the hype surrounding Dahlin not settling down: 

"What stands out to me is that I haven't talked to a single person over here, or back home in Sweden, that's really pumping the breaks. Everyone raves on and on about how good he is, or how great he is. At first your thought is 'Okay, maybe this is just a thing in Sweden.' I remember talking to Ray Ferraro at the start of this season and he said defensively (Dahlin) is like Lidstrom and he skates like Erik Karlsson. At that point I understood, 'Ok, the hype is real.'" 

On the demeanor that Dahlin carries himself with: 

"He kind of reminds me a lot of guys like Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews in the sense that he's, I don't want to say boring but maybe business-like. It's all about the hockey for him, he's so serious." 

On Dahlin's drive to improve: 

"When Rasmus isn't feeling it in a game, he'll come to the coach and ask him for three things... that the coach thinks he should focus on... I think for a 17-year old, it's a mature way to look at it, and the coaches come back to him being so coachable." 

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