Ok for now

October 07, 2018 - 8:24 pm

You ever watch a sporting event and come away from it feeling as though nothing had happened?

Because until the Bills have a potent passing game, in my view, you’re just killing time.

The NFL is and has been about many things over the years. But more than ever right now, the NFL is about passing. If the Bills can manage to win some games prior to being fully formed as a modern NFL offense, that’s great. But the ultimate destination should be obvious.

But in the big scheme of things, the reason you want to find a franchise quarterback, the reason you make multiple trades and give up quality players and draft picks to draft Josh Allen, is because you know you need to upgrade your passing game. Good teams with strong passing games are going to make it hard for you to win with defense, a strong running game and takeaways.

So what does it all mean? Well at 2-3 the Bills are still running the race and I’m not here to begrudge them or anyone else that. Wins are wins and the style points aren’t referenced in standings. I have no problem with the Bills trying to win with defense, takeaways and a running game while the rookie quarterback learns on the job. Frankly, the Bills were brutal passing the ball last season and we all know that 2017 is the year the drought ended. So you can do some winning with that formula. 

An 11 play, 47 yard drive that chewed up the final 4 plus minutes of clock saw to that. Other than get the Bills in and out of the huddle on time, Allen wasn’t asked to do much on the first game winning drive of his career. The Bills rookie quarterback only threw two passes on the drive and they were both short swing type throws. The first, a third down toss to LeSean McCoy went for 13 yards and the Bills were off and running, literally. Chris Ivory carried the ball on four of the next five plays and accounted for 22 yards. Mixed in there was another easy throw to Ray Ray McCloud that was on target for 7 yards, a new set of downs and comfortable field goal range.

But so was brutal quarterback play by both Josh Allen and Marcus Mariota. Errant throws and sloppy ball handling were the order of the day. In the end though it was all enough for the Bills to get their second win of the 2018 season and keep fans hopes of at least a playoff chase alive into the middle of October.

That’s what this Bills Titans tilt was. Sure, you can credit both teams with playing tough defense and that certainly is a large part of the story Sunday.

That’s what I think they call hockey games where there aren’t really any good scoring chances and the game sort of goes by and at the end you’re left wondering what you’ve really done with your time.

So there was that. But otherwise, this game Sunday was what you might call a low event contest.

That was the first sentence I typed early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Bills Titans game. No sooner had I put a period on the end of that sentence and there was Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota leaping over Eddie Yarborough in the open field. And yes, Josh Allen once again flashed his outstanding athleticism on a 14-yard touchdown run.

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