The Sports Bar- 12-6-17- Ryan Talbot

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, December 6th

The Syracuse Post-Standard's Ryan Talbot joined The Sports Bar to discuss all things Buffalo Bills related including injuries, the QB position, their next game and other stories across the NFL! 


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From the field to the court took already can kick your sports on an eighty M 950 and 957 have to ask these boards later ESPN Rochester. Let's talk some more bills colts in advance of Sunday's action leaving here right here on ES PM Rochester. Starting at 9 AM with the pregame show. Brian Tallet Syracuse post standard I guess in the sport are right it's been a while high you do always. Am doing great things threatened me on Bryan law a law we just DeWitt Bonaventure tickets that was in your honor you realize that rank up. And I appreciated. I think there attorney team this year is an oak. And third or hold don't jinx it now right I'm gonna start by saying there's actually one new Buffalo Bill for our sake I hope doesn't have a good game. Because if Randy Riley catches seven passes for a hundred yards to Nate here man will never hear the end of it because my god. That's what bills fans want this guide in May make a 53 man roster so high your take on brain Riley is he goes up to the 53. Yeah you know I could be that an aerial panning out to be. On at practice being like that it is probably Peterman throwing in the all the good deal that might actually have them. Bill in chemistry already felt that would be very inching to beat. It is going to be a sweet he is active armed bandit burst of Alvin Benjamin going out could be coming back a lineup. There really depend on how they wanted to shake up there roster you'd wanna give them the young guys and burying. There's gonna play operate though I'll eking out in May not want to do it just yet but Riley will be very inching to watch it he does plan on. Brian where are you that in terms of which quarterback gives the bills the best chance to win on Sunday I I think both gene and I. Have to have been on on Tyrod it's bandwagon the entire time he's been the starter thinking you know what there really isn't a better option. But now going into this week off of two straight horrible performances at home. And with a banged up knee even if he does practice on Friday I mean is is there's some sense to. The Peerman gives you the best chance to win on Sunday. Why not a great question it is Tyrod is. Pat will you respect and maybe is that point that they meet you Mike the best chance. To an odd that they're going at the colts team that that very beatable Arabia or all the ball. If he can link his mistake there and again and it's not all the in charge and being you'd like armed again you might be the best. Player going forward looking at part killers anywhere over the course that if he had some mobility. Then I still have to go at them like it that there's still technically in the wild card on. They need to win at least preview last or even given thought the shot and with all adult and they do you have that chance to if Baylor and give them over 50% of what we can easily in terms of mobility. I think you have to go eyler. Bryan Talbot you can read his work New York upstate dot com part of the Syracuse post standard guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN the other debate we're having here. What do you do with a brick Dennis and now danger comes down and says hey continuity. Change for the sake of change doesn't do anybody gloved but then the flip side of that Brian. It's hard to imagine an offense. Performing as horribly as the Buffalo Bills have into the last three weeks heck you could even say Kansas they only put up sixteen points but some owns the one. In other words they're been offensive coordinators. That have been fired from much less than now what the Buffalo Bills are putting out right now would you not agree. Yet the great argument ad because I can people's eyes. Right now I am on the road get rid of Dennis and in the off season bandwagon. I just think that the years. There's a lot of issues at the top and a lot but I can't all the ointment that built have wide receivers and operation. On they they have a limited quarterback you know he has the mobility. Doesn't anticipate there's been doesn't view. At the same time I watch the bow and and there are certain week where he just wonder where can be called the coming up why they are trying to. On go to you there that are strange why is that Shawn McCoy a bigger focal point or. What took so long and it and Mike talk to you that he wasn't really an active runner. That they're calling Tolbert on the pitch as the outside the when he is hell and they're not really into the spring of their rosters well. I'm thinking long term I'm thinking that this year in the sneaking draft bill is going to pull the trigger on a quarterback early you can trade up that they asked you whatever they need to deal. Yeah mine mine mine and thing to watch a lot Rick Bennett. To be in charge