Williams: 'We're all putting a lot on the line for a win'

October 01, 2018 - 4:45 pm


After putting up a sound team performance last Sunday in Minnesota against the Vikings, the Buffalo Bills came up empty-handed in a 22-0 shutout at the hands of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

It wasn't a pretty performance on either side of the ball, by any means, but the defense was able to make things difficult, at times, for a hobbled Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. The Buffalo defense was able to limit Rodgers to just 298 yards in the air and force two turnovers with an interception and a forced fumble. However, the Packers' running game chewed up the defense, collecting a total of 141 yards.

Despite the beatdown at Lambeau, defensive tackle Kyle Williams joined us for his regular visit on Buffalo Bills Football Monday.

Here is some of what the 13-year veteran had to say:


Williams on the team's goal each week:

"Defensive coaches came up with a baseline goal [of 17 points or less]. It probably comes from studies on what gives you the best chance to win."


Williams on his fumble recovery:

"There was another guy trying to grab it.  It might have been our guy, but you never know when you're down there in a pile... Pile etiquette is just trying to get the ball. There's some not-so-nice stories. They can be limited only by your imagination."


Williams on giving it all:

"We're all putting a lot on the line for a win. You're all putting it on the line for that football, and you don't know what might come out of you."


Williams on being a defensive tackle:

"The tough thing with the position that I play is that there are plays that even if you play your block right, you're very rarely a factor on outside runs."


Williams on the big picture:

"In the long run, we don't talk about this loss ruining anything.  It's a clear sign of a lack of execution and preparation. We don't have the luxury of riding the roller coster of whether we're good or not."


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