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Adam Teicher covers the Kansas City Chiefs for and joins Danger and Battaglia for more insight as to why the Chiefs decided to move on from the veteran wide receiver who is visiting with the Bills today.


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Those sports but with danger and exactly takes a shotgun snap gonna come out throw again this time down the right side I look at where Maclin met with the five accredited. We could afford going to come down to money. Money slowly died look at there's every big guy I'd say 80% flooding. Jeremy Maclin visiting the bills today Mike danger Jeremy Maclin still has something in the tank and still be productive wide receiver in the NFL. Absolutely employee could think you'd ever want to sell you a number June number three smoothly and injured back but still placed 29 years old. But he does a Jeanne exactly. You don't guys on this roster right now and may be able to fill that role Rosie Jones. Colby was fined beat whatever black guy. Rashard you're no rocket rods is now with the Buffalo Bills Rochester sports leader 957. EST yet. Enticing covers chiefs for Joining us in sports part danger and the tag glee Adam how Lorie thanks your time this afternoon. Here are you articulate. Doing great Adam we're trying to figure out from afar lot ME and we know that the cap figure was date but other reasons than money why did Kansas City Chiefs released Jeremy Maclin. Nobody's a big what you're that you didn't have enough cap room to learn. All the graphics. You know they had to clear what they can get. The other rookie quarterback pat homes in the a couple of their other top draft picks signs. If they had to do that that doesn't mean that you would not of course but. Omnia that she looked at their wide receiver group they think they can get. I don't some of their guys that the combination of their guy with big. And our would have gotten. He bit lighter. You know that this move on a lot of people bike ride it and you know there's no child right now there's no child when she did you might think because. You know they've basically left himself there without a real established my receiver like night. And treasure covers the chiefs for joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah. If cover this team why you've certainly been theirs is one is Jeremy has I mean what impression you get Jeremy Mac lane as a teammate did you get the idea that he was. A leader in the locker room was he a mentor to the other wide receivers on the team what kind of off field qualities is Jimmy Mac and bring to table. Now there's no more patient care because they like him I think he was long respected the conduct. You know forty. A guy that the younger receivers did look up to that their Turkey organized. Somewhere out during the early part of the offseason. For the last couple years now. On the consultant some of the other younger receivers and a lot of yelling and he did take that part but seriously and that's. You know another. Sort of oh wait here. Retreat. It did did any read in the front office ever make an attempt here behind closed doors to perhaps a Jeremy we've. We we'd like you to do was a solid here and perhaps can't you lower that cap figure renegotiate. Well or was this cut drive what's your sense on this Adam. Now all I don't think there was any kind of serious jeopardy of not regarded that makes you wonder a little bit known that that sort of make you feel like achieve believe may be eased. And you know that the triangle all that it is. Curious to me. That she could and of course they waited till now that you want which means they get a big savings this year push a lot of them. The bird in it next year. All. But that they could have done this awhile ago. Still. Still. The designated as opposed Q1 guy that still don't know a lot. You know I think something happened you know that you look back pocket in retrospect. It right after the turn out in general manager John to what he edited. He was I was asking about. That worked round draft pick player from Michigan injury and Chad wide receiver. What does he didn't he's got a lot of good young wide receivers and just. Well I felt like we need more competition. I receive and that the time I didn't understand what you and I are they have that all of now. It makes perfect sense they they need another body in there now so low you know that. One of the strange things there and you know. That you can also start of their our program. There you practiced a couple of weeks in two weeks. Albeit notepad not real football potentially two weeks you get a look at they're old they're young good news. And I have been like what they bought in and some of the case at the moment they. Without me they feel more comfortable make it. At a Thai share is our guest here in the sports marketing term tag glee covers the chiefs. For and we had and ESPN Arabs are we had. What one of our sister station now hosts on with us in Kansas City. Who made mention that Saddam. After the draft that that the general vibe of of Kansas City