The Sports Bar- 12-8-17- Matthew Fairburn

Matthew Fairburn of The Syracuse Post-Standard joined The Sports Bar to further discuss the Buffalo Bills upcoming home game vs the Indianoplis Colts including injury updates, weather updates, and who we might see at QB!


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Shell sports talk. We're hanging out in the sports bar would dangerous exactly on Rochester sports leader in 957. ESPN. You know you're always always wanting players in the full complement of reps flew through the week. You know Tyrod though that's said is he's built up that tremendous amount of read some muscle memory. Timing with the receivers. On the some out there throwing yesterday. With the receivers so I don't worry about it all of all that much because of the work he's put in up to this point time. The go shove it to her earlier today's press conference on. Yes in Rochester sports bar with danger potentially we continue now live from TC hooligans agrees that comport kick up your sports weekend and always excited. To talk to Matthew fair or unfair for Friday Matthew Everett Syracuse post standard covering the Buffalo Bills how organ match. I'm doing well are you guys. We're we're doing fine here and not just do because it's it's not really snowing what what was the scene down in Orchard Park today how much John Snow came down there tonight. Yeah I was mostly yesterday that the snow came down I think they ended up with a over a foot. I love about forty minutes from there and I think you know we ended up who is probably around. Extensions are those though nothing too major but it's another band come through it could make for an interesting. Interest thing atmosphere on Sunday. That's prepare for the Syracuse post standard on ESPN Rochester Matthew. You know Tyrod from the beginning the week has been kind of in question. On Monday it was if he's healthy he'll play. We've we've seen him limited in practice all week in and now essentially a game time decision. What is your sense as far as who's going to be starting at quarterback this Sunday for the Buffalo Bills. I mean that the only. In the body yeah I would. I would guess now there is starting I would guess not to money people. You know I'm I'm and I think they will take it up to something beyond time and attendance field. There were as a time during the week work you know Peter bit they were leaving Biederman and then you know. It looked like Tyrod Taylor maybe was you know getting your blood underneath them but. It's hard to tell I mean they've done a good job keep it and under wraps and you know maybe. In the next 24 hours something will come out vilified them the loose but. Anything at this point you get guys I would say it may be their leading Pieter van but it says it's it's too hard to set. Well I mean he is if we and we we heard the reports yesterday we have Mike wrote back on he was describing Manny you know Tyrod on Thursday. Could barely scratched that one leg with the patella bruise patella tendon properly. If you took away the waits for the full ability elects a Tyrod Taylor could you make the argument Matthew fervor in that. Actually my teenage Peter Main who might give you the better shot to win this game. Yeah you could make that argument I would listen that our unit. At the same time you know after watching their computer you play. In Los Angeles lucky below the flat he against the patriots. I don't know if he gives you a better chance to win even then hobbled Tyrod Taylor but the question is if you want that stand out. That version of Tyrod Taylor. You know we're. And the injury that you work you know full for that he meant for his personal wellbeing. You just wonder if they wanna take that live by. I think you can definitely make the argument that let him. A 100% a computer than you better than you know pick your 70% I'm not Taylor I don't love. Go as far as to say it without it mobility Tyrod Taylor you know it and it inequality quarterback but. I think it changes out he'd complain and and it is it that way an element of you know the patent suit being able to pollute the pocket. And you know avoid rosters I think if you just not as quick. Would that be. More so and get the the runner it changes and as a pastor is low though. That's part of why look if they want to go back to their computer room. Which obviously they wanted to go to look at some point you know when they've made the move before the chargers game and Sean McDermott waited until one day. Of the following week. Do take the job away program. Which lead me to believe it there's. Some part of McDermott that want Biederman and there. What better excuse than Tyrod Taylor is not on the and I stringing him along long week and calling the game time decision you can easily at the top. They you know we looked at it all week and I are just not healthy enough to go so if if they're looking very few department computer in the perfect. And you get almost first team reps as well predicted Peter me it seems like that will be direction that we go and we'll see how it. All plays out with a few months and enough people here were Syracuse post standard our guest in the sports bar with danger. And attack Lee is some of the bills on the opposite side of the ball getting healthy talk about forty Glenn. Talk about Kelvin Benjamin now. Yeah I would say Kelvin Benjamin a good to go through this game which is great news that Gary how to coordinate their. Limit the couple gain then. Obviously that the big boost this fast enough and say. Acquired him for a reason they thought he could beat exotic and sort of take them. Not to a different level in the passing game against the cold secondary will be nice. I have a guy like Helms amendment could take advantage of the inexperienced back there according to one another day as we left them it can apply. But he is listed as questionable we've been limited all week that. Definitely a positive sign for would be either guy. You know and then. Really not practicing food out of month before