The Sports Bar - 12-6-17- Dennis Bernstein

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, December 6th

Senior Writer for, Dennis Bernstein, joined The Sports Bar to discuss all things NHL related from the Buffalo Sabres and their win last night to the rising franchise of the Vegas Golden Knights!


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Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio book Marcus sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. The sports bar would be German tank Leo thanks for joining us this afternoon ES PM Rochus. Bernstein is he senior writer at the fourth period dot com deficit in my right or wrong are you in Los Angeles and if so are you safe. I haven't looked into it one of the fires a couple of months in my home but on the other side of the fortified to know anything about what essentially are these most traveled our current world that only sell at each other questions in this morning perked up. We're cynical opium the wind in the wonderful. Opera supports. My gosh are they telling people just. Stay home treating us like a storm don't go anywhere if you don't have do no owner no unnecessary travel. Yet none so because of the European farm which is to help responders. Clean their personal and Kim hotspots around causes. I will be fired. I too would like it was it was an awesome city. That is what the root clear about when I did target chip market later on this morning and the you know it would use. So you know like 3 o'clock in the morning sunlight and beat by them. So for so good you know it ought it is worth two ops austere it was a good thing but it's cola a significant part. Dennis Bernstein the senior writer at the fourth period dot com reporting in from Los Angeles let's talk. Our favorite subject let's talk some hockey Dennis the sabres got a goal from a defenseman last night yeah. Cool or wow. It's been a rough start for the sabres Dennis give us your view from 101000 feet. Very disappointed I'm sure the most is on of course some offload your. This team I thought was in the coastal cleanup spot comical copy. In point per contract. You bring in Marcus and Alina. I know that your experience and they just all. And this drop has been. Precipitous so if I'm decent moral purity. I carry the laughter I'm across our names so I coal. I'm going to hear a piece scared now. And I email the rest of the roster to DNA. Audio. At this point could I don't it is reversing direction. It's likely to be honest I'm not I I kind of wonder what happened to. Urged deals that papers right now. Coming out about their level deals jackpot goes going to be great where. To get some ten million dollars next year when you've got kind of Michael also beat it six. And more ironic and so I've been thinking since Amir could maturity because I got a little bit more benefit there and if Frankie had a oracle boat seller of that and the rest. Unfortunately what you're getting. On the coast completely going out here are useful to be leader and obviously gonna you know it is simply guerrilla like he's got him but there's an organizational failure. It would bottled portrait that he'll but I mentioned Opel sort. And while it went straight to our secure he's got a job and all the data and IP got some good so I would think the vultures circling it still laps got to upload. Internet to concede mortal trades. I'll let go leading buffalo by the freedom. Dennis Bernstein senior writer for the fourth period dot com so it says that next next question. Who who won that they are all of the players you say would be available on your your crossing off Michael in your crossing offers the line in scan dollop. Who would have the most value would it be and Evander Kane are or who last week you think would it actually GM's jump at the chance to get it. I think of it because you know look I backed this council a couple years and watch and plan so once the sabres games. On the package to a party injured duck billed. I'm I part of the solution that I was I was side and I just happen because so many holes and cut so Julia and only epic a look at the market lower court if that Merkel that bastard called the big is golden Knight keeps continuing. They have contracting. Out there called on storm could trigger alert because the sport to. There's electrical spark so Bender then I and it could be able you can beat the number two would automatically in the moment when in the market. We had a restricted create some of it you can't get a first round pick and prospect in the beer cart at Hendrick you know to your job so yes outlook the scenes leader I think he. It's total solution but I took a look at that we're the luster sits right now I look beat in movable pieces. I won't arrive like Kyle post up. And even a guy like Jason Congo may be as invalid and yet clearly of Internet. Scott you got to look at I assume you wouldn't be instantly assumed earlier. He's a walkway create an adult in this seat him but I gonna get pretty accurate target in equal neutral bottle could there was so this is happening in the early as about. It's because the solution so it was equipped in put weight on him now I gotta go get Korea epidemic there's no guarantee election and down day. To date and they look we want to keep people from my interest and start and beat it became clear indication noted that at. I'm I'm compatriots in the corn try to Rico to. Dennis let's talk about goalie for a second because there are numbers as early as late as today. The Philadelphia a scout in buffalo and their need right now what are you hearing about the goalie situation with the sabres. If I think it'll premature because Parker in winter going on out there I think that. There that's all right now you don't know how bad back in most generally how rewarding is a black elite it would usually decent. Producing gold and currency gonna get them from what it can be an extra. Didn't Calgary and so I think a little bit premature to get Robin is not enough I was decree is restricted free. Ian cease and so what you gonna get open and the new Parker hurt so that if he recruited the others around him could it happen here. I gotta get some I gotta get to act on them and I don't think there is market value based on the EY. It's gonna be there so I think the little premature could he goes well you know like like metallic like approach in. I think there will be premature decision in the Philadelphia next week or ten days or application beacon at the