The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 2

Will Bjarnar and Vinny Asito dish their thoughts on the LeSean McCoy news and controversy, as well as Adam Silver's comments on a potential playoff seeding change in the NBA, and the likelihood that Manny Machado is traded from Baltimore. 

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Rochester sports leader 957. Yes he had. Everybody welcome back into the sports bar for a little bit after hours I am will be ours as always alongside Michael Rose this week Emmerich on V need Manny. Machado who. Well who aren't good doing good how are you imply. It was the busy shows today. Lot going out a lot going on and reject which after a Monday we jinxed it after Monday what do we we dogma is nothing. Nothing we let this day we hit this spot Iran and literally right on now. That's good thