You Said it! 07/22

July 22, 2018 - 9:32 am

The week that was featured both hot and cold takes.  Let's review!

Howard Simon said he didn't know what a Velicoraptor was.. A fan texted in to respond.

Bulldog was looking for a cold take and this is pretty cold..

This one is up there...

— Bradley Gelber (@BradleyGelber) July 20, 2018

All fans have is hope because.....

Brayton had an interesting phone call... which was followed by interesting takes...

Doubt it, Tom Brady will still be playing in 2027

— Mr.TopShelf (@topshelf_mr) July 18, 2018

Whenever sports news breaks, we are on it! and so are your takes!

We should sign him to play LG

— BillsToday (@TodayBills) July 19, 2018

Not a soccer fan?

Who doesn't enjoy Howard picking the Bills?

This is a good way to re-phrase Bulldog's question...

I am: 1) Very impatient 2) impatient 3) Kind of impatient 4) Patient

— Kevin G (@kgfrombeelo) July 19, 2018

Everything is good with Rasmus Dahlin...

It's ok Bc we got dahlin

— Brendan sweet (@Brendandrifit) July 18, 2018

And finally a Simpsons reference...

Never change Buffalo sports fans... Keep listening to WGR and keep the takes coming!

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