Sabres' coach Ralph Krueger is holding a webinar for European coaches

March 20, 2020 - 11:20 am

(WGR 550) - Sabres coach Ralph Krueger has found a way to occupy his time. In conjunction with the NHL Coaches Association Krueger will be holding a coaching webinar.

It's part of a program from the Association that was originally for coaches in the NCAA, USHL, ECHL and AHL. Now it's open to coaches from North America and Europe.

In a release the NHL Coaches Association said, "The Program will include over 20 presentations from NHL head, assistant and goalie coaches over the coming 6 weeks, with representation from nearly every NHL team. Topics range from leadership, communication, networking, and career advancement strategies to advice about implementing systems, player development, and opponent scouting tactics."

Krueger's webinar will include over 400 coaches from nine European Ice Hockey Federations. The release said, "Krueger will talk about the topic of career development, specifically discussing his own path to the NHL and highlighting differences between coaching in Europe versus North America, to which Krueger is aptly able to speak."

Krueger, who is back in Switzerland with his family was also quoted, "We have a responsibility to take a leadership role in the development of hockey coaches," said Ralph Krueger, "We're so fortunate to be coaching in the NHL, so sharing our knowledge and insights with the next generation of coaches is the least we can do."

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