The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 1

The first episode of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Franklin Whyte. The guys talk about the Bills looking at Sam Darnold, and the Sabres locker clean out. Check it out!

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You're in the sports bar would to come true. It's just expire after have Diana's. Filled. Through your boss. Crossing that game multiple times in this. Need to get back to this Texas and Clinton. Self opening tip the next two to supplement it. That's help the knicks hope all is Josh is going to. I would just rather he be great for somebody else I don't like the chance to do sprint NY he handled it they've just done. Glad you have an idea in thinking that. The template. These young QB in the game in NFL game is so different cubs games on 957. ESP yet. It pulled its dual welcome to the sports bar after hours I ended global would be as always Rick White House. I don't. You know I'm having a good time. Welcome to deal first official episode of the sports bar after hours to a going to be doing is revealed loading these episodes. Every Monday Wednesday Friday after the sports bar from three to six we danger that if you miss that one he's little. It'll show you reef rash of what you miss Danes is a little. Twenty to thirty minutes segment just a recap of everything emas beating Texas showing you don't have the time to necessarily go back. And listen to it even they'll all be all the hours of the show. Are posted online at ESPN Rochester dot com in the media Teddy look for all those but that's where you'll also find us as well so you know it's just mean frank do our thing. Definitely man. And the beer per share satellites and it's been a busy day in sports. And it was a busy show today as well and so we used we're gonna focus on the bills a lot primarily this is what our podcast is really going to be about as the bills in the NFL and what's going on with that but today it was really hockey heavy days in the sports parcel get some some hockey perspective here as well but bigger and open with the bills because that's been the minority of what we're going to be talking about we're not going to be focusing on it too much for the hills. It's in the pretty interesting today they. There their big wigs if you will travel to LA to do private work out with USC cornerback Sam dar waiting by the effort. Suppress especially the bills with its number twelve pick our. Seriously considering moving up. I want to look at him now Pollyanna of course this is the start to beat that didn't keep his day. Number one yeah he's the standout guy or why twice he's the standout guy experts think he's the standout guy like us and the previous podcast. We don't know what we do. No no no no clear cut in from my point of view is no clear cut. Number one QB they all had bomb positive things about the game they are have negative things about the game. Route I mean so what is it business top six guys in the draft is that whatever racing a top six guys of Arnold. Rose in. Alan mayfield Lamar Jackson immediately put Mason Rudolph in that conversation as well to make it six play Demi what's spare guests here for us out of that. The re half of them or out of that six of them can be bust us all a dream busts. I think is the thing is about drafting a QB. They're not just gonna get in the first day. When it comes a quarterback in NFL is a process you need to YouTube you get lucky sometimes. Where our cake you come in. It is automatically adjust an NFL game but. This difficult pin was Santo stand. Well like Andrew Luck everybody knew Andrew Luck was gonna be Andrew Luck and he is anyone's any gaming goes what is going to be dollar you know post surgery or whatever but none of these guys have that feeling to them you know these guys are like yeah you put him on any NFL roster and he is going to shine. Honestly man. If I had to take I don't know I'm not gamble I mean it's like gambler knows. I don't know per share on them I would CA. Rose in the end Arnold. I think it'd by upper actually out of court decided I test just off the the games in this system they played in those little NFL tight system. Com I have to give my hat I'll take my hat off to those two guys and honestly. I'm in he knows Welker then no one's really speak in. Lumet the deacons. You know and acting that nobody's talking about carjacked in Lamar Jackson Heath welcome Erica we don't know yet it or ticket he can be back the next Michael Vick or you'd be a bus or it could be somewhere in the middle we don't know well one thing everybody knows well Mark Jackson is he's a freak athlete. He's a freak on the field. Yes and you'll see another Lamar Jackson out there I mean they're compared with the active players who were compare holds him but he. Will stick out on the field no matter what no matter what team he's playing for he's gonna be cornerback in mobile a receiver but. We don't know how he will succeed. As an NFL quarterback we don't know how he'll adjust to facing NFL defense is and playing an Angel schemes in. So that's just the big question but that's question mark for all these guys coming out of college. You know a cause that Colin does this sound last inspector it's no wonder when he is gonna don't let anyone know. His upside I mean not yet come in with that thought you know within a year to leaves gonna do is being bi lo. Need to start don't refine the hours every game and it was crazy NC got injured so you don't ever know these quarterbacks never know. I feel like in today's NFL though the quarterbacks who can extend the plays are the ones that are really. You know putting up the numbers that while there are the traditional pocket