The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 1

Interns Vinny Asito and Will Bjarnar talk LABron, NBA Free Agency, a down week in NFL storylines, and a weird inbalance in the MLB. 

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Rochester scored two liter 9570. Yes yes. And welcome into the sports bar for the first true addition of after I had that I'm Vinny is seat alongside my partner will be R&R. Will. Here it is let's go and we're on mine and made it let's go we've been recorded for. Boring week in four weeks of hasn't been that long it's that'll mean we'd done one how many you know me because it's you have more rapidly about yeah. Those three. A practice and ER area. You can now tune in today has been roster dark I guess is you're registered a company under podcast go to the podcast at and there we our or us live audio tab at the bottom of the page very bottom of podcasts it works. By one elicited or horned age our home page off to the right there should be severe drop down. Over the podcasts and there's little scrolling thing that on the podcast there are there's that passed that those from the old interns and and the Libya on a new one yes. Our time to shine new wave efforts are it's our time. We had a little vacation off and now lives asked. Always break the break was fine. In a phenomenal other defense has been a lot of golfing Ali went to Binghamton and that we took golf to noted it. Did you see who's out there I Tim Tebow is up and acknowledge. Girlfriend golf into Baylor for birthday. Interprets. The overdue but that's. And yeah exactly what did we saw Tivo and a big big oak free easy for your partner who would. Tebow time now. Anonymous which need any special. I want to surround raise money these hidden. I don't win so yeah 21 win in Napster's. We missed a lot in the sport we get but a lot a lot of big thing there were leading off. Hot. Finally LA abroad didn't take long time. Which I'm not surprised that the highway yet. The tip pen no big show it was weird though you sucked out of our and the kind of decline in production under the radar battery read that for every. Well I mean not right away but waited it was an outright independently Jeanne Hussein on the show today he was in LA we're happy right. That nobody O'Leary I don't really not at all that was a product of the fact that he was and for well. I don't know when he went to Dodgers game but he sent it down it was a day out well maybe keyboard dodger mode and some there's there's different cults I feel it in LA and when it comes sports there's the footballer of the best people and of baseball people now out of casual passing sports that I feel like you would take over yeah I don't know if there's chamber at the same time it's like it's with that didn't the best player in the world now he's come to your team and that's just the buzz around town. So I don't know I mean what are you what are you. The production not that we can talk about what you make of the movement what what do you make of how was announced ominous are just pressing a look at the three and I think that you said he did the right way. Look at the three separate decisions he's made when he went to Miami came back to Cleveland. And now is gonna played three very different ways announce it one you go on ESPN you have an hourlong special the first eight minutes you're never going in to spend the next 52. Kind of just. Be guessing with I don't remember who was hosting it. About on why and what winning your decision to call that the decision it was a catastrophe of television portions. Awful game despicable move auto. Are you saying where do you rank how we did this one about not necessarily not as early rank I'm just I'm just kind of doing with an oral history of how it just the production behind it just. Absolutely decline. Drastically between the 3 AM happy when you have a show yet for your decision you had a set a TV special for the first one. And you had Lee Jenkins right you an article with one of my favorite writers he's phenomenal best or out of the sports hosted Adam Wright in an article. That was the covers sports those are obviously not announcing use and backed Cleveland. Not a news broke obviously for an app that was house formally you know introduced to the sport world and then you have this. The the clutch agency which is rich Paul his agent in the bronze agency. Announcing via their unverified Twitter at the time. Taylor brought to go to lakers in a little statement that's written in comic sans font on this kind of a white backdrop on their Twitter. So it is fascinating. And it was. I had mixed emotions on the day and I'm. Okay now what I want I want you to kind of give me your thoughts on. Thoughts on the whole. All every everything that went down the LA bronze just. Everything I artists aren't stalker now because first off I thought he was staying Cleveland that's right I want him to stay naturally thought it was gonna happen especially the way the rest of treatment she was beginning to shape up twister with one Paula George stating you know Casey which right. I mean I would say at least seventy part percent of Andy Hollis price I mean and media whatever thought he was. On the move going to the lakers but that the net is as quick question just I don't wanna derail it don't you like. Are