Williams: "We have to go through and try to correct the mistakes"

September 10, 2018 - 5:00 pm

Longtime Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams joined Schopp & the Bulldog Monday afternoon as part of installment number one of the 2018 version of Buffalo Bills Football Monday.

Williams, entering his 13th season with Buffalo, is replacing the spot previously held by retired center Eric Wood.

Here are some of the notable quotes from Williams' time with the guys:


Willams on the takeaways from Sunday's loss:

"We have to go through and try to correct the mistakes.  We have to learn and get better because of it."


Williams on the young, new defensive pieces:

"Guys like Tremaine [Edmunds], Taron [Johnson] and Harrison [Phillips] need to be made aware that every detail is important.  From there, you can do your respective job in a cleaner, faster manner."


Williams on head coach Sean McDermott:

"Any time coach McDermott is critical, he is critical in our meetings.  He may play things close to the vest in his interview, but he is critical with us behind closed doors."


Williams on how the offense can improve:

"We as a defense need to get turnovers.  That leads to more sustained offensive success.  We need to provide our offense with second and third opportunities more consistently."


Williams on how quickly an NFL game can get out of hand:

"Things can definitely snowball in a flash.  You have a good series or two, but then they [in this instance, the Ravens] come down and score."

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