of molding this young quarterback in the successful QB. Can he do it possibly. Away from what I've seen this year I don't have that count and. Ryan this thing that would make me nervous is you get another coordinator 'cause these guys travel there are a dime a dozen and and you your whole. And shake things up EU draft a quarterback. That house to again. Mold their game to the coordinator system rather than finding a coordinator will mold there are system to the quarterback's strengths. And that the that they need to find some kind of coordinator. And and what ability. On him in terms of you know weren't we don't strictly. BA West Coast I don't strictly app to beat this better the other. If you're talking about going and a current guys in my public in air raid that. You know doesn't he have to you have to ship the entire often pick out this book played their strength and actually you know play them as a rookie. Put them out of the shotgun or whatever their strength maybe it made a quarterback in this draft have very different guilt that. But at least buying public is that he now I understand that you you know that made it built they were high and jobs grows and where I. Whatever quarterback you know that is what you speaker me you know I'm I'm on a team baker may feel they have a lot in Bockwoldt. Com but whoever is to have that ability today. If we gave quarterback ate beef seared the I am willing to played at their strength that you have to do Ian quarterback. All right so let's play that game Ryan you brought up eight BC your date mayfield I think most bills fans alike. One other picks. Lloyd do you consider is the Buffalo Bills are gonna use there. There collateral mode where it's trading up with the 21 round picks to get into the top ten perhaps which quarterbacks in your opinion right now would you like to see. Where in the red white and blue on buffalo next year. Yeah mayfield number one for me calm I understand the sides actor but he is around the week throws the ball idol he. The bad policy being company Eli and the NFL and I I understand. A lot of people look at is. Demeanor and they can compare new Jenny and down at an early there either. Eat at the confident about and in some of the best cornerback it'll leak out that or maybe that. There air again about that way thought it would in just in into the jamming and bell. Mole because that's a lot of people like at least in social media. But he's number one number two I open I like judge froze and I understand. He has some god he's made some. But risky throws and onion that should have been intercepted. He can make every row Indiana now you know his arm strength he says I think he has intelligence to be a very good pro cornerback. If you miss that are most stop while those two stand Arnold probably will go there ideas well. And as an out quick release in my opinion I know quarterback who grew by the wind up worries me a little bit but in terms of a degree in terms of a on the guy that I think will look very high he's and other quarterbacks so there's a BB. I like Lamar Miller has some things that he can do but again and I think that they had a coordinated network it is guilt that come in there com. Not as I can judge Ellen this year really really OPE goes out to all like he's trying to eat and I graduate I'm. Yet limited weapons Wyoming calm so if you can go to the Senior Bowl and so that it's so it was partly because they don't have. The talent around him and I can really help his case as well. Brian tell it year upstate dot com Syracuse post standard I guess in the sport sport danger to tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester Ryan let's look the defense side of the ball for the bills Shaq blossom on IR what's what ever will the bills do moving forward. You know even as pretty decent against the run this year. He is still haven't seen that the past thrust that you're hoping to get shot at them that you all are app that thing. In the way this was the rookie Ian he missed a good portion of his rookie year he played in the three or eat at the dinner plate whose strengths though. A lot of them aren't giving up on and you he's is he bought already is that they wage and all map. Com you know. Capped at BI RB productive and our president brought up you the very intriguing player Indy priest he's not heirs don't not. Are you yet to really strong creep in that are on I know that's not the Spain. Clearly the bills must like dumping it on and edit elephant guy obviously an air league baseball in New England all. You hope that whatever they ate on tap here that they that the attic and carry that over he plays the Sunday. But with Eddy. And you'd you'd think that needed at the punishment needs to be addressed in the middle around the the trap or. Green has better and that at least here apps look law and however may work out next year. Ryan looking ahead to next you're looking to the future any friction between Shaq blossoming Shawmut tour members that being overblown. I think it's being overblown a little bit you know our if whatever issue why