passers like you Tom Brady's you Matt Ryan's pure air Aaron Rodgers extends plays in the pocket Q he's known to. Is scramble and get out of trouble he's not a run first quarterback by any means but he knows how to extend a plane net. That really is headache bird defensive coordinators when it comes to suit. Everybody in the AFC east to the bills Jeff Lamar Jackson they're twice a year they gonna have to be like god man. We edited. Deal with this guy we have to make sure we got QBs guys we get to make sure that we're counting for that in the run game as well and then the play action game just becomes a lot. More word in debt than annoying for defensive corps. Gators and you know what else think it keeps the defense honest system you have to play out actually playing an athletic quarterback and it thing is armed. With disarmed Watson. They adjusted their game to his game from. Even with even wouldn't fool. If you look back. The first obligates you struggled. They made just it's in his gait roll marked the pocket. Do some missed directions you know if you aspire NFL head coach you're gonna gesture game two quarterback. Well Becton quarterbacks man. It could go either way but I'm not surprised that the bill's arm went deceit c'mon this guys that. The president auditing flew out to LA just you know if there were gonna take a chance to see get a better perspective and a better. Point of view from point in my thought I don't think I think it's too late in the draft process to be. Wasting your time on doing this and unless you really good feeling that you can move up into the top two picks now. And if I'm Cleveland and I know the bills or interest in it say essay and Arnold. And I really like to say Josh down just rose in just as much as I like Sam Arnold. I think I'm the I'm the browns I'm comfortable trading their first overall pick. Say to the bills and then you can trade or maybe to get up to two. So if you know what the bills are taken and you like the other guys permit pretty much just as much why not beat the benefits of trading with the bills you gain. It's 1222 may be an avid to offer a first overall definitely next year's first and who knows well on top of that if the draft amble to move. From Ford to a back once spot. To hit so much in return if the browns I would heavily consider doing that. I'm a browns. I'll have legitimized it. Hey you know the thing about the browser is they had a bad history and addressed his stick to your guns keep a liberal wanna keep it before. And maybe you'll be our right after I don't know. I feel like just like a hearse against the browns Craig don't either way you can only that one spot and you really don't have your clear cut favorite of the quarterback. Why in nine. It takes all the pressure off Q if you move back once but it takes just one spot but it if you if you know your guy you have to black jacket you can look at agree if you know that there is a clear cut guy you're taking him number one not even thinking about moving in the Olympic you can talk about four. Forced the table. If you know who your quarterback if you know who you want a quarterback you're not trading number one. Let me accidents listless let's make it just kind of dies and that soon may take a quarterback or are millions bark. I think I don't think either I think they're going defense or offense line I don't think you're taking a running back light. I think partly. Is interesting but I don't think they take him. And I opened it to quarterback either I think they should take quarterback. I don't see it it wouldn't take a quarterback. But only league do you now think Barkley is their they're choice. After that either. So partly flaws own. I'll yank his jets don't take him die I don't know I think he if the brows that one of four. Then he's going to browse and get them go to the browns for sheer. If say the giants take Jobe. And who with the browns really be looking you know and I mean why wouldn't they take part we have for you take quarterback once they take Arnold and the take. You take Barkley or. Your offense. Is immediately the only thing out question that offers wine one part premium discern the moon guy. Got a pre vis enough insulin I mean they just lost judge Thomas which is a big loss Busch date up at the line is is pretty steady date. He brought another offense climbing in killing your and other I don't know who was. Oddly appropriate big money forms so I I think there over the place but it's a lot of the giants of the line that's for sheer. And if the giants are concerned about their up and blending into running back then that. I don't know I think they should reconsider that. Giant office online store says cede their run office homeless and oh yes my real Sus bag real MIA Mason inaction and I don't know I don't know. And giants in I've had that many holes treatment that boost. Is. It's Wheldon Tony Chu and you can draft and often sublime it's close and you can get another skilled position it's going to or even vice Versa. But the thing other giants is the giants and number two the jets are number three yet instead New York right remand. Deadlier drivers like if I I am still your big renders jets and I'm gonna take. A quarterback are gonna take that guy I think you want. If they don't wanna quarterback and you want that scenario yeah they don't want a quarterback penetrate with the bills. At the big middle finger in your face hey here's your division rival will let them have their quarterback before you get yours yeah. I mean it only doing that yet who again who knows what's gonna have a that's that's pretty much going to be my catcher is through this entire project as these who knows. Bono is. So look that's that's our take on and the