you LeBron fan are you testing. On the cavs. But you're always gonna we Iverson aren't right I mean I'm not hate him because he and I of course but. It's just I truly thought he was staying right. And yeah it's it's ox I just wanted to ask but I don't bunch of people like OK now I'm with the league now and I don't think you. Don't have my I don't have an island Rogers today and I have not rep from the purple color. By I just. I don't know what to commit like us and I'm kind of stopped because. As as of right now of the season start right now I do not think they're contenders in the west with the team. I'm learning something and if collide columns makes total sense but I don't think they're gonna get them this year. We might end up playing a one year deal somewhere in the east he could say it was Antonio if he does well even be on court. That's the thing out his gun and up. On the lakers but it's a matter. If and when you get one next year you wonder what have you as a free agent but the lakers I don't think they can trade for an hour because I think the one willing to give up the amount. They're gonna have to give up the lakers don't yet yet to decline. It's gonna be they're gonna want young talent they want they want it to that's LeBron surrounding himself with are now which is weird and we're gonna get to that embassy. Yep yep for sure publisher no I agree with you I think. It's tough to say that team with LeBron James not a contender I think automatically they are because we saw tonight at the west. I'll accounts and I think I ever met either disagree because. Gas in the east absolutely are in east I you can put him on almost any team in the east and there's a solid change go to the finals. I just I don't know if these finals content ID IC can contend in the Western Conference. And I think he's probably just by putting him on this team. This team that is maturing year by year and yet they're value just in the sense there just the fact that they were a playoff team last year and now he's on team and yes they're gonna make the playoffs yet but slowly with the team they have right now. They're not beating rockets it and they're not coming close to Pete in the war I agree. Percent I just think that they're definitely contender just in the sense that they liked I the what's Heidi defying contender. I mean you can go to literally pocket got a little term by the fact that dates simply play in the Western Conference that automatically they're contending but I also think that. If you it's tough because LeBron James great buys that's what player may be in the history of the game and in the world here. I go back and Tony again Aaron. Mean you guys. You go I mean you've got LeBron James and the team in Western Conference that has teams that obviously the dominant at quonset Werth is a rocket secrets here of their. And you kind of have teams if you look at this the seeds from last year's playoffs Portland. I see the lakers back in the port under percent. New Orleans. Yes I think the better than especially now the current that cousins has gone nuts and it's I think it's. The spurs. Are not a good basketball on the floor at Tony Parker's now dawns they're becoming harder and recognizable yeah so why Kyle Anderson who was allies back up. Is on. And now and possibly would start next season news while I was playing this season. Growing players gone that coli we don't know if he's gonna play if he's gonna get treated somewhere if he's going to just kind of hold out with this in theory brought anyone in no. Even with everything else going on LaMarcus Aldridge is kind of a staple in. It's it's like the John Amory. And LaMarcus. They're they which they had John Isaak and not Jonathan Isaac dot Simmons Simmons. And mystic and as well. You look at some of these teams in the west and they're just. I think right now my rankings in the west if I would make with a comprehensive list. Would be one after five on state number one Houston to those the he's number three I would probably what you talked. Think that he. I don't know if they beat them right now at the start of the season forcing the lakers play basketball I have to bring you to author does that put the lakers play and then I put the thunder. That's 125. What is this just rankings like. Like kind of like a priest he's empowering sure yeah I'm not saying I'm not saying like come playoff time as this lakers team has gotten used to LeBron James running the show. They will lose to Utah jets but I think the Utah Jazz right now having. Sort of chemistry. Not Mitchell his second year killing goes showed promise. Enrico barrel probably come back at full strength you've got a good team there in Utah. And I've definitely got me to cross delegates I trust them more than I trust LeBron supporting cast a trust LeBron more than just any player in the NBA right now but I try. I really thought I think I since he's LeBron July Anderson I don't think it takes. I don't know I think. I feel I have a bad boarding pass you can argue I agree we can with right now. It's funny is possibly better than what was working with in Cleveland this year like easily. But he's also a tougher conference. So I think you while I don't think he does one of those teams that. I think you're just gonna get better this year released so alive but the lakers