Mike Danger

Chris, a.k.a. Mike Danger, defines himself as a husband, father and broadcaster, in that order. He was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, and says a big part of his heart remains there. He then grew up in East Grand Forks, Minnesota where he played hockey in the winter, went bass fishing in the summer and learned to broadcast on the radio the rest of the time. The move to Rochester came in February of 1997. He refuses to ever leave until the city names a junior high after him. 

Danger married his wife Sandy -- yes, the Sandy from The Breakfast Buzz on WBZA, in 2002. Together they have two beautiful daughters and a dog who everyone agrees is better looking than Danger is. The happy little clan resides in Greece, less than five minutes from Danger's in-laws.  

In his own words: I love sports, consumption, music, movies, video games, fitness, travel and camping. At times, I target, observe and ridicule. I’m sure you’re safe, and you and I will probably get along just fine.