Simms: Allen could be in top-10 QB conversation

June 27, 2019 - 11:40 am

For many Bills fans, the success or failure of the 2019 season will depend on the development of quarterback Josh Allen. One former NFL quarterback, Chris Simms of NBC Sports, is excited to see what Allen will do on the field in his second professional season. Simms joined Howard and Jeremy Thursday morning to discuss Allen's first year and the expectations heading into year two.

"Right now it's about refining the way [Allen] plays," Simms said. "Being a little bit less aggressive at times and a little more accurate. But, he was one of my tougher rankings. Allen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield all were. Because they're more talented than guys that are in front of them, they just haven't had the body of work or consistency yet for me to sit there and say 'oh no they're definitely better than some of those guys in front of them.' Josh Allen is a guy that I certainly can see after a good season next year, being in the top 10 of my quarterback conversation.

The rankings Simms referred to is his 'Top 40 Quarterback Countdown,' which he released in early June. Allen ranked 23rd on Simms' list, stating he "just needs to see more." Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, Allen's draft classmates, ranked 17th and 22nd respectively on Simms' list. Despite slotting him slightly below his peers, Simms believes that Allen has all the tools to be an elite NFL quarterback.

"Through the roof talent," is what Simms said makes him optimistic about Allen. "You're talking about one of the better athletes in football at the quarterback position and one of the best runners at the quarterback position. Then you talk about the arm on top of that, and you say 'oh, okay, that's an arm that's in the class of a Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers, that's how special his arm is."

A big question mark heading into the 2019 season will be how the offense improves around Allen. Simms touched on the fact that in 2018 the Bills didn't have the best rushing attack, offensive line, or receiving corps. Buffalo has made a lot of changes this offseason that they hope will improve the offense, but Simms believes Allen has already proved he can succeed with whatever players are around him.

"You saw some of the games last season," Simms said. "He went to Minnesota, and the Bills did what they did because of him. They beat Jacksonville all because of Allen. Some of the plays he made, and the way the Bills won and had success on offense last year, there were a lot of times where it had nothing to do with the system or other players around him. Allen showed the capability of being able to carry the team and do special things to get them over the hump."

Simms also talked about Allen's accuracy, how opposing defenses will scout him, and more. You can listen to the full interview with Simms below:

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