already ten times better. I agree with you but what's ten times better than. Twelfth in the west last. You know we'll see and we don't know that's why I'm just going out and I think right now I don't think the lakers about it what do you make what do you make of other moves the lakers and made her. We talked about this off effort yet like red at sun touched on this. Mean Lance Stephenson JaVale McGee Rondo. Those are the three business every day Iran and Ronald lost Lopez yesterday. Randall's on rentals on he's replacing bogey bio accounts and so Randall's on the green JaVale McGee that that may I mean JaVale McGee who knows the history of images. The guy's a goof he's got he's Kelly got a history it would make sense it makes sense and he's been a warrior he is a contributing. Haggard asset quality the pat look he your he's gone from two he's gone from one good situation to another he's gone from a situation where he was. A by product of the warrior effect which is. I mean pretty much any as a fan knows that if you play for the words year. Pretty target. There are a lot of guys and orders that if you put on let's say the Atlanta Hawks in the Sacramento kings of the Orlando that it would look like that's crap but they play physical state warriors so they look good. I'll lodge and I'm glad he's our logic JaVale McGee. So I mean he's gone from good situation to another has the bronze Reich on the bronze the LeBron effect is very similar to the warrior. But I move on to Lance Stephenson this is the one to me the least sense to me. Because I think that we've seen Lance Stephenson in another environment that wasn't. Indiana and he was competent he could not play solid consistent productive fastball when he was a member of Charlotte hornets just huge Clinton she was. At the same as JaVale McGee in Charlotte he was but at the same time I don't think there's. Any reason why idol brought effect won't have an effect on and Stevens right. And and I think again like we are eager to story just because of the background in the two of them had they just have a weird relation yet and yes they were relationship but I think issues two guys that are competitive yeah. LeBron is way more mature than Stephenson a 100% that's why we saw the antics of him blowing an easier always hawking in his year and all that rally. We can talk ad nauseam about it doesn't make sense to us but at the end of the day every app makes sense as to death depth because it just having a bench tests is so important BA in the worries have proven that. The cabs of I mean they tried to prove that with old Allen yeah it and everyone knows Asia is important to have reliable bench players which are. I always linger I think it's a bench player Lance Stephenson can be reliable special item with Broderick. But even with all these moves in the was not Zambrano that move made complete sense yeah I'd like three ever has a timely or productive with New Orleans Lester you economic. Got back to his old ways he was at facilitating point guard who made consistently good plays and was just productive. All around when he was with doors and he had guys to give the ball too like Davis and cousins before got hurt. Even after that he was finding guys like E'Twaun Moore and Solomon Hill which. And any other team that I wouldn't even make sense but with New Orleans they just had to go to them by default it worked so Rondo makes sense. But even these three moves we know that the starting lineup at the start of the year. And let the less the lakers make another move like to go get why the starting lineup is likely going to be lots of ball Kyl who's in a brand inning on the project and maybe you know. We if we understand it right I think I don't think Rondo starts. Because I think. East and he no he won't start right away but I think I'm dumb picking up Rondo is kind of late. Not a shot and arms a little while now have the right word but it's Connelly I think it. It's too early in his career to say it's like a warning that they hate it your crappy as a vessel. He went by that's counsel I'm going OK well we'll let a lot of stuff like if Lavar starts acting up and talking and Wilbur. Okay we'll talk shows talking about Wilbur aren't LeBron we'll speak up to the organization. All here he's option there's a question for many got around to deploy again here's a question for you do we single Ron has had. Stay. In the east moves. To go get guys like Rondo and JaVale and when I would say it was it was like hate you think. Like yes or no shall we signed zones Obama what shocked me was. Because. I don't know I mean that's a good question but I don't think. Do you think he just has that power this quickly with this type of organization opposed to the cavaliers yes. Even with a guy like Magic Johnson yes. Can I think I don't know I I want I want I disagree I can see I could see him having to say I guess now you say it number one idol I brought as one of the I think he and layered mystery. I think he was aware who is the brunt of bad judge talent. I automatically GM where every goes and Tyler who came out the other day and said. All the stuff about LeBron. Being the coach in the brown being the GM LeBron wanted to take over the team it's not true now to a certain extent I believe you but. To another extent I also would say okay you're