The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 2

Frank and Nick talk about the Bills approach to the NFL draft after Richie Incognito retires. Check it out!

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You're in the sports bar would. Is just expired after that Diane is and I mean it may be close to say he has done with football and for the most news. Well I think that I get next this is relatively clear eyes and that's. It's been a long career and went to the doctor my liver and kidneys shut down the stretch it's killing me it's just about doing what's right I just want to be in the okay. Josh and lose my mind because it. Kept everything together and to commit to court bad. Bring him I don't think the browser is an advantage to address just teeing it up and she didn't want to do it before and maybe. We'll be right after the front 957. EST do well let's see another episode. This course after hours I'm cool doing he has always human body for it why Heidi and you don't hello iron Matty and it's doing good frequently yourself duel well manages starter rain is on being my movement changed a little bit and earlier big range. I know it's sprained wrist totally not spring yet and I really wish she was I just one walk outside and look at look at this guy sees blues is sunshine and it just gets me in a more productive movie now. Yale I mean I just can't wait a summer honestly skin like I love you son to go now so I'll know without. Now code on a Jack gave his warm in the full glossy and be right around corner so. See right now I'm I'm protesting jackets I'm I'm it's like these it's above thirty degrees outside and I concede a little bit and laid him I'm protest legitimate way to many nick while you protests will what did you what did you beef against yankees. Jacket that while. Let me. I don't necessarily hey Jackie it's like I can't wait Jackie in the middle April I just don't want a piece I wanna be where a lot of guts find out where Reba jag and better with Jack here aforementioned and I I can't be restricted inside another piece of clothing line guy. I like to Wear clothes some fueling public mood late long walk around naked and I'm not that kind of person I need to have some clothes on anyone and sleep in blood. I'd I can't reject and ninety much more recent right now I'm protesting Jack Islam is not too cold outside I'm now going to jacket ample enough with a well guess what you're your own this when I'm not doing this for a any words egg today he had seen in traveler on a mob oh well as it's now instead of I don't wanna but so. Start about things were excited about you don't incentive or frank Tellme school me and knows Norma fifteen days into the NFL draft my friend. And. Fifteen days man that's a week's use it day. Yeah it's 22 Thursdays from now. So I'm excited man. That war was a little exaggerated by it honestly I'm equal in my face. And our radio bulletin authentic. Let me describe his face the guys that makes it easy so I don't care what birthday cake. Two weeks into the NFL draft. You know we understand problem to Boozman. Per share. I'm just more say the F a jet to engage you to sort of stop talking about what might have been even noted that I'm gonna happen I think everything I've said about the NFL draft. On the and he needs to rewrite predictions predictions predictions that being quality and it was predict and give our views on what we. It's gonna happen and that day comes we just have to wait yet. Ends in a draft. Year I guess you could say where all the way up to it it's just soul polarizing in so confusing now what the bills may do it just got a little bit more complicated because of a certain guard on the Buffalo Bills. Named rich seem kinda neat though deciding to you retired from the NFL out of nowhere pretty much. Satan you know relating it to his health. Apparently his his liver. And. Well you believe they believe I don't. Vinny tells a when you come back for the right price it grow and recently and didn't say I India and about the and he wanted to retire at the gloom the guys who wanted to restructure is contract and things like that from. I knew that I heard that he was upset about his restriction Contra which is ridiculous in my opinion because he. Is only signed a contract so this and peace of Santa Monica do we signed is a little bit redundant but. So he's in the lives and about that pretty decent but it wasn't the reason he retired he did you know what do we trust Richie Incognito even though when they might as they get. I was back there and yeah that guy he is he's being a little. Interesting on Twitter right now and devious that that's a boost myself for nothing like Deb good. It shows how weird he's actually bent I recently added tweet reads we did by reaching Cagney that you follow me on Twitter at at cobol underscored nick if you want to uncle got. And that's what I eat a three Adam. This I think that he would reads we needs it's a little interest in a pull up where yes. To me and Emma said. Said a series yankees need a retired. Here's a little something to remember him by. And enriching Cagney or reads we did this song analogy guys to hear it's a solicit them. Oh really she. So that's that's that's a name every scene Cagney goes saw meets we'd had him and then he agreed to on his own account. It just doesn't make any sense to me so he's he's going to lose some interesting stuff on his Twitter account lately so. And this is a loose screws somewhere and tell every day. I just don't I don't understand anything he's doing he fired his agent and stuff and Twitter. He retired he he woke up this morning and we did add the Buffalo Bills. Like I think he's a good morning well suburbs doesn't Linda how you doing let me let me find the exact we put. EA team when every day is scenes real sketchy. Richie. Right now he's reminding me MX crazy girlfriend right now being there and it's no good morning at Buffalo Bill exactly. OK Richie in the Buffalo Bills broke up. And now he's he didn't get the message he doesn't get the message he's he's thinking he's either got to send a text message after the growth breaks out with a guy that. Thought okay how you Dylan dinner at six and. Oh it's not from