The Sabres celebrate Hockey Fights Cancer

November 16, 2019 - 9:06 pm

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Since 1998, the National Hockey League has supported Hockey Fight Cancer. Each NHL team has a night to help put a spotlight on the fight against this horrible disease. The Sabres had two kids at practice on Friday and at the game on Saturday who are in different stages of their fight. Head coach Ralph Krueger said, "I think the Hockey Fights Cancer is an unbelievable cause that we're very passionate about supporting it and to see the reality of the challenges that those families have right now, we can only hope that the support that we're giving them gives them power to deal with that very difficult adversity."

Jack Eichel is very active in visiting kids at Roswell Park Institute and hospitals all over Western New York. The two little boys took a group photo with the team after practice and high-fived the boys in front of the bench. Just talking to Eichel about the experience brought a big smile to his face, "I think it's awesome, it's so cool for them to be around, it brings such a great spirit and puts a lot of things into perspective. You see them smiling and enjoying their day and with everything they're going through, it goes to show that there's so much more to this game."

Professional athletes don't have to give back, but many of the Sabres and the Bills do just that. Sometimes they don't want to even be noticed for it, they just do it. Eichel said, "The things you can do for other people, I think that's one of the best parts about being in the position that we're in."

Hockey Fights Cancer Night is always an emotional night in the arena. Eichel said, "The NHL does an awesome job league wide, supporting the fight against cancer throughout the whole month and the organization does an awesome job of doing it here and it's a special night for everyone."

Unfortunately this is a disease that touches everybody in some way, shape or form. Eichel said, "It's a terrible disease and there are so many people that are affected by it and everyone has a way to relate to it. It feels like unfortunately everybody has someone close to them that's dealt with it and you just try to support people as much as you can when they're going through it and for us to be able to honor these kids and everyone that is battling cancer on a night like tonight, it's an awesome thing."

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