From the Locker Room: Sabres-Panthers

November 10, 2017 - 9:47 pm

Tonight's loss was a tough pill to swallow; the Florida Panthers came into this matchup last in the Atlantic Division. They sure didn't play like a last-place team, however, as despite the Buffalo Sabres jumping out to a 1-0 lead thanks to a Kyle Okposo powerplay goal in the first period, Florida got their legs under them and simply dominated the Sabres in the final 40 minutes of play en route to an ugly 4-1 loss for Buffalo in KeyBank Center. Hear from the Sabres' locker room with Robin Lehner, Kyle Okposo and Phil Housley following the loss at home.


Robin Lehner

On team failing to pick up where they left off after win versus the Capitals: "Certainly not. We didn't keep doing what was successful against Washington. You get these results."

On Florida's second period chances: "I think we got lucky a couple of times in the first where they didn't really capitalize on some of our turnovers... we had turnovers in the first and we tried to address it in the locker room here, but it didn't get addressed. It's a high-scoring team over there. We have to keep playing a team game; everyone has to do better."

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Kyle Okposo

On second period puck management: "Our puck management in the second period was not good. It's not where it needs to be. It's frustrating, we can't string two complete games together. We played pretty well in the first, but they just dumped it in and ran our 'D' [defense] all night. We have to be better as a group of forwards. It wasn't good enough to win."

On [Roberto] Luongo's easy night, lack of traffic in front of his net: "We stressed getting to the net; we had to get more pucks there, we had to get more bodies there, we just had to get hungrier. It just seemed like we were playing on our heels for the last two periods."

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Phil Housley

On "where it went wrong" in the second period: "You play a good, solid first period; you're doing the right things, making the right decisions. Then in the second period, we made some poor choices. Turning pucks over, and in a result they turn into penalties, and more penalties... then finally, they [Florida] scored a goal off it. All the work that we did and the realization of how we had to play against Washington. and you get away from it... it's a tough league to win, and when you do those things, and you put all the energy back into your end... they got worn down after three or four bad decisions in the neutral zone."

On Jack Eichel's lackluster night: "He cares. He's a tremendous competitor, but I think he has to focus his energy in making the right decisions. I know he puts a tremendous burden on himself, but I think he has to simplify his game and take what really is given... He means so well that it comes back against him, and now he's spending his energy going back in the defensive zone and spending the wrong energy down there defending."

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