Tyler Dunne: "There should be some pressure in Buffalo"

July 15, 2019 - 9:00 pm

With just over one week to go until training camp, more and more talk about the Bills season expectations is surrounding Buffalo. Bleacher Report's Tyler Dunne joined Schopp & the Bulldog to go over the pressure that should be on the Bills to improve, as well as the top stories around the NFL.

Here is some of the best from Tyler's time with the guys.

On the possible success the Browns could achieve this upcoming season:

"You can even talk about the quarterback Baker Mayfield, there's nobody like him in the game with that type of attitude and swagger. I guess with trepidation, I'd say they win the division and they contend for a super bowl. But that's a pretty big if, with all of those personalities."

On if there is pressure on the current regime in Buffalo to make the playoffs:

"They've got to win more games than they did last year, and I think you have to see a step from Josh Allen. I mean, this is year three for the regime really. And yeah, they probably bought themselves some time with making the playoffs when nobody thought they'd make the playoffs. I mean, I bet you Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane were not expecting to make the playoffs if you caught them on an honest moment. It's still year three and much like the situation in San Francisco, Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, Jimmy Garropolo, they're into year three. Out there, they're feeling the pressure to win. There should be some pressure in Buffalo."

On the expectations for Josh Allen compared to other QB's from his draft class:

"You're talking about, back to back, two of the best draft classes at the quarterback position and the Bills, kind of, targeted their next franchise quarterback in those drafts. They came away with Josh Allen. I mean, you need to see something from Josh Allen. You know, a big step in improvement. Whatever that is, whether that's doing what he's doing, just winning because he has more talent around him, or developing in the pocket."

On what positions get paid from year to year:

"It just changes every year. Wasn't it just a year ago that safeties weren't getting paid. I mean, nobody was getting paid at the safety position. Tyrann Mathieu had to take a bad one year contract with Houston to kind of, keep playing and then he got a ridiculous contract with the Chiefs. Now, safeties are getting paid all over the place. Earl Thomas got the big deal with the Ravens. Kenny Vaccaro with the Titans; all over. Yeah I don't know, I think that teams just kind of follow each other's leads. It's a copycat league and it just kind of changes year to year. But that's one thing that seems to not be changing is the running back position."

Super Bowl pick not counting the 4 teams from last year's conference championships:

"It's gotta be the Indianapolis Colts. I think that Frank Reich and the Colts, the way they started the season, what was it, 1-5, and rallied. I know they got blown out by Kansas City in the playoffs. But Andrew Luck, another year removed from all of his issues, unbelievable talent at the position. Maybe the best quarterback in the league. They've rebuilt the offensive line. Chris Ballard just might be the best GM in the NFL. What he's done to rebuild that team, and defensively Darius Leonard could be the MVP on that side of the ball. I love the Colts. I think that they could win it all this year for sure."

You can hear the full interview with Tyler Dunne below.

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