From the Locker Room: Sabres-Red Wings

November 17, 2017 - 10:25 pm

Locker room reaction from Ryan O'Reilly, the lone Sabre to score on Friday, as well as Evander Kane, Jack Eichel and Robin Lehner.


Ryan O'Reilly:

"They were skating. They generated a lot more than the last game. We were hesitant and afraid to make a mistake. They got more bounces than us. That happens when you skate harder."

"We're embarrased. Not happy need a much better effort. Penalties killed momentum. I gotta step up. Have to find a way to rally these guys and get us going."

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Evander Kane

On Detroit's speed: "They have some fast players. We were aware of that going into the game. We were too loose, not physical enough. Didn't work hard on their speed players enough. It boils down to we weren't physical enough."

On the Sabres goaltending: "I have to mention [Lehner]. Can't say enough about his game all year. He's been outstanding. He makes 4 or 5 highlight reel saves every night. No one talks about it probably outside of this locker room."

Evander Kane:


Jack Eichel

On going down with an injury near the end of the 2nd period: "I'm good."

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Robin Lehner

"They definitely were faster than we were today. Pretty ugly today, I think. Felt like we got momentum from the PK. Think we did a good job, but I think we got tired too. They were a lot faster than us today. Say whatever you want about the penalties, they were a lot faster than us today. Forced us to take penalties."

"I can feel as good as I want, we're not winning right now. It's tough. Very tough. We're professionals and gotta move on, but these ones are tough."

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