that and you know how to play the on this year is arguably their best offensive on the comfy though. It whether it's this sleeker exactly getting him back to be future. Feel. Now that I Shaq Lawson is on injured reserve what kind of opportunity at this present Freddie Yarborough because. Matthew I think back to those hot days at Fisher in the summer and Eddie you're pearl was the darling of training camp and he's he's shown signs but I'm I'm just curious to get your thoughts on. What you seen on Eddie Yarborough this regular season. Yeah I think he won in the game has provided them you know black always up the edge and I don't know that it'll be quite as good in run defense there's that possibility he might be an upgrade in the past structure and then. In the forty game audition here to prove that he can be an upgrade over shot clock and I wouldn't say that. Jack often spot on the team and guarantee but let me be subtle you know that is the chances arbor this that. Not only does he belong on the team but. And you've made you line it is a lot of them. They're guys that can lose you can get off to mop up and eat. He got get that the idiot at rush who doesn't let and that book what they have they played the back field that beat them. So you know who worked himself into being well grounded both on defense events book. But that a great opportunity forms. To show the coaches that. You know he's the guy that should be in their planned get beyond these four games and he's got a chance against the cold up in the line I think. On the right side they're not particularly strong that it can't. You know take advantage of that match up and get noticed it. Talk about opportunity Matthew fair burden the Syracuse post standard joining us in the sports bar. Now a lot of looks like he's got a few more chances here last couple of weeks up what you see down the rookie and will we continue to see a more looks for matte along well. On the defense of the ball for the phils. Yeah I think that model is quite clearly. You know deserving of that starting job. As you know weak side linebacker I think. Although he's fine he final habitable because a little bit either outside linebacker but. Either guided they've gotten on the field once. And keep you probably could figure to get them the only ones. As the season progresses that sort of a reflection of what runs allowed in there getting more of absorption part time role and then I think mono probably goes back about the linebacker on the spot there. And he's the way he's playing the way of proving it might not be long before it but fun back the laughter. What the linebackers but again you know beyond these war games are why don't the what. Any of them are guaranteed to come back as starters next here but Milan now it's probably the one who had a chance to lock them the most spot. And Clinton about his thumb and so let me get worked out in the coming week. On that but yet at the plate or obviously decision to. You know they'll buy out and that he had and you know like you guys on the team proved that. You know he can and you're he really you know hopped in and the guys you know competing or not in the olden. Our Friday visit with Matthews fair burned so well worth follow on Twitter at Matthews fair for our guests here in the sports car 957 ESPN. So here come the colts Matthew three wins on the season you would figure a lame duck head coach. What would be your number one concern if you're Sean McDermott about this Indianapolis Colts team. I think more so than even have a specific layer and the idea that that they are three and nine and have a lame duck boat but they also have absolutely nothing to do. And those close to being can be a little bit scary when he's been. If you catch him on the wrong week when the fire out of their taking chances the ball bounced their way. All of a sudden at 31 team can look a lot better than he does and that is CNET. But leading game and during the fourth quarter is you know played a lot of good teams tough. Throughout all gave. They have you know me. Some analysts and they've been a competitive team I think in terms. Who worries me beyond their offense does say you idol would be the number one guy you have to look at. Predict it's like you know especially after. Suffering a concussion why we. He's looking like he'll play but you don't know you know how they'll be coming off back it. Do you I don't you know one of people collector wide receivers in the NFL when he's gone and Jacoby perspective. Provided them a little bit of stability at the quarterback position though. That's the guy got to watch and they shut down the Patriot Act the game for most of the afternoon outside Rob Gronkowski. So. Then there's been an acute concern but he's like ultimately a bit of a difference these and I think he's really the number one guy got keep. You mentioned Dutch Kobe percent of and it. I feel like if you under rate that guy he's got a can virtue of age and given his circumstances the kind of coming it is up. All last minute replacement when they really didn't have a backup plan for missing Andrew Buckle season. You know he you know three wins is nothing to write home about but. I don't know much about technological percent I think he's been admirable all season long and they could be the biggest threat to Buffalo's defense with his mobility and with his ability to get the ball that weapon NTY Hilton. Yeah I think you know he he kind of played into what I was talking about this team having absolutely nothing to lose them. He's kind of in the same boat you know he'd that's not his starting job but. You know he's so he is not really playing for the starting job this year and I think he's been able to play a little bit more free as a result I had to be the last few games you take your chances with the ball some of them were a little bit ill advised but. At the same time. Those chances that he takes third or what can create big plays that. He like Hilton Jack Doyle are that are the two guys that make the biggest