The Sports Bar- 12-8-17- Rich Donnelly

Rich Donnelly of News 10 NBC joined The Sports Bar to discuss 'Cuse men's basketball, Buffalo Bills football, Buffalo Sabres hockey and other sports topics going across the wire today!


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It's pretty. Sports bar would need to be exactly on right yes your sports leaders from 95 C. You know you're always you always wind players for the full complement of reps should do through the week. You know Tyrod though that's that is he's built dubbed a tremendous amount of reds and muscle memory. And timing with the receivers. Only some out there throwing yesterday. With the receivers so I don't worry about it at all. All that much because of the work he's put in up to this point in time. Who starts on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills that more what's our next guests. News ten NBC sports rector Rich Donnelly joining us in the sports bar. Danger to tightly and look at fresh with that. That's freshly shaven face rich were wondered if it was that can be your Jack cycle we're going to be talking to I mean rich are you feeling now that that no shape November's over. I'm doing well although I was really looking forward to that warm fall weather re head back in October it was greeted. Brutally with them near freezing temperatures second croc catcher came. Yes so let's let's move negotiate November 3. The February enrich our effort out there sure. Although it was getting a little. Past its welcome. Mac alive I came out pretty well I was pretty proud of it they can. We're proud of YouTube where you know this is a big step this is. You know it's it's like when your teenage son shapes for the first time the rich were probably wouldn't even know you can do it way to go rich could cause it and we're proud of you. Thank you big permit back coming from. The Rich Donnelly newsstand in DC are against your let's start with the bills if it's got deep Peter may and at this point right. Well it tyra can't play although. We never talk about this the other day. A little intrigued with Joseph Webb announced that I'd like to peace summit that wildcat a little bit more special what is it Peter and obviously. Honestly I'm not saints start to game the whole thing but I like the package of plays that they brought in with Joseph Webb against the patriots I thought it was cool change pace. And if you connect on that one pastor cadet. Maybe the game goes a little bit more differently. So if tyrants LP he's the guy great got to go a lot. I wouldn't mind in just being a little Joseph Webb makes it easier there. Especially if Tyrod out completely. I just don't know the tyrants going to be healthy for release next few weeks in aid in I'm curious if they're rich what do you think anyone who gives you the better chance to win helping heat Peter read or fifty to 75% Tyrod Taylor. Well see that's the thing with Tyrod if he can't run that is the biggest reduction out of all of these guys every so much of Thai rug. Rat it. He can take off and pick up seven yards of there's some hope you'll be fast guys. If he's hampered him he can't run. Then I guess as an actual quarterback. Peter and would give you the best opportunity of the three. Now you're home the defense for Indianapolis is far different from the defense of the chargers. So I've failed to believe that word by the perception again it is Peter good. But I you know I don't know like Tyrod at least had a little bit of increase in practice of the week to go along. Not sure McDermott playing sort of a mind game with Nicole. Open it'll be their but he's not listed it out yet so I imagine that there are optimistic that he can get healthy enough. I do think Tyrod. Maybe not at 50% but 75%. Does give to build the bastard. Either way it is the colts right rates so that you shouldn't stress out about the decision here rain. As far as opponents that would be coming in to buffalo at this point of the season on the colts will be on my shortlist of you really need to win here. Of the three remaining opponents you've got yet is typical for the best of those three could be right away with the current situation. The way that they just get beat up by Jacksonville. I've I think we've seen the best of what the colts are gonna do already this year and I I imagine that their oldest are played out this season. Although Jacoby percent. Pretty good you know you can cause some problems. It's not like the bills' defense has been completely lights out in forcing turnovers of late so. They would have a little bit or their hands full then we would have expected or hoped but yet there's this game. Must win no doubt about it in even if the bills can't make the playoffs and we're starting to get into the funnyman we need to help. How about just. A winning record or 88 for all the this teams gone through stripped down injuries new coach. Coming off last year just to maintain. The possibility of not a losing record have to be a good jumping off point for next year. Yeah hi I've been saying it the entire season that this this he's exceeded my expectations I I don't know you know. I I I I get the consensus was pretty much like a six win team. And listen if they lose the next war games and yet we were all right on but he doesn't feel like that's gonna happen and that being said I mean even if you even if you end the season eight Nate throw parade downtown buffalo because your on the right track. And you're starting to make moves towards. Ending this drought. Well and look every week. We still approach the bill like they're in the playoffs on and I imagine most of the span. Due to a certain extent but yet eight and eight so anon losing record first year head coach. Of the injury that you happened couple of big name players that were traded away and then you have the amount of stockpile draft picks for next year. We have a head coach and we presume rated been good GM. The ability bit. The amount of time that the rookies Pepsi and have been productive I have complete faith that this group in the bills' front office. Can make the correct use of these good and high draft picks. Just fill the roster going for so the fact that Davies ward had a great year they Jones for his drops. OK you've had a pretty good here. PM Dawkins has been a very pleasant surprise many looked down map auto loans and auto production out of rookies and guys that this group brought it. I'm impressed with what they've been able to do so I'm looking forward to the next few years as we paid the NC it's processed it or. Diaries Rich Donnelly newstead NBC our guest hears the Buffalo Bills will be taking on the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday we'll have a game 3:1 o'clock on. ESPN Rochester. Our rich wanted to get