not just gonna go get these guys and not consult. You're not. LeBron is the most powerful athlete and you don't know I agree in that and that phase of it but it's just I. If he said I don't think it was just Yasser now and give them an answer on life hiker I think it was it could about it type of thing were. Maybe he got a call hey we're thinking about signing your belly. I felt amount about it there but. I don't know state if they asked why sign Rondo and he said no I don't think it would just to the workplace and another part of me is also thinking that were. Where even thinking we took off but this might be just the simplest let's try to find some organized to surround LeBron with some depth has. Looking at the Laker team from last season. They did not. That's it a day and guys off their bench work Yvonne Zuback via. And try to naming another guy. I like not not without I would think yeah. I'm I'm not oppose any three of these moves because I think there'll gonna work out in the long run it and just looking into the future IE. I guess a little bit of a bold prediction here I think delete his demands include compel as well. Cool. I think OK I think they're gonna bring him in own expenses and he's not been signed and freaky yeah he's the best guys out. And guys comment immediately start coming off a great year of himself with. Here's the here's the razor here's the reason that that might not make sense and might not happen to practically thrown eighteen million dollars combined. Rondo JaVale and Lance Stephenson and he did on the same day or that day after they sign the brawn James that they don't decline this year I think that I think they do they Pulitzer I think they should but do they have and the rockets are about to sign mellow and nose and the actually a lot of money. And I know he like. Over ten million yet yet you as you won't take any less pressure on us. I don't know I'm sorry I gotta I gotta correct myself EV guns to. Eat on that. They've got they've got guys like Alex Rousseau and Josh hard it is and the star of some that's that's but that was the lakers last year. There and it's the little things. BS contract. Though. We don't know yet and that's the lead bottom line click the lakers could finish second in the Western Conference next year simply because LeBron James. As members of that team needs is there is the narrow on his back a fleet of Cleveland because they didn't have enough to go get they didn't like give up an optical get a guy like wind shear heard this summer. But next year why you Leonard will be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers by. Most measures and most predictions and kind of just did. What he said he wants to do. And then it will be different story this year I think world saying let's see how LeBron works out or not let's seal products up let's see how the bronze new look lakers worked out it's kind of days you are they guys out here they're gonna be a playoff team we just don't I don't. They're being. There I think they're at least a five cedar fire that that's where I agree log in and I agree with you I don't think Gurney lower than five C judged also don't think they're any higher than the career forced the other be the 345 that's rise as I think they fall ruin it shocked me. I would be shocked if they eat out Houston. For two seed or wrong. I would want would be shock okay. What LeBron is it possible that edit in a cappella ends up not and I don't think the back I don't think I used to have as good of a year as they did last year. I think the warriors warriors are going to be once slide and once. Why. As they're the best basketball yen in signs who DeMarcus Cousins are OK. Five week the re right alien but I think a lot of people are miss judging this just based on paper I think we really are. War what do you mean look at the sky okay no judging what miss judging how good he can't really be. Holding off of this injury. And I thought you were going in the right order out and say. I think a lot of people are set our our like almighty god. An all star a guy whose average tweet I just went to the courses we're delighted I eat this move I agree with you. Until we move on paper pisses me off and by him it's like let me take a pay reduction. Oh get my chance you're generally paying five million dollars for outlets at its crop. It's crass stupidity. It ruins the NBA I agree with my obstacle and a lot of the and the only got out of room Wednesday it normally when they sport affected the second happened we had reporter that's reporter or reporters saying all the party no one knows who's in the finals you shouldn't you shouldn't lie that you shouldn't think it shouldn't be how works but. I don't think he's gonna be as productive as a lot of people think I'd he's 250 pound. Man coming off of an injury that has derailed the careers of Kobe Bryant Patrick Ewing. And Elgin Baylor. Like these guys are historic players what's other careers could be it he averaged what twenty in almost thirteen last year the cavalry got hurt yet he doesn't need to be anywhere close to that to be I called productive on this team right. And I think he can even be productive by not in his eye and he writes the real center records. Were pleased that shoe well staffs three of thirteen to rants got. Twelve points all there's