Reyes: Allen has all the physical tools you want in a QB

August 13, 2018 - 3:42 pm

USA Today NFL Reporter Lorenzo Reyes joined John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live earlier this Monday afternoon.  Reyes is a national reporter that follows all teams from across the league, and today he was asked about the Bills, rookie QB's, and the Cleveland Browns.  Specifically, Reyes examined the Bills offense, what Brian Daboll brings, and obviously Lesean McCoy and Josh Allen.  He is interested in seeing the week 2 preseason game against Cleveland, with both teams looking to figure out exactly what they have with their top-10 rookie quarterbacks.

Below is some of the things that Reyes said about the Bills offense and rookie QB Allen:

Reyes on if Daboll will work some college schemes into Bills offense:

"Yeah, absolutely.  And I think obviously it’s going to depend on whom is the starting quarterback, but with that said, I think you’re absolutely right, John.  I think he’s not going to be shy about being innovative and implementing different things.  And let’s not forget, Lesean McCoy is obviously a huge part of this offense, and it’s almost like he’s flying under the radar and people aren’t talking about him because everyone’s focused on the quarterbacks, but I think that versatility and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield—they were working on screen plays today, for example—and I think that’s gonna be a big, big part."

Reyes on what 2nd Team reps mean for Allen:

"That’s really interesting.  I think a lot of it is to give him that added responsibility to see how he responds.  Because if he, let’s say hypothetically, they would have given him those reps, and he really would’ve struggled, then I think that’s a bad sign.  But, the fact that he was in there and he moved the team a little bit, he made some nice back shoulder throws—he did miss a few receivers, but granted he’s still a rookie who’s learning his way, so that’s to be expected."

Reyes later went on to describe why Allen might be seeing 2nd team reps over the more experienced Peterman or McCarron:

"I do think we’re at the point in camp where he should at least know most of the offense.  It’s on him to take those next steps, and if you’re not getting those reps with some of the second stringers, it’s hard to really advance. You know, it’s not a shot at the third stringers, but the quality of play is obviously higher.  So, I think that’s very much a clear indication that they want to see how he responds to a higher level of completion."

John Murphy went on to explain how he wishes for Allen to start this weeks preaseason game against Cleveland.  Reyes weighed the pros and cons.

Reyes on Allen starting the second preseason game against the Browns:

"Cleveland is going to be bringing their guys too, so if that were to happen, that would be a great test obviously.  You know, it’s interesting because Josh—he has all the physical tools you want in a quarterback—it’s all about the decision making, the accuracy, and the decision making when those live bolts are flying, because that’s—you can practice against the same guys all the time, but when you go against opponents it’s a completely different game."

Listen to the entire interview with Lorenzo Reyes below:

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