McDermott: "Nobody said this was going to be easy"

September 17, 2018 - 5:17 pm

Buffalo Bills Football Monday chugged right along as, following Kyle Williams' appearance, it was head coach Sean McDermott's turn to join Schopp & the Bulldog this afternoon.

McDermott discussed about a potential rebound for the 0-2 Bills, the progression of the youthful playmakers on the team and everything else that awaits the team as the 2018 season continues along.

Here are some excerpts from the head coach's conversation on WGR.


McDermott on the team rebounding:

"Nobody said this was going to be easy.  We are going through the process right now.  There are lots of young players on this roster who are getting a lot of playing time; valuable playing time, at that.  A lot goes into that in terms of their development.  We will continue to take it one week at a time, put our best foot forward and continue to grow and develop."


McDermott on the Los Angeles Chargers challenging Tremaine Edmunds:

"Naturally, I think that's going to be the case, just like it is with the young quarterback.  There are things that teams will try to do to expose them and their inexperience.  We have to continue to develop and grow from each and every one of those experiences."


McDermott on teams differentiating their plans of attack against this young roster:

"To some extent, it is a copycat league.  People usually try to copy successful plays.  We will be aware of that as we keep moving forward.  We keep an inventory of those things, and sometimes building awareness is key to managing these instances."


McDermott on having to defend against catch-passing runningbacks:

"[The NFL] is a league of trends.  It is something we have to continue to do more on offense.  We did some of it yesterday with dumping the ball off, and I thought Josh [Allen] did some of that with dumping the ball off on flare routes.  That is something we have to be aware of moving forward."


McDermott on Vontae Davis' decision to quit football:

"[I had] no real idea until about two minutes to go in the half, when we took the field to go out for a two-minute drill on defense after a punt.  He had pulled himself out of the game at that point.  I don't believe he was in the locker room to that point in the game, but shortly after I had gotten word that he could no longer play in the game.  [Lafayette] Pitts then came on to play cornerback, and he was a warrior."


McDermott on serving as a head coach for a team that had a player retire at half-time:

"I think Vontae has had a good career and I understand, to some extent, where he is mentally in his assessment of that career.  His actions certainly spoke loud and clear.  Between myself and some of the players, there is definitely a level of taking it personally.  You put in a lot of time together and you like to think you are on the same journey, and then someone walks out.  We are moving forward as a football team."


McDermott on if playing specifically for the Bills fueled Vontae's choice:

"That's a better question for Vontae.  I have to believe that we have a good group of coaches in this organization that do things the right way, and we are starting to build a culture that is fertile ground for this young football team for many years here.  I would hope that this would not be the case, but I am certainly proud of the way we're doing things and the culture we are trying to build here."


McDermott on LeSean McCoy's Week 3 availability:

"We'll see.  One thing I know about LeSean after being around him for years, is that he is a tough, young man.  He loves to play this game.  He is going to have to do a great job in the training room this week in understanding the game plan.  We will be taking his status one day at a time."


McDermott on Taiwan Jones' injury:

"I got a decent look.  It's not as easy as you'd think with being down on the field level because that play was all the way in the back of the endzone, but I took a better look at it this morning on tape.  You never want to see a player in that kind of situation, whether it's on our team or another."

You can hear McDermott's full segmentn with Schopp & the Bulldog below.

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