bode he's got 32 went fifteen and still win by. Eighteen points while this is more of a bogey wanting a championship in the warriors wanting to really. Bolster their roster right but he could call us if you get a call phone got they wanna complete view a calm and right along Bob Myers phone rings and it's as the markets cousins what do you think the markets caused once and if DeMarcus Cousins making this phone that worries me all. It's just that I happened because DeMarcus Cousins probably second or really. Because as normal and no one on the back wasn't getting calls and he wasn't. I got Nazi wasn't and the team you that's what bothers me because people say old he was gonna going all we just wasn't gonna play in the UK and yet here. Really set out here one of the senators in recent history. I get the ruptured his Q just pars which is a tough injury and I don't think he's going to be himself at least right away and yet at least I mean it's arguments might complete sold November that he's probably he probably won't want. But still. I just its auditors to bothers me I agree with you. Part of me you hit wished we disagreed just for Tennessee and debate but we can't on this. There there's plenty of topics that united is Rio sports but this is one of those things that's just universal truth. No one unless you're wearing the blue and gold clad uniforms and T shirts and goodies to these games is a Francis. You're not know. Honestly part of me might it has a warriors fan I'm highly yet Comverge image it might be boring and they know to everybody knows only. Everybody understands that even without in the problem and it was even derailed him this year. Without a joke Houston has the best chance any team in the east. It will if LeBron led to ads team last year couldn't pull out a game. There's no shot any team in the east as a chance. Not even your Celtics know upbeat note. Our beat they don't they would want a winning game. OK I'll get in the game and navy my navy. It. Efforts Ari that's not jumping to become a part of edwards' back he's back I talk talk comeback from injuries. Will say. As bone was out of his leg. I don't know why I'm laughing there's nothing to do. I cried outlook. I guess just the fact that the markets dozens of warriors. Is even. Affected it's even a conversation where they're the warriors team would be east Ulster. Factor fiction. I don't know maybe backed may be back. Yeah I'd open up. A you'll be these dot now if it doesn't matter. Oh whose apartment not a new one of the fathom that. Let's just stop talking and sadness take a break on the MBA please. I mean I wish we could talk as much we just did about the NFL but he and nothing's happening there's a little bit and I guess 'cause you know in her on half on the hour to your see the flag football league going on your. Ochocinco is league. That's a small town plain dumb like a vague. Awful bill Fred Jackson for Buffalo Bill. The go on. But that's that's that sound you just made that. Is to stood on that. And always that's coming out of NFL camps clearly it because there's nothing happening in two weeks from Thursday which they talked about on the program today were going to be. Those training camps and John Fisher Fisher College come out sport. You'll see us you know credentials and all will be there on the field you won't hear ST here is a CS right like person home if you want autograph. No I'm. I know in all seriousness like the contract yet the the NFL. Has been quiet tennis it's unfortunate but they talk they talked for quite a bit because they can find anything that a fellow about Jay Cutler. But there's just feels half time looking on their perspective as an awful organizations are the error. Happy as can be either through there's not much going on right as. Every coach stresses after mini camp in rookie minicamp yeah this is the period that you don't like your name out there know was. That's an old story is without its debt. Majorities so you don't. Want to be. For us and for guys the ones teams and I didn't like danger or stories cycle controlling go. It's just on the list goes on and on and on it's it's tough I I was listen in his pocket today. In NF LV journalist and they're talking about Alex via west sports laughter. Yeah. Now but they were talking about. It's helped or there are others nothing happening and how one of them. Resorted to watching a Brent I pray humbly start on the NFL network and it is just being re ran that's like watching eager irate there might be watching portable on ESPN which is at exactly with their own can't take Cornel over brought to humbling widget. If I was an NFL reporter and that was my favorite lead to watch a. I. It's awful. Something. Not corn. All seeing games coming up this will be the first real you have how issue. Come back are we there yet. I've really close anything well well we are closely and appeals. Which that's from the news came out as a new look yells our rosters are announced. That's something. AL the on and now you think yeah. You can't just because guys like. A good job for yankees ace mark he is a butcher for yankees. Soon to be five Spain's game. Is one of 105 left for the fan vote I've voted. Who many times you that and will be app for treatment. If I want happens. Torres judge. Severino. And be stand. I mean no no real