bills and send our limiting and Mike had a lot of compared to UN news join the show earlier you catch that up on. Obvious paean Rochester website as well that was of their he gave his perspective on on the bill stress and is. And a moment to the first hour of the show. RT women's head coach. Hi Scott MacDonald join the show with danger integrity and he talked about it took over the sabres today it was their locker cranes cleanup day and it was a lot coming out of that mean Jack eichel had some really strong words nine. You know his role. Moving forward with the team in home he plans on having a big role in big impact on the team and how the city means a lot to me is really. Is big step forward in Jack it was maturity. Brendan got Ryan O Reilly's comments about now. He's lost the love for the game. No brain and he's just so says it all these feelings are just coming out and why say that now why decide. A new locker clean out day that you're gonna tell all of the media that follows your team that's been destroying your team all season that's been running all these horrible things about your team. He had to come out and say that you lost the love for the game you think it's gonna go well. I think it from his position and how that's not the smartest thing. If you were athlete in any sport. You of being that Mitt separation from the general public or people that didn't get to the level that you are I. Is your heart. You never won a question is a man's partner what a question athletes are you always have to be in it to win it. Always had to leave it all on the floor the hockey ring the vast well accord full golf so saying that. I'm sitting back and I'm looking like them is this a message is he's trying to give some tents in the Z wanna get traded. The deed that he still wanna stay with this organization. It's a crap for help. And that's not anything to ease his contract he's just such a mess. Left over from our old GMT emerge that anybody thanks to the attack but so where. Mean even to try to get them out of here will cost us everything. So that's that the biggest question here is our it if he's completely checked out and he is a cancer in your locker room what hurts your team more. Is salary. Or his attitude in the locker room. I mean if you're if you wanna be a leader units on this team that's struggling teens Buffalo Sabres. Last place and in any sound like come on do you gotta you gotta have the right mindset to change it around you can't be slouching around my laws. I lost my heart for the gate no you gotta have that dog attitude in we go again next year we jungle that's it from Bork the start the next season tracks. And the drummer with it all these mean high drove everybody crazy. That. Or for assisting cabins on the sabres this year but there was it a captain there was no captain for the Buffalo Sabres this year and so everybody speculating. Obviously. Actually have to have a cat and he just have to otherwise. The whole global. So when you're thinking about who they kept is gonna be and you have. Have a superstar like technical team who everybody wants him to be captain we are rallying sit there thinking new should be the captain of this team. And your disk sit there and how to guide how Kenny what is going to be a baby about it how came Munich cabinet team if you lose in need you lose enough regain interceptor is there's a reason right there Ryan O'Reilly is not the cat in one word one word nick. Leadership this team lacks leadership yes all and that is just. So clear with. This entire seven year. Yes I'm gonna say this seven year that this playoff to rout in buffalo game. You need a sense of and pride in your locker you need players out there who want to win every single one of your aides engaged. Wanna go up there and win no matter the circumstance but he here. Leasing or getting OK with the ideal losing in is that there in your locker room at the cancer. It. You still haven't but the bubble builds Jeanne kept bringing this up. Throughout the entire show. You see the Buffalo Bills they wanted to change the culture you got rid of negative personalities like Sammy what in March 2 of the areas like Ronald Darby people who work buying into your system you've got. Well you got them out of your system. It is having a sabres. It's all about identity man. The people the people or the person has been the leader team has to have a strong backbone. You have to have a positive. Attitude. If you're the head a team whether it be. Hockey football basketball whatever. You have to have a strong mindset because you'll view that the people in the players the team and is gonna follow your identity Soviet strong. Will if you are relentless if you were hard working. That's team's gonna take on that same identity. Ends. You know when you're struggling still hard to find a way to gates you'll winning record in you have differing head coaches you have different GMs and you have. Just crazy roster turnover. How do you expect to get better when your locker room is completely divided. Urinal legal Professional League were all these players. Have to be at a certain skill level to even enter this week so you have obviously there there could cut superstars in this league core above and beyond the rest of the players out there bulletin really comes down to is. Who can build a team of players that well the same ideals the same message and just want the same thing and that's why you get teams like Pittsburgh teams like Washington in Nashville who apparently keep getting being sued the playoffs and the championships and all that kind of stuff. They build their culture and they get people think they built that team and surround their players with people wed same ideals same skill