some must thought through new eyes well some of the other sports going on right now the story breaking here in the last couple our show tale Connie. Goes the angels. Breaths yeah. I don't have one of those teams to beat out in the pale last I mean obviously the masters is still really good but. Mean what they got trial. Who also talked about losing weight to be able to play first base consistently. The Angel almost made the playoffs this past year and they're apparently adding this. And root the Japanese Baseball. The guy is what you gotta do appeared if you try to compete with the world champions right you gotta. You got stuck up in doubt make it hard on him that's your I think I think that's what would this move is about it and look at the talent that that that's on that roster and you can that was enough to it to laurel Tawny. The Los Angeles. Well and from everything I've read Q you want to stay kind of West Coast and keep that smaller market the angels. You've been in Los Angeles puppet that. Milwaukee or anything but. They are dwarfed by the Dodgers so maybe a little bit of the limelight get shut away so he's not fronts that are all the time. You know I think it's better for baseball bringing in a star even if it's an international player like this. Bigger names bigger draw government and Ichiro was news news he was his own celebrity of people wanted to be who did Ichiro guy. So I think it's cool I'm looking forward to him company Katie. Yeah America big name players. No question Rich Donnelly our guest here is not tonight also the Buffalo Sabres taking out Chicago. Is it too much that's of the sabres went back to back gains here rich. About back to back games of the goal or return to talk about expectations and the win. I liked what but he showed out Colorado. Chicago is a different animal the pedigree that those players have on that team. With the Stanley Cup history that they have. I I'd like to give bill outweigh the benefit of the doubt that. He's close. But they've been hard to watch this year they really have although they won in Colorado that's seven win that means stability guaranteed to win this someday right. Do mirrored the tide in the win column for. All right finally buried got to keep they sought out. Average selling new sit NBC joining us here in the sports bar a danger to take we want to that we have notice in terms of there's the Buffalo Sabres their own lack of willingness to haul players from the Rochester Americans at least players that we thought. He's just probably good enough to go receivers and Eads it defense like we're operating gold Cooley who's still here you know goalie than lead assault markedly rich. You know we really have a GM adjacent bottler right now looks true his word is all about developing these guys and putting a winner in Rochester. I noted there's no doubt in my mind about. I think he's much. Much more in favor of the idea of we're going to bring them up to the NHL when they are. Definitively too good to the American Hockey League players reckon I have. He learning curve against the Bruins we're gonna have there learning curve against Belleville and being content like allow them to completely developed as a professional. Then bring about and I think he's able to do this because he knows he has all of a number of years. They he's allowed to kind of implement everything and it only. Helps and look what they did with Molson. We're not continue to Rochester we don't want cheated messed up what we've got go under here go out to California. The networks are fine. I go to California will never hear you yes yes I really think that in this situation. You know it. Shame on me for not being completely up on the HL teams but when it said Mendelsohn been assigned to Ontario and Ontario that the amber explain how in the HL Adam looking through the ever quick schedule would probably didn't play in Ontario and advocate Ontario Canada. And I Google it oh my goodness they really don't want to see him correct on this favors prospect. Yeah I think you have to be happy with what part of doing it he's from an ever perspective. That he does want the networks to succeed and his pedigree coming from the Pittsburgh organization record looks very they wanted. Or retreat grit they wanted them to succeed. And that would help the penguins. It's obviously proven methods than ever Stanley cups that have come from our approach. Rich guys Syracuse gets there automatic win tomorrow against Colgate so the orange will be one tomorrow night. Well what are your impressions so far this early on then you weren't season. Outlook but he loved the deep debate Imus talked about this the beginning of the year that he thought to deepen the head of the offense. And what we're seen as a classic. Like 23 zone die with his team the rebounding is exceptional. Shapers that is I think really coming into a zone scoring threat. I've battled gonna get his bucket. The thing that I think we saw against Kansas and that law. He is. Their hard depth issue. Well they go along with the ACC schedule when they played your duke senior north Carolinas and Virginia Tech is looking okay this year. In Uganda those battles. You pray for no injuries because they've. To guard three guard if you include. The other freshmen that debate it really doesn't like by epic battles played nearly forty minutes. In all the games he's not been hurt so. The offense there's some concern there but that defense that which is probably the best Turkey he could keep even numbered years. Which only news today BC joining us in the sports park danger to tag glee on AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester as we continue live. From TC hooligans in Greece ridge before we let you go back to Buffalo Bills to get a prediction on view for Sunday's action. I'm predicting eight considerable amount of snow. In here a 100% chance of cold. Eight and I'm gonna go. Bills 24. Colts thirteen. In her twenties Oreo that would that would. 2.4 months might give magic number here points you'll need rich what you guys working on tonight's. Well tonight. You know Tim Redding. Former major leaguer in Churchill like stars back in town we're gonna hear from him catch up as he is inducted into the church they'll try like all of Spain. So looking forward to that do little blast from the past from major leaguer. Also tonight harks kicking up their season tomorrow we're gonna hear from him with the team on. Gearing up for a seat and hopefully championship round and Cody Jamieson activated by the talks so. Huge addition to their often in the possibly in the. Rich we look forward to seeing you tonight on channel ten. News ten NBC Rich Donnelly joining us here in the sports bar danger potentially enjoy we Kentucky's in right but thank you.