fans it was thank you buffalo for the first round. Drought really you know giving up the first sharp drop in order to pick up. Patrick my homes and even draft night happens and you see what the chiefs do get bigger their guy. At 100. What we shore impression of the 28 at 117 draft for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well you know that achieved record quarterback issues oh long long term they they haven't wrapped it over here then drafted Cordoba. In the community. So basically they didn't kick in for 3040 years basically he can call him. I got the discarded players from other teams and put in the quarter and that they could do that for too long and that's been part of the problem. Over the years that you don't. That kind installed law has just life quarterback away from eighty. Do assume bore wouldn't assume it also. You know I think I. You have to applaud the up here they identified a guy they might get home and they went up. It made a bold move trading next year's number one pick I can't tell you look the that you don't know that this would they think you will. You have to applaud the effort in decades. Achieve at least we're old adopted it to try to stop this. Stop gap quarterback. This situation they've dated to try to goalie draft and develop your own guy we have that down kick it eject from another day. What direction today are the Kansas City Chiefs going in because here's a team that. AFC championship game last year. But then on the other hand you are of me instead of investing in another area that might help you win games no homes may not even step onto the field so. Wall drafting my Holmes is this taking one step back to go two steps for perhaps. Yeah he could be here. I don't think achieve. Roster is solid enough to withstand. You know not getting any kind of he contribution that first round draft and they've got a pretty solid law. On opposite they can use and operated spot they can get higher. Market. Stay healthy particularly. You know it's it's good that you know I applaud you had to in the light on the organization pushed the key in kick the can down the road runner quarterback. So many years. Finally there again like one that they liked it will be there writer. Nobody they've got the wrong guy hole left to find out there sometime down the road but at least for now he realized. That they got their guy and not give up under a cloud over the road creationism mentioned the long long time you know it's been 34 years and even at that it didn't work out very well in 1983. You know they have done. Jim Kelly and gambling or to pick toggle lights. That she cannot do on the one that all the although I'm. That tradition is that. And then on the cheap it just didn't it get behind the a lot of guy for a lot of years in law. Hoopla again. He's anti sure covering chiefs for Joining us for few good moments here in the sports bar. With danger and the tag Leo on M 95957. FM ESPN Rochester. Adam back to Jeremy Maclin the bills obviously. Hosting him today rumors are that he reports are that he will go to Baltimore next Steve heard. Philly you've heard Cleveland they're certainly teams could use his services a more curious as to what you think. That team's gonna have to offer in order to get Jeremy Maclin security and 2017. Yeah I can't get a lot of financial wall I mean. I think it'll probably if it is indeed Iran that you lose interest. I think you'll say something substantial to get it done by. There aren't some you know I think they'll let don't let you get on the maybe not a long time. You know at least. Where you know receivers they get to thirty years old because. They've been. Illusionist skill Oklahoma overnight. Whitener. You know. Not that quite here yet I think he still love. You. Well you know aren't due out this year and we'll see what he well. His name is Adam tie shirt he is the beat reporter for Here for the Kansas City Chiefs Adam mile really appreciate your time today in the insight into what. Why the Kansas City she's made this move would Jeremy Maclin thanks so much we appreciate it. It. Advertiser joining us with the latest. Kansas City where the chief surely surely Mac last weekend Maclin of course today at one bills drive and an all reports are as far as we know he's still there. It might be doing the Mario Williams yeah I room he had yet to leave until you sign this deal yet there were there was a fake report and in some. Reporter we sell sell more on that sell more on out he got he got you got Ohio by a fake account. Finally going to feature your report not a story. You have to own it now. Right he guy and he's not happy about it that your not happy that he got taken as a girl at all and a sad it's not done. Like for them for the Maclin thing I think it's not as simple as ten million. And what would Adam hi sure said yeah actually con Akamai thoughts as to the timing that is. That leads me to believe that our aid it BP they're looking at the production they look at a way to save money. This didn't makes it's not just about them once it's a Bol we can actually do better at this