Who started and who backed up for the Bills at Thursday's OTA?

June 07, 2018 - 8:03 pm

Whether it’s an actual depth chart or what offensive coordinator Brian Daboll calls a “rep chart” for this time of year, here’s how the Bills lined up on the offensive line and across the entire defense Thursday for their OTA.

Whether it’s a rep chart or depth chart, I watched the Bills OL rotation closely today. There are 15 of them on the roster. Perfect for 3 full units. Here’s how all three groups lined up today: pic.twitter.com/pDIm6WbEeQ

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 7, 2018

...and here was your Bills DEFENSIVE rep/depth chart today. Hope you can understand the way I layed it out and my notes. Alexander came out for an extra DB. That’s why no backup listed. pic.twitter.com/b3sNgZ60VU

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 7, 2018

Trent Murphy is not listed because he currently is not participating in any offense vs defense. Wears a red no-contact jersey and only does individual and team drills.

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 7, 2018


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