is it expand tepid post. I think at the same time bad it might be pressure is that a lot is giving that type look at all product or maybe he. Was one of the factors over those that three week span of the bill were to be at concrete ballot all human. Up until that pregame and word just ever on the awful. On the so maybe it was just you know the gap integrity or are now being disciplined in terms of like what I don't outside. That market and pumping that McDermott didn't like to add that Amber's age. Dawn Steel pretty quickly after. At Yarborough was that are out of the rotation worked out well I I think that bill or clean slate next year. Is there any clean Slater who we throw on the Slaton garbage for courting Glynn. You know I would not be shot down and one he has that a pretty big salary. He's been battling this ankle issue all year you know use limited today. But DN dock in today actually impressed. I went when they trapped in my idol you might be able get away with an ankle but I'd be all pro guard. And it started to look at the bill now reaching out you know I'm more years he going to collate they clearly don't. This coaching regime whatever is on. Coach maybe. Is a couple of high and John Miller who also injury occur. Baker moved him around at the same time the critical one at the deal with doc. You can be that guy I think it's the mitts on the island tries them backward yet a really good block record early in the game last week. He he's been so that's impressive I would not be that equity like app or a guy and a rookie salary playing at their import position. Odd that could free up space as well and the built where other men money they roll or a well they keep on board but I would not be shot that Glenn is one of the guys that look partly. Ryan any issue with the lack of reaction to the drawn kid on the field after it happened. It's not see any bills kind of come to the defensive tree wide after he took that cheap shot. You're not part I do a little bit of an issue with that I would like. We opened up space at the ethical we you know getting Gatorade up in the air may aren't at the car out eleven though that adult day. Maybe. There was this. On. The players respond seem calm in the way. Trying to make excuses for the players are there's also. Been going on on the deal Mike I'd whip and dull lot Jerry use bank something to the official probably about the ground. So there's a lot going on at the same time and a lack that app that. I understand Sean McDermott but he was part of the way that the bill handle that. But that sustain life who maybe another exit and it not only like that but maybe they know that it can get away with bumping it not going to be any kind of. Are pushing backers some kind of and Butte humane. Not in the dole should have retaliated achieved out of their home by any means. But they need to stand up for the team isn't something like that happen especially. A rookie who's played so great prevent such an important contributor to that he. What and here here's the problem Miami is actually what the league. Ari they're going by the fact that Ron doesn't really have a prior history that but. Do you even go into an argument does juju Smith Shuster have a prior history because. Okay that kid wasn't. Yeah it was within the play itself it mean in other words the play was still going not. It wasn't dead and may be yelled after the fact that you know the standing more room in you know what a wrestler would doubt that wasn't cool but. To give. Smith Schuster one game in you give Graf won gains may grunts. Penalty was much worse than its mission users. All it was significantly worse than what what Shuster did you perfect there that Monday night. The problem what he and a Pallet there's no in there and he whipped out today issued there. Their suspensions without a uphold them out they feel that. Part of me expected a one game suspension we're Graf quit appeal on the it would bump I'll overturn it. So when they actually upheld I was pleasantly surprised that in the paint light. That suspension should have been more than one game. You you can't see no prior history like you mentioned. But the NFL as a note that you know two lead and Michael Crabtree. They threw punches that they were suspended one that is to gain he appealed the each down to one. Well I understand you don't want fighting going at least those two are piece that they that you happening. They saw that at the opening console worse than that well where is the consistency B article just have. Ryan before we let you go we get a prediction out of you for Sunday. Yeah I'll pay the bills and win. One more acute one. 2420 bills. There were cast snowy cold. 41 and snow they're calling for perfect buffalo weather especially for the home team. That's perfect. Exactly turn over Andy and me and touched down on. I don't know off the court. Got a ride we appreciate you giving us and time again this afternoon ride tell you can read his work New York upstate dot com Syracuse post standard good talk with you my friend and the Ford do it again real soon. It.