The New Year's Tweetbag!

January 12, 2019 - 1:17 pm

The Tweetbag to start 2019!

Let’s discuss what fresh hell this year in sports might bring to Buffalo. I decided to roll into 2019 with another themed Tweetbag. Some of your predictions or premonitions with my reactions and counter-predictions along the way.  Let's roll.


Tiger wins a major.

— WnyOutdoors (@OutdoorsWNY) January 11, 2019

Possible! Man I hope so… don’t I? I was never the biggest Tiger Woods fan. I was the guy that wanted him to be around and root against him… kinda. I’m not even quite sure why I rooted against him when I did, but having Tiger back in contention this year was a reminder of how much a part of the sports conversation golf used to be. The majors used to be lock-it-down appointment television. I'm Team Tiger and I would bet he gets one this year.


The Sabres go back to the classic blue jerseys for the 50th season. They have to do it, right? Right???

— F.E. Wm (@EffieTW) January 10, 2019

Stone Cold Lock! 

If they don’t… we’re getting trolled. There is no good reason not to switch back to the appropriate color of blue. The Sabres have looked like the Bruins on television for the longest time, donning a blue that’s just too dark. Even this past week at the skills challenge they sported a lighter shade of blue. We’ve heard just about every excuse there is why not to go back to the right shade of blue… right down to some claiming “they can’t make that color”. Can you believe someone said that? That’s a thing? Half the teams in the league appear to wear a lighter blue (ok maybe it’s like six) and the Sabres are stuck in Bruins blue forever? Please. I would welcome back the light blue, but also the red/black goat head motif as an alternate/ third jersey.


Sabres beat Leafs round one of playoffs

— “RT Hockey 9” (@EHLanded) January 10, 2019

More unlikely by the day.  Are the Sabres getting to the three spot in the Atlantic?  I sure don’t think so.  I don’t see them passing Boston and I will STILL predict that Montreal ends the season ahead of Buffalo.  If the Sabres are going to make it, I think they’re looking at a wild card which means a matchup with Tampa, or the winner of the Metropolitan.  If that’s Washington or Pittsburgh… great.  Whoever it is, it’s a big step down from Tampa.  Here’s a prediction from me if they get there - Ullmark starts Game 1.


Auston Matthews joins the Arizona Coyotes.

— Andrew Bobeck Jr. (@ABobeck94) January 10, 2019

Unlikely… unfortunately.  This is going to be the year of the offer sheet, but I don’t think that Arizona and Matthews will be the match that we’re talking about.  I predict Marner or Kapanen is more likely, and I’d say we need to look in more spots than just Toronto.


If you could pick one player to have the Sabres sign to an offer sheet in 2019, who would it be? Picks and contracts aside, if you could pick anyone of the RFAs to offer sheet who would you want on your team the most?

— Brandon (@Miskanthe) January 10, 2019

Auston Matthews to screw the Leafs.  To try to actually WIN the player and get him signed?  Brayden Point.  The Sabres can't sign any offer sheet that includes a second round pick next year... BUT they may be able to do those that have a third rounder.  There are two conditions on their fourth going to Pittsburgh that becomes a third - Sheary scores 20, or Hunwick is traded.  Hunwick is in their control... and Sheary is behind the pace needed.  Something to keep in mind.  A first and third would be compensation for a player signed for roughly between 4 and 6 per year (which isn't necessarily Brayden Point's range.. Just filling you in)


UB bulls in the Sweet 16

— BfloBilski (@PaulaBriggsie) January 10, 2019

Book it.


10-6 and make playoffs is my prediction

— Garnet Barnsdale (@gocashking) January 10, 2019

Possible, but can we check in AFTER we find out if Tom Brady is coming back next year?  10-6 is going to be a BIG jump for the Bills and while Garnet is making that call here… I’m not.  The Bills should have more talent on paper, but will that mean more wins?  This year’s team won 6 games, and while Micah Hyde pointed out their close losses and how close they were to 9-7… they were equally close to 3-13.   They beat the Jags, Titans, and Lions by a combined FIVE points.  Moving the needle to 10 wins is a big ask and it’ll come down to just how much they can improve their offense, and whether or not New England is… done.


If the Bills finish below .500 in 2019, is Sean McDermott/Brandon Beane on the hot seat?