plays but you know you see guys out there every week. And they are you know. Threatening. You know on offense that I've been first sector may play into the life. As well they learn to read option they still have to do that running back in the back field of francoeur mom Mac so. You know I think. Jacoby percent has provided demo it. A degree of stability at that position land. You're right they had no plane that hey they really had no backup plan for him due opportunity they would choose. Pretty remarkable. What you think about it but. I think percent and it kind of built about a little bit but like you said it's only resulted in three wins then. You know this is applied team in a lot of ways they just don't think quarterback is their biggest problem. If. Matthew we view in Seattle sports argument between danger in line. Frank Gore. My numbers alone at. Could make the argument of very compact an argument that he's hall of fame worthy. However on the other hand you know the the counterargument to that would be well that that's baseball logic because. They are you nobody's coming out to buffalo this week to watch a future hall of Famer Frank Gore helping anybody. Watch your game at any point in their careers said boy I can't wait to tell my grandkids I watched francoeur play. Where you come down on on the brink or in the whole thing. Yet at an interest being you know he'd interest in case because you look at the hall of fame and you know a lot of times that. Guys who had the highest peaks like you mentioned guys too you know you wanted to go watch. But. Frank Gore what he's been able did not do at that position. First he's number of years he's been able to do it is pretty remarkable but to your point. 2006 is the only year in which she had more than thirteen hundred yards Russian. And the only as. Three seed in the more than 12100 yards Russian so he's mostly hovered around without regard art for a long long time. But he's piled up numbers that. You know I think longevity get to this and knowing all fame voters. I would get longevity would get a minute and the other fact that he could finish his career with 141000 yards rushing will be enough to do it but. I don't know I mean he's a guy that is so here they just things are even who was better at at their peak Frank Gore or Fred Taylor. I would probably say Fred Taylor but. The fact of the matter is Fred Taylor couldn't stay healthy. The francoeur could I think you know Fred Taylor belongs to all spam Frank Gore will get him because of these you know longevity but. It's definitely it's been argued. Yeah I I never thought that he would be a first ballot hall of Famer but I think court does get in and and you know Fred Taylor what was closest he got the Savoy admitted to any FC championship game I want to say. Where you know gore was a Puerto niners team that that loss of the Super Bowl with Catholic youth at the Helm and in our the battle of Harbaugh is I. I think what he's done this fairly remarkable because of that consistency to see these top five rusher. All time be it he he's still not assuming about it just goes about his business shows up every day and and does his job and and boy I you know I wouldn't expect he would have a peek game against buffalo but the way this bills' defense. Has looked against the run the last few weeks you know Frank Gore could be a weapon that we're we're under playing a little bit going to Sundance. Yeah he would have got to tackle and the bills have not tackle particularly well I think all PM Marlon back. Present a pretty significant challenge for the bills defense. Because outside of that cheap game at a game in which the cheap stuff but the wind could not block. The bill does not gonna look stop the run you know for last month and a half or so though. I think gore and an ability to shed tackles present the big problem I think mollen Max he'd be an elusive net. Present the problem both of those guys have a chance I mean the bills have been surrendering content on the yard. I think these guys you wanted to opponent opponent Rogers. The last few weeks though. They don't play you can't get too comfortable gets because three UNC because that's who headed monster. In the backfield pretty yet. Matthew it was around this time last year you wrote an article all in Brownstein meaningless. Why not in the stands and you watch with the people and it was now like why would people pay for this. The secondary ticket for this a market for this game is its bottom not the four dollars if you wanted to pick you for this game four box. Matthew I'm just gonna Friday. In front of this year it don't get any crazy ideas that you're gonna go outdoors. And watch this game into your story. Sitting outside this week met. I mean I think that was the one time deal. Earlier today actually because I thought of that same thing and is there something about build around you know the wind was brown and it's. Ticket in six popular local reasoning it'll be pretty cold this weekend but. I think I got my point across to anybody who wants to know why anybody would fit the fans root colts game could probably reference that story head on with us. Meet I don't meet there again you know. But but my code again just I didn't get proper respect and I need to free up there you know that was the to make the same only person. We we always appreciate the work that you do when they're Matthew fair and the Syracuse post and before we let you go for the weekend. We get a prediction out of you for Sunday. They had to build winning seventeen to thirteen I think it could be ugly could be low scoring but. I guess. It's hard to pick against the bills at home against the three when he. Regardless of whose fine quarterback the colts are a little banged up we'll but no doubt that concrete. Though I'm gonna go to build and close one but it's not going to be very. Bet you ever in Syracuse post standard always appreciate your time on Friday thanks so much and we'll catch up with the next week. That's who else are you guys are good.