Phillips: 'If you want a college environment with people that love you, Buffalo is the place to be'

March 05, 2019 - 9:58 pm

Tuesday afternoon the Bills announced they re-signed defensive tackle Jordan Phillips to a one-year deal.  Phillips held a conference call with the loal media to discuss his return to Buffalo.  Here's the entore transcipt:

Hey Jordan, Congrats on coming back. I know you were very open to wanting to come back to Buffalo.  How does this work out in your career path as you see it?

Jordan Phillips (JP): Good. I mean Buffalo kind of resurrected in my career and I feel like they should reap the benefits from it. 

What was it about Buffalo that you liked when you arrived here back in October?

JP: Mostly just the crowd. I didn't really know anybody yet, but the crowd was crazy and they got into it, so I got into it, and that's really what drove me to want to stay.

You're still young in your career, why were you comfortable taking a one year deal as opposed to maybe looking for longer term somewhere?

JP: I really like Buffalo.  Buffalo feels like home.  The money can be made up another time. If you fit somewhere you need to stay. So that's just how I felt about it. 

You're so close to free agency here and you chose to stay in Buffalo and not hit the open market when you could have. Was that something you had in mind from the beginning when the season ended or did you really think about maybe getting to the open market?

JP: I really was just trying to come to a deal with Buffalo. That was my choice where I wanted to be.  It didn't really matter, I guess, what the numbers were.  I just kind of needed something to get me to stay and we got we reached that and I'm happy to be here. 

In that sense, knowing that you're familiar with how this defense works and knowing that a successful year next year in a similar defense will help smooth the way for a longer term deal next year, in that sense are you banking on yourself?

JP: For sure.  I could have hit free agency and tested everything, but I felt like this was the best opportunity for me. I like the guys here. I like everything about Buffalo. Hopefully after this year we can make the long term (happen).

Does Kyle Williams retiring factor into this at all in terms of maybe an opportunity for an increased role here?

JP: Like I said at the end of the season with Kyle retiring, 'the Bills are looking for a new starting 3-technique,' and I felt like I was the best person to do that job. So now I just need to go out and confirm that position and see where it goes from there. 

You're a young guy who came to Buffalo from Miami and you chose to stay here and we always hear people say, 'people don't want to come to Buffalo, but once they get here they love it.' What do you love about being here? And what would be your message to other guys around the league who don't really know what it's like to play here?

JP: If you want a college environment and you want to have fun and have a rowdy crowd with a lot of people that love you, Buffalo is the place to be. 

How much do you think this was a fresh start to your career? 

JP: It was a fresh start. It was nice that I jelled well with everybody when I came in.  I felt like a lot of negative things that were talked about me came to light that weren't true.  So, I'm just fortunate for the opportunity that they gave me. 

Do you think that if another team had claimed you that you would have found a fit there, too? 

JP: I can't speak on that. I'm just happy to be in Buffalo.

Obviously coming over midseason you're probably playing catch-up in some regard, do you look ahead to having a full offseason and knowing the scheme and was that part of your decision making, too, knowing that you'll just be more comfortable with with more time in this defense?

JP: Of course, you know, I already know what the coaches expect here, what the players expect. And now I get a chance to learn the defense even better and really go showcase my talents. 

What did you learn about Star (Lotulelei's) game and about Harrison (Phillips') game and how do you guys all complement each other on the defensive line? 

JP: I felt like we played really well together. There's just a little learning curve, especially with me with those two because I haven't played with them much and this offseason, OTA's and training camp and just getting a feel for how we can all mesh and play together, that's going to help out a lot with everything. But Harrison he's a great player.  He's young, he's raw. He has a lot of ability that people haven't seen yet and we're gonna get that out of him. Star, also he's a great player.  He kills the run. He's athletic.  He doesn't get enough credit for what he does. He's a centerpiece to our defense. He's a great guy, as well, great leader. He's going to do a lot for us. 

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