— Chris Losey (@themoondog34) January 10, 2019

Today I will say no.  There are a number of scenarios that could play out, but I think that Sean McDermott remains one of the safest coaches in the NFL.  Here’s a hot prediction for ya… I think there would be a SPLIT before the two of them go.  Just… a hunch.


By the end of 2019, Bills fans will be very concerned about Josh Allen and his long term future as a NFL quarterback

— Tom Mehs (@mehser12) January 10, 2019

Ehhhh… I don’t doubt that SOME might be… but I’m not ready to predict a crash-and-burn in year two for Allen.  I bet there are some struggles and some flashes.  The thing I can predict, or at least HOPE for… is that the excuses go away.  I don’t mean that Allen won’t deserve some benefit of the doubt in his second year… but I don’t want to talk/hear/speak/think for a single second that he doesn’t have good enough weapons to compete.  That he didn’t this year was the Bills FAULT.  It was something they chose.  If we get into the season next year and we’re still talking about the offense not having a supporting cast, I’m gonna have a tough time.  It’ll be year THREE and this group inherited an offense that had talent.  By year three, if they want to turn it over to new talent, that’s fine… but it has to be there.  No more waiting for that.


@JoshAllenQB 3,317 yards 2019

— Anthony Duchnick (@toekneedee) January 10, 2019

Eek… Can we aim higher?  3300 would barely be top 20 this year.  Show me the 3300 and I’ll have a better idea, but as of today I’m gonna want more.   Then again… 3317 would be the 10th most passing yards in team history and the most since 2012.  It'd be a big step forward, and looks like a pretty good line to set.  A smell a future Twitter poll.


Will Guess the Prospect return? Or, Guess the Franchise maybe introduced (or other version of GtP)?

— Jordan Byrd (@jordanjbyrd) January 10, 2019

Yes.  I think we can make it work for Wide Receivers.


What will be the atmosphere in the stands when we beat the patriots week 17 to lock up the division and secure the first round bye?

— C (@clamstuffer) January 10, 2019

Like the dust storm scene in Mad Max Fury Road


Will we sign Skinner?

— Casey Bray (@RobbieCano22) January 10, 2019



Does rooting for arsenal for the last few years get you into watching MLS this season?

— Paul (@Paul_schmitt5) January 10, 2019



Will I finally see Liverpool win the league in 2019?

— (An)drew (@DrewCanady) January 10, 2019



What are your golf goals for 2019?

— Ted Joerg (@TedJoergEsq) January 10, 2019

Hit a drive straight.  Then hit 5 drives straight in the same round.  Then… maybe 8.  I’ll settle for 8 in a single round.  My golf goals this year are to get out more, and play more rounds with you guys.  One of the fun things that happened last year was getting invites (I pay my own way don’t worry haha) to join you guys on your courses or in your tournaments  and side games.  Golf is a great game to get outside and get some new folks in your rolodex.  So hit me up this year.  You know my schedule.


Stranger Things 3. July fourth. Summer of ‘85. We’re beyond pumped, right?

— Kyle Borchert (@WxManKyle) January 10, 2019

Season two was better than season one so… yes.  Going in with high hopes.


#GOT finale prediction. The white walkers kill everyone, everyone dies, thanks for coming, the end. Credits. Seriously, isn't that a total Game of Thrones ending?

— Steve Tripi (@SteveTripi) January 10, 2019

Game of Thrones has something wonderful working for it… it’s one of the only live television events that holds up in the traditional sense.  Every other show in the world is binged on your own schedule (yes some of you may have done this with GOT to catch up) and there aren’t water cooler conversations every week.  There are betting lines on the final result of this season… and who the hell knows what’s going to happen.  Arya Stark is going off the board at +800 and I like that value.  I’ll put some scratch on Arya, and toss a bit more on the Night King who also sits at +800 according to  See the odds below:

What’s the best bet come April 2019?

— james butera (@Butera034) January 10, 2019


And in closing… 

Can you fire "fear bunker" into the sun? Forever? Like actually ban it from your life?

— Joe (@PBRnSabres2) January 10, 2019

Just the thought of it is terrifying!  BRB… gonna build a fear bunker for a world without fear bunkers!


Cheers, and a belated Happy New Year!

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