a no longer relationship Richie it's no longer relationship you don't rear tires he ever got me here you broke with the you would you like this sad puppy just touching your ex girlfriend Texas Tech senior ex organization in the morning yeah right. Odd and weird stuff for regime judge mile me again he's got to make you mutant a little more Twitter famous and I'm used you right now so I'm I'm all for it. Just really interesting stuff in my opinion for Regina and so it brings up the the real conversation we could have but Richie got near retiring and the affected they would have on the Buffalo Bills now. The bills who weigh into this draft thinking all right our key business we need to get our quarterback we need a quarterback when you don't linebacker. Preferably inside linebacker middle linebacker. And we need wide receivers. And now there would retires because injury. Regime cannot meet O retires out of injury and so we can potentially be seeing. Three new starting Lyman on the bills' offensive line come this year and that's that's pretty sketchy for me and I that they came they might have an impact and with the bills are doing in the draft what do you think frank. I know we joke about or it's the economy you know a lot today but he death it was a silent part of blow bustle bill's office and line. So that's a major and a viable peace that they'll be missing. So from the bills in I'm in their organization and I'm looking at that I'm trying to figure out. Some audiences. In what will be my next plan will be the next step to fill that void. Because. He was silent amassing as the best when he was salaries. Rubble twice for the bills I mean hey. I mean they had Richie let's. On leveraging Cagney you know first second I mean somebody who literally got kicked dead league. Well you were you yelling racial slurs at black guys out of love. Put an end and changing things around and getting going of the bills. Making a name for herself becoming a leader in the locker room and go into the Pro Bowl twice that's quite a resurgence in the NFL. But it's kind of ending the way that ended the first Dimon had to say and you enter is look we had the racial bomb. It racially it's going over his head and the global. Polo ball that was going on with the the jaguars defensive tackle I forget his name wise but. You know this so this is a crime is. Ample. When people show you all the Arabs believe. Believe home. Well people show you it only our they suicide they cared there believe don't mean to DeShaun Hewitt. You know out of love Camara team. That's an Irish Buddha and aren't the is that. But yes so. I don't know when it comes to use the bill's drive to the first round in bits mean I can't let that affect my name. I can't let that affect my approach the draft the bills haven't had this much draft capital since before they drafted Jim Kelly they haven't been able to do this for a quarterback in the history of the franchise. But they need to take these Janet on the quarterback now because they who knows we'll get another opportunity like this and they can build the rest of the team around the guy once they get the guy. It on the bills this imperative that our draft a quarterback we have to stay focused yet received Dayne is funny it's it's it's. It's. It's funny or whatever and best deftly avoid that we need to fill but I'm staying focus. I'm stapled them in my original plan and if we do need office Lyman later on in the draft pick pick pick the person up. You know. Maybe someone defaults even second round or are around whenever just stay focus on the task at hand. Quarter red winter games in and this is an NFL this is quarter mainly. Focus stay focus. It's also. Interesting to think one it. Are they willing to key now to trade up so if the bills. Want to trade still how many of the second round picks in the enemy comfortable getting rid of knowing they have to feel more holes. Before I I was like yeah I get home first couple's first gimbal seconds giving that top five but now I'm thinking. Man if we get rid of all our draft picks up into the third round how we going to fill these holes and again I just said we need to address at the quarterback and it's still true no matter what it takes is your guy. If you can get your guy at twelve that means you can get the quarterback at twelve you give an offensive line mean at 22 and you can get a linebacker and wide receiver in the sector and stuff picks in the third round to. So. Perhaps the best approach for the bills moving forward may be a way at twelve into the best quarterback available at twelve. I don't know Melissa so what are the bills have a guy. If you have a guy you do which you have to do you have betrayed you do you agree you have to go get that guy can is no guarantee is eager to guide it with sister it's so weird because there's never really really is the there's not dealt one clear cut guide that stands out among the rest of them. So if they're doing I mean they're professionals they they're going to be and paid the big bucks to do this so they found that guy of being all that that guy is the guy in Tennessee their lead dog guy with the guy that I want them to do whatever it takes to get there guy. But if they. If there we issue she and they like god this guy can begin but this guy is along the same lines as them. I don't even want them to trade up if there's even that sliver of doubt on who could that guy be. If if they don't find out that answer I'd be drafted twelve is the best call. Me honest man the bills and only want. You think so you think about it dressings and we're down the tube that's my prediction here there are down to two quarterbacks that they want. And I felt like in order to get those two quarterbacks. You're gonna have this straight out to get rid of a couple of those first round takes center opening traveling possibly. And they're gonna have to go get a guy like you said it's no clearcut. Standout quarterback this draft but. From the bills in I have I own one or two guys. That could fit my system and I think that the build a team around him don't no hesitation bullet if that guy. Hi is somebody who is predicted to be available at twelve what is their guy is Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson. As his chance of being bested a guy I don't think so yeah yeah but what I'm saying it. You can't say is it twelve is united it's not sent you have to drafts you're gonna have some leverage man. You have. You giggle of what is it if you if you if you have the opportunity to trade up into a back on Sig for. Yet gambling at twelve is it twelve that's the scary pay the dolphins are in birdie at twelve the Broncos are in for you at twelve. Somebody can trade him for an viewed to be in front you it's well if you're just sitting back you have no control on where you draft and who you draft at least when trading up you get that guaranteed it. Person available at the spot each rate ups you what you need to. Learn what that person's value is and see if the trade. Matches would that you can't overpay for guys especially with this many holes in such a polarizing draft if you can't. You get the wrong guy in this draft buddy you wait until twelve to do it. I don't think anybody even notices or cares let obviously everybody every bill's been right now wants this to be the guy. We know we're good we're gonna watch retired bills uniform I want dad every other bills and once that button. If they don't overspend on him and they take a chance a one of six guys who all are arguably Blake. Renowned UP. Future franchise quarterbacks they hit it's any good chance on one but they get it wrong I don't necessarily get a new set against and there are so many options to pick from and maybe only a few of those guys got it right. Play it if they trade up in the Ager at the wrong guy that's totally different story if they use multiple first round picks multiple second round picks to move up to get the wrong guy. I think you're on the hot seat now we're talking Embree. That's a thing about the draft is known your team there is no adding had a gut feeling and hopefully indefinitely match with the talent. And how market players will in the Clinton. It's no guarantee you NFL brat who look what's outlook would pick Tom Brady was picked. Would rack six in the sixth round six wrestlers in the sixth round are you kidding me. So there's no guarantees how we dress as we should use finally Tomlin a diamond in the wrong yeah there he is not it's it's no tearing teed. Is no guarantee path to success. Let's in the offense allow for the Buffalo Bills right now so Eric what went down I don't think. People really freaked out about it like obviously Eric Lloyd has been our starting center for a long time and use reliable news good. But that we have we're we're fortunate to have the guy behind him with a name rank Roy. Who did really well for us on win at their would brutally against Seattle few years back and Brian Troy please senate for us this season and the strong. And then the bills signed him to our match an offer sheet so kept him on the roster but living museum at all last season soul. It's it's weird to see I don't know how good running row is going to be. This season but he showed good things in the past that think he can do good things moving forward. Boyd my question now is easy is he going to be playing center or the gimme playing hard to fix the routine kind of needle hole. And we just signed Russell boat and bowed and these codeine. Who played center for the dangles her last 64 games he's started 64 consecutive games for the Bengals but I've read so many things about how old. I'd say about sixty those gains were bad starts but he's reliable so and at worst he gives you depth on the offensive line. It's just. I wonder how the bills are gonna play this because you have a solid offensive lineman Ryan growing a question mark in broad and in boat being ants. Croix is just view heard Swiss army knife of an offensive lineman he can be on the left the right there's been in the middle. I'd like to see where their plan is adding they showed and a little bit in the draft moving forward depending on who they select. Honestly. A lot of people. Like just regular football fans. They overlook the office of lion and the report and how important office in mind this. But also out of office of line. That mean debt debt debt debt affects the running game that affects the passing game that affects the health of your quarterback. You always have to pay a very it's you have to pay extremely close it is to tee off the salon in. I feel like the bills are in a position right now where they can scout out on armed silo off with a line to address or you know this. They have to make the right choice meant. Because this took the decision so. Draft officers line none of the of course not the first round probably second they're whenever. This is going to be so valuable. Is so vital to U team. I would compared. Moving up in the draft for quarterback with a broken offensive line. Like buying a Lamborghini without having garage. Like if I may have to invest. A crazy amount of money in one position boy not have what I need to protect that and make sure that it's in pristine condition for as long as it can be. Then I am wasting my time my assets. So why spend everyday guy. App on a quarterback that nobody protect him and he can't develop as a quarterback and he couldn't risk getting hurt constantly. I think that's bad call so. The bills really need to be careful with what they do with these picks moving forward and obviously they know that we know that. And they're professionals so I'm just gonna sit backing news the coin phrase is trust the process whereas the process. Contrast in two weeks I just want to know and open and no doubt those kids. Combined does it I can't take this any longer so I think that's we're gonna have just cut and offering because I just. I can't talk about how noble it overwhelm nick and I. And Nortel and or Dublin I think you guys returning into the sports bar after hours of course you always check this out on the ESPN Rochester website in the media to evidence we can find other episodes of the sports bar with danger and deadly as well as what we upload all. All of the hours of the show on there thank you so much for listening we're just two kids excited to get this I've continued talk to you guys I'm Nicole I'm frank why. Oh really she.