cherry pick but I would like to state because. I don't put this on the open court I just think the improvement so pork. Here at school that even in the collection and critical critically locker pinnacle now but it looked at it for tropic form. Got no problem. It's got to be it's gotta be me to overpayment for an electric. Still only 260. So I just like to be acting given up yet what I'm seeing them any good battlers so I want god and if object. Desert birds seen as a senior writer for the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports are 957. ESPN. Looking around the league last year you had once the calendar turned. Some firings in the NHL what was surprising coal Claude Julien nobody saw coming I guess my question days. Which coaches right now would you see on the hot seat in the league in. Gosh it is. I hate us that we we all love Phil Housley. And it but but we got to given some time here right at the green if it keeps going in this pattern I mean eight meaning there's no way. They would even consider that right Dennis. He can kick from twenty games it is nowhere and that. The issue so is. He's defenseman you would think this team. Played good defense. They've given up by difficult when he he doesn't seem like his system either or or or they haven't acclimated to get to go more troubling thing about this. Look there score or get accustomed to because we're. But the fact that so we're currently he's in the in the slot like I expect it to be so concerned what. You can't know there's just no way I mean post tour America you only get our work coat in general are those so I doubt that. You know I was gonna week or so weak and so I don't I don't see that happening in. Respect to around the league. The only guy could see that's really in trouble I think it was on talent become call it an amateur I like. I'm like personally column what wouldn't consider opening the shocks in Toledo Ohio likely to get right after the jump but. When you look economy being good again you know parallel to could Jack article as congress is a couple of Arab. The entitlement and nine billion dollars next year and he wouldn't 500 and not contending and when we called on to eat no problem. And I think it back at the Kennedy can look at our. I think cart clearly I am content but I am in under coach. And I'm kinda keep happening but I think if it was Cote had picked for the first year is to continue on this and they don't carve outs. And we have been gains in oil and under fire under a a commoner Ali break. Yeah I can see that happening because the expectations are Scott based on their deceit last week. It's funny I mean you image McClellan and Edmonton and and the parallels between nick David and Michael forever be linked because of where they drafted that year you know. I get the sense that they have and wield so much power within their organizations that they really could be coach killers. If expectations. Are met. You'd think it just got a walk into the office today told Eric Google that he wanted. Are you aren't good you know all of them what. You can upload them in our detection and treatment so I don't think it would have been. We. There's exercise more power and you know I think that certain substance keep an example. On the Chicago right arm and a wet season. Canary had a great season turning power on. Kincaid swatted at the top electric import them that we get in and certainly he went to ownership in general Americans are we won't print it out back. Magically and in Chicago so I think that the actual stall players. The evidence which it depends on the organization to look at expanding. Eight and came right three still kept it beat six they've been here that a court techie so they're gonna have to project. To but I do think that. When no when you signed those players to those because contracts in their careers. To pick up a yellow flag number one number two and acting at Dayton in Iraq to booklet features decent. We did a little bit deeper on this and talk about continuity in the important seven in the NHL we talk about in the NFL all the time when. When teams fire head coaches after two season like you really given my fair shake me what's the time unlike in the NHL and when what's more important finding a head coach. Who wants to implement a system giving him the time to put the players in that system more fighting head coach who knows how to molding his system around the players. That he's got his team. I think it's evolving to the point good to see. More so in the EU and actually. I think that the player coach has to connect with the players I sort of center and mosque. Gal someone too early cops. But he never let up never took risk but the escalate kept busting the players even though these guys accomplished. Champions have won two cups in Washington. And they just they too that the message you don't hear anymore they didn't wanna get yelled at everything than you'll that are practiced and they just the debate yet this season. And there are just feet and hole opposite person. Eat to prop the sort of go with that guy and talk up pocket that he had. The incident the link it to the round is even more. Its interest are now critical or brown responded well the public's help in Nelson's been all the regions under coach but. I I do think that this or countries you liken their coup. So I'm trying to screen or where he broke when you see in. Accuracy which are right former you know a guy who came to arrange a young guy who connect with the players you don't see. The counselor then he would go out starting I don't see. You know that the Ken Hitchcock anymore I think the task masters out. It is now because I had a big currently known and no doubt a year and they collect coaching him to them out and course it would seem that so I think. I continuity I think everything and get the right to fire one coach. I continue to see that the younger one doing each corner of quote I've coached. I'm in this league and that continued that you don't connect with the players. This is not my I was hired anymore is that salary cap lead and are priced players yet. Kimberly Gloucester. So it could sort all connected to coach I think coach is welcome. Know it's funny because what you're saying it sounds like what Tim Murray said. In regards to why he fired Dan miles and by the time before Maria we and so got fires so I guess my question is about files much. Miles my coach who won Stanley Cup and grand he had talent on that Pittsburgh