Sabres' Thompson said he'll be given an opportunity with the top six

July 02, 2018 - 2:35 pm

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - On Monday, newly acquired winger Tage Thompson said he’s going to get an opportunity as a top six forward in Buffalo. Thompson is just 20 and went back and forth between the AHL and the NHL last season. He said now he can grow in a bigger role, “In our talks they said they really have big plans for me to be a big part of the team and to play a lot and put up points, so hopefully I’ll find a spot in the top six there and help produce.

“My role in St. Louis wasn’t that big, but moving on from that, Buffalo’s giving me an opportunity to slide into the top six and help create offense.”

Thompson is coming to a younger team in Buffalo. He said that will be an advantage for him, “I’m real excited, I was a little thrown off when I got traded, but just soaked it up last night and I think it’s a really good fit for me. In St. Louis, they rely on their veteran guys, so I was pigeon-holed in a sense where I didn’t get to play a lot or get to play the game I like to play, so I’m excited to come to a new team with some young players where I can just go out there, have fun and make some mistakes and help the team win.”

“I think I play better when I’m relied on a little bit more,” said Thompson. “I really feel like I thrive under pressure, so I’m excited to be the guy that they look to in terms of producing and helping the team succeed.”

Thompson is a large powerful winger with a big shot. When asked to self-scout himself Thompson said, “I’d describe myself as a big, power forward, I have a knack for making plays, pretty good skill with the puck and I’ve got a shooters mentality, I like to shoot the puck and score goals.

“The things I can work on, I think everyone can get stronger, it’s something I need to focus on a lot and add a little weight, so getting stronger and faster are the two things.”


Some of you have asked me to put together some lines so here goes. IN MY OPINION (these are not Housley’s lines)


Sheary  Eichel  Reinhart

Thompson  Mittelstadt  Okposo

Rodrigues  Berglund  Pominville

Wilson  Girgensons(Larsson)  Sobotka


Scandella  Ristolainen

Dahlin  Bogosian

Guhle  Nelson

McCabe  Hunwick



There’s a possibility C.J. Smith, Nick Baptiste or Justin Bailey could push Larsson or Girgensons to waivers and Rochester.

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