Sabres' Botterill knows what tonight's first overall pick means to Buffalo

June 22, 2018 - 3:14 pm

Dallas, TX (WGR 550) - On Friday, Jason Botterill still wasn’t willing to admit that he was going to draft Rasmus Dahlin with the first overall pick, but he certainly acknowledged he knows what he’s getting, “Without a doubt, there’s always excitement around draft time, but when you have that opportunity to get the first overall pick, it is going to be a great day for our organization. We feel very confident in this pick and certainly looking forward to this evening.”

The Sabres know they’re picking 1st and 32nd, but Botterill said he and his staff have put out scenarios where they unexpectedly get back into the first round and they are ready, “You never know, it’s draft time, there are a lot of discussions with other teams and you have to be prepared for every scenario.

“There was certainly excitement from the amateur staff when we won the lottery, but the message that we clearly passed on to them is we have to be ready and prepared for any scenario that could present itself on the draft board today.”

We all know there are plenty of trade talks going to with Jason Botterill. He said, “It’s what happens at a draft every year, there’s a lot of discussions going on and rumors always get out there starting in the Stanley Cup Finals and progress through the draft and into free agency, so we have to make some adjustments to our team, we have to make some changes to improve our group and yes, there are a lot of conversations going on and we’ll see what materializes over the next couple of days.”

Jason Botterill hasn’t ruled out using his second round pick to move up in the draft. The GM said, “We’re preparing for No. 32 and if we can move up from that standpoint. We’ve certainly had discussions with other teams, but putting a percentage on that, it’s difficult to say.”


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