position. It's pretty cold blooded when you think about what Kansas City did this guy. I as well. Wedding a couple of weeks ago I go to a wedding coach at the wedding he skips his cookies skips his honeymoon to be OTE's. Two and then they cut him after June 1 when they could've done that before June 1 saved him the entire headache. The only story that topped this in sports OK everybody if you know this story. That would be Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino gets married the phone rings honey. We've got it postpone our wedding interview our our our wedding now honeymoon because I've got a job interview. The job interview was with Jim beta hi I'm Jim bay nine though hold Rick Pitino all offer this honeymoon to interview him for the Syracuse. Assistant job which pitino didn't get. Wonder if that still harbored any resentment behind years later. Your Twitter poll today out ESPN Rochester while we're talking about Jeremy Maclin with Jeremy Maclin the bills should. Right now 55%. Of you say. Sign him no matter what's signed no matter what the dollar figure. Cannot break form hearing go with the second Twitter poll. Yeah of course are because I wanna know exactly because it's funny it's about YouTube being overrated if it's about. None of Jeremy Maclin OK okay. Yeah and again run this by danger here. Hot generation. Act's ban. On where you're Pearl Jam Metallica be steeple now Whoopi take Beastie Boys off of that. Okay would be the fourth. Guy huh. I just feel like I'm getting overrun by all you used to haters out there and trying to defense. We have to face Jeanne it's. It's why in your YouTube face and I know Bono a lot of people out there and you have nothing to apologize for you have nothing to take yourself against. I am simply saying. And I thought it was an unpopular opinion it turns out it might be more popular than I thought. I think there are overrated now that said it. Your show will be sold out. Will be sold out show. And every report I've got I talked to somebody today who was at that show in Chicago and said. Dude go to that show it's a great show you gotta go to that show it's amazing. On bully everything every adjective you can imagine for positive. Is what was described that I am not interest it. That's and that's me you shouldn't. Have to apologize. For your phantom gene don't Ali did defend it and we have to do with Twitter poll aren't there good Pearl Jam is good I want to Beastie Boys it wouldn't say that their defining. Group for generation Macs. Vonage might be in their somewhere near. Guns 'N Roses might be in there somewhere Metallica us your I mean there are there are many many options. YouTube could be one of them as well I wouldn't I'd be OK with that apple on just. Had had human grain tweeting in. We don't just hate you too Dave Matthews is overrated team. Yes. Absolutely. 100% correct our Dave Matthews overrated because. Now he's your everywhere. And a it's an advantage who has played playing here and for the first time in thirty years. And Matthews is like an event now. And a catalyst admittedly haven't been to a Dave Matthews Band shown a long time to the last and I went to Mike when did Dave Matthews Band appealed high school students. It was all high school kids it was it was Jewish test it. I we have never seen that many cargo shorts in one place in my entire life. Actually Twitter poll. This would center on sports are with Jerry match when the bill should 54% do not surprised that 54%. Of bills fans say sign him no matter what the dollar. That's reckless bets while. That's that's the number seventeen pocked and there that seventeen years because sign in the matter will not sure if the goal is. Hey let's meet the class. Now I understand now but if it's a let's make the playoffs and wreck the cap in future years in you know. A pro prohibit another wide receiver from getting an opportunity here. I again this is the guy wait Casper. Crime does work Brennan beans and over or for gonna get there trial by fire you've got gaming facility all day today and if you're trying to work out a deal. That's both. Financially lucrative for the player but doesn't hurt the team. Now is it time you present data offer you do it now because I don't think the bill's signing him if he leaves one bills drive time. Listen if I am casting a place for Jeremy Maclin. It's clear it's his next visit okay. Though the veteran wide receiver in that locker room in Baltimore retired Steve Smith senior he fills that role in Baltimore that. Is more attractive to mean in terms of wins and losses and in it that's the most important thing Jeremy Maclin. At this point is career he should go to Baltimore. We've got debt NFL appetizers on the way before 5 o'clock. Other stories throughout the National Football League that we recovered yet we'll get to answer modem bite sized form with NFL appetizers and just few. Let's talk some post season hockey some post season basketball. Only next. We'll keep that Twitter pull updated to that's surprising to me say in the sports bar danger to tag Leah book. But the book. ESPN Rochester.