team but do you wanna cop and easing down miles Mayo will get another chance or is he coached that. You know you with his style like he's sad news doesn't relate to players as the NHL pass him by. Well he won the Stanley Cup which you know Malkin and that is gonna give meeting with couple compatible with CNOOC a keynote it to maybe get them shot I don't think so I think they did they would have to go. Like one level below epochal eager to. Europe or you expect the HO and one action creature and see that he can he can connect with ghostly children younger players so scrutiny. He connect with the younger players is engaged top coach worries about my way quietly and I don't think so I think took guys in the league. Collecting the data was hot property he would have got fart and top complimenting. And you can see happen so I think that's parties are exported out into the knicks coach it's our but it is going to be concerned right sort I think backed out with banner just. You know he he he he was there won't harm and the only one trip and then mikes so incompetent and they backed a creature so. When you look at the body look at Pittsburgh saying OK well my coach. Are getting bought it back to Adam. Plus now at this point however you look at diplomacy or maybe it was part and about to go out because a great guy. From its all paper. Really good guy ignored their actual people audio and so he came to an election certificate to there. I guess this is a grouping of players and just had to walk out respectively art school. Well wanting that I think you could draw a parallel to in terms of Jason bought since coming over from Pittsburgh. It certainly seems like the development is a focus and we're seeing here for hand in our marketing with Rochester Chris Taylor and and these guys are playing some good hockey and we've also noticed that the the opportunity to call up some of these young prospects. The sabres have have held they appeared that the that the Ericsson kind of held there on the glee. You know a nice young prospect in defense in the certainly need help. Been playing in Rochester Linas all mark I mean what more can he prove at the HL level yet curious I'll probably have. A nice long run this season in Rochester you know is there are some positive to be taken to to be taken from. Bottles approach of development at DHL level and that feeding in to the NHL team. Don't think that positively at that situation what ought to be. At that you've got to look and so a lot of last year was. Yet you have to resist it at the sale and we have to put. We have to develop these guys. Like in the right manner in the right time and be patient and goes not to bring up a you know uncle back. With the Detroit when I didn't put up straight bought because we will always when you currently being cut out early so the guy that got developed and you should. At least one you don't complain that your policies in the amber and bring up Mexico don't you know Russia is because. Can correct the problem. Two aspects coming up it will retain the seat respect and seek. To portrait or should there so you keep those players on the right Google track you don't rush. On to put him in position where they exceed because awesome. The key green mile and a link to creep right so you don't let that nobody. Creeped in because he does not one so I think it I think that you always have to go to guy now. Jack we can point out excuse can go get into the certainly don't like I need to bring up these kids that or. And yet storm entry level PO that's too though it would say. But he Kart National Hockey League had a couple guys out of the country by and now here. They be good at that young talent. I don't split between my it's over Chicago that bring it to on the deal he could signal a million dollars he. You need your organization so Asian actresses bring up these cute rushing in that they're gonna be treated in an going to be. On keep them on the right development tracker click over tolerant to increased seasons maybe instead. Dennis Bernstein senior writer for the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports bar. It's depressing Dennis when you look at the NHL standings overall there's an error at the bottom 31 buffalo and I say 31 now because we have an expansion team at a buffalo Vegas it. Is what is is this real what's happening out Las Vegas right now. I've been here there extra X it's they have real because you know what they. The one who got a McCracken expansion in merrily on recruit speed during the system. The well within score articles in the school we'll call that things could look book and creativity in the in the basement so it's a look like political couldn't give up. I don't think so more than make the playoffs. Actual maybe an eight seed in the second set a I can't settlement in mid Carrie Lee currently delicate topic but there are we this is a legitimate scene and remember and the because they may be that the critical problem course and on track for like forty goals dot com or call it but I'm. He gave the right thing the coach harder right coaching record coins from the get go into the week and also that it would Gotham. He's a likable cooking again connecting the player that the central theme of the scouts say he's connect with the players. He's got a good system and you can bring up he knew within hours of processing into. To talk block. He did not take it shipped off. We get maximum effort sixty minutes you know when everything but they're an impressive they are for real I am going to just not put. Vegas is going to be very strong truck in the conduct of the team I think. Primarily one major reason why it was because we got one trashy sort out a mass recipient. At a grass or something competent and very dull color. I like what they're doing and have. Pretty what country actual or speed ludicrous common crook and and seats capital mr. excel this scene is gonna happen going to be. I think handler of the people and don't toward a true the guys who. Good bye efforts on hope and expect in 32 I'm sure they look at me about it openly you figure spectacle. He is a senior rhetoric the fourth period dot com go check out the work that they're doing their it is pretty remarkable Dennis Bernstein has been good at this time with us. This afternoon here in the sports part danger detect lead Dennis let Ford talking to Tony eighteen begun all right. I think her record Chris are you got it. Dennis Bernstein good stuff good stuff.