sets. Work well together mesh well. Built a team and and that's where that's the difference between the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Buffalo Sabres and there's a reason why the Pittsburgh Penguins have won two Stanley cups in a row Elena sabres have been out of the playoffs for the last seven years. When he netted soon and a winning attitude to a 100% when it is change in mindset. If you change in mindset of the team the team will file in that direction the simple as that. It's all about energy in light. If you if if he feed it to negative energy or if you had the mentality that. On we got down by one point we're not never gonna come back in five games and that's gonna be your team identity. Do you see this not an sob sorry that's. Now this is ready to courts. If not time to be Wyatt around not meant. You're super you're so and Amir liquor team in a phased in say. Are we gonna sit here lay down or reduce gun in together in manna it would a couple of games. You are watched constantly everything you do is under a microscope when your in one and these leagues especially when your role player somebody trying to be a leader a locker room. Everything you say. Is going to be used against you. It's it's crazy like you would think that in front of everybody who will use that information against you you've just. And all of BM building to do this completely vilify you it'll locker room. You're you're gonna lose your entire fan base all your following your credibility. Your market. Six sabres cut him. I mean they're not gonna cut him because they'll lose so much money in the final Riley has to to a different team and restructured deal. His mark is going to add up insanely. Because no team is gonna wanna take a chance and somebody whose heart isn't in the game. I'm just figure if I'm owner. Man. This guy. Wants to play for me. I don't think I mean I don't know I know welcome in Iraq he lost he lost love for the game what are you gonna bring in in my team would activity were. We're told is that gonna set from my players. In my organization. Especially young talent coming up you know is that is our team of the world for the future enemy we just had eight. And works go down and back to the HL. These people are coming up to this locker room and seeing this garbage. There are thinking this is what I have to look forward to I've progressed Mike creates the NHL result of power aren't circles and cry in the all know someone in a lot crude like hey kid. Yeah star beat this dark let's let's show this league what we're made of you want. Evaders now locker room. Definitely. Beat a motivated. You ready for a prediction yelling at Silva at let's talk of like good teams in NHL no it isn't so sick you're talking about the state of the season was horrible but got McDonald came on the show he. He came on last year it's huge to give his predictions of the Stanley Cup the brackets set. So he gave his predictions and it was pretty nice in Nashville when the whole thing but it gets the Maple Leafs so that was pretty interesting as well he also had the Blue Jackets. Losing to the capital are ams are the Blue Jackets. Beating the capitals in the first round of the playoffs so that's a big suite are a big of that right there so big story lines coming out of his predictions solidarity fund to give. Amateur predictions so we're professionals that are not don't have I didn't we don't have the intelligent minds that the professionals that this is market wrap on the show. In turn. Instinct yes that's your in flow like all right it's day so we're gonna give our on his unprofessional predictions of what the Stanley Cup Playoffs locally in Frankie guide you smear. Oh it. The Pittsburgh penguin. Look for a three. Mean. Sandoz today and that's what if you're savers been you want the San Jose Sharks this in the guts because. When you treated commander changes and Jose sharks. This condition in that. In that trade where the second round pick that we got form turns into a first round pick if the sharks win the Stanley Cup. They repeat the skull and it. Robot accountability here on sports bar after hours at a school and it broke and instead here. Pittsburgh Penguins. Three peat. Looks. A little different I'm also staying. Game. Also staying in the eastern conference for the Stanley Cup winner. I'm going Nashville against Tampa Bay Tampa Bay's wing at all. Tampa Bay it will enlighten. The lightning tidbit it will be the New Jersey Devils. It's around I think they're gonna beat the Bruins had big leads out first round at you know I hate liberal and at least you really need to lead cell. I think the Bruins are gone I think the Bruins lose and I think the wings lose first round. Enlightening. Beat the Bruins the lightning beat the penguins and they beat the the predators. And you deadly lightning will be hoisting the Stanley Cup above their heads up. And I've agree disagree that that's your unprofessional predictions here other sports bar after hours remember this was brought Tebow. And turn instinct poignant. I think that can do it for our Cerro grieving friends he had the insides that's it for the first episode of sports bar after hours again you'll always find us and the media to have. On the of what say ESPN Rochester. Also but other episodes of the sports bar hours one in tune in sometimes three. Up there as well also get that show listen of course because they're the professional mines that the Smart ones here and we're just where the entry entered in the little. Little love on the side here and you know not be hello I want a guy and I. On our. Awards again used against me sir but I look off your with a sports bar after hours I'm Nicole I'm Frank White and years ago when there.