surprises and I and NB I was unsure about Torres but I'm I'm happy for obvious his 21 years old what an accomplishment. When it. That's credible I mean if you wanna go beyond that Uga. The area as they bring you first at second was up Tuesday the third base Jose Ramirez. Shortstop Jose any Machado. And then in the out yet again move Ki yo Mike Trout yet and obstinacy in public that Alf who keep it simple like trial in general. Wilson Ramos. Be touch. Though and LE STL pitchers driven power you very greedy half an hour because with that Tina Ailes went there. Go ahead reason. I do want to media gallery which collect. First baseman Freddy Freeman. When the Braves who led The Who led L team selections we talked but that's a previously and uploaded podcast. That the NL is just kind of dull right now and they all the stories and all this segment coming out of the jail. Second base he got Javier Baez from the cubs third base Nolan are Renato from the Rockies at short Brandon Crawford from the giants on. In the outfield. This is what shocks is off benefit Nick Markakis old Bryce Harper now it's. And if we were in 2000 had to play nice yeah Matt Kemp. That just shocks me catchers will mercenaries and Matt Kemp oil starters in the you know I mean good that amblin. You hear those names and Alec said if this was what 345 years ago. Yeah I forgot to mention designated in Ohio 11. GD news senior from Martinez. But then the NL pitchers. On our route just run through them super quick. I can scroll their goddamn movie are you asking me for the talk in pitcher Patrick Corbin Jacob the gram sooner not be playing touch Sean Doolittle. Might Fulton new itch. Josh hater bread and like him Lee Janzen Jon Lester. Scherzer. Which unit soon. And in their reserves Paul Goldschmidt Joel Otto. Ozzie Elvis. Scooter Gannett Trevor story you do there's warrants try to Blackmon Lorenzo Cain. Crist and you'll likely teaser. Just guys that. Don't really draw me in this is so that. I mean this is is proving how much of a powerhouse that you know Liz has every right now. I mean I look into not even course the next few years but I'll not the next three years but this year this year is that I would place a lot of money down on the fact that hail team and it's going to be the Yankees Red Sox refused to go and I agree I think it. And fortunately I think it's going to be I can highland and now on I think it's immediate Astros. I did I'd like her like an elite that I don't but. I just. It's did but that size point. They AL is just a dominant. Yeah leak and I'll ought to I hackable there's a re. If the Yankees when both games today you know it will be six built sixty wins Red Sox have above sixty wins Houston has over sixty ones and then in the NL. The closest team to sixty wins as the brewers I believe in their six skiing there they have what I can eat at or wins enter. Or those currently being 54. Notably by the time is of interest. Going until I can find me standing but no you're right and it's just you notice. Just to consisting. Dominance that. A Ellis had this entire season there's not been one single story line coming out of you know that really got detention bigger right the closest team to. Sixty wins right now. Now in the NL is the central division leaders the Milwaukee Brewers who were 54 and 36 that's the 600 winning the NL east by the way. Philadelphia Phillies are the current leader. Philadelphia Phillies. For a 49 and 38. Are tied to the Atlanta Braves or 1530 and you know was in third in five games back the Washington Nationals supposedly supposed to beat a team you know that your. It's it's just bullseye. And the Chicago the Chicago Cubs are in second in the in the central so they'll likely make classic scene that they have the second best record in the NL. And their second of their own division. And in the Diamondbacks the Dodgers are topping the west is. It just boggles my mind. Based up last year too I mean the Diamondbacks. Came out wrong last year the Dodgers third. A power house available on your wins in the World Series. Issues would what how weird. It's just weird. The Red Sox. The Yankees. Astros. And the Mariners. So the top two teams in the east and the west divisions in the jail have better records than the best team in the nationally. And that alone that that alone yet that that's the toys. I mean who talked about effort right now but it's just. Widely watched the NL like we high about 52 in the all's target. And watch national team will somehow pull off the world's yours to the Braves hold. Shock everybody. It's and open. A home. OC has been a weird weird some personal fortress and girls really expect that that's just got a the lot of my answers yet. It's good for the sports right. As long as sports he's Abdullah as long as sports is happening we are here were talking about it. He is going to be able financial sanity again yet these online podcast any. You could see and I and I ESP and ruptured dot com it's. In the podcasts hyper linked the drop down they will be there. All of Euro listening years I think so I think allotments. Closing the doors on us or. Is certain to back term lands Wednesday will be second episode as their banks for two and an end. Catches on ESP ruptured arc around like we said on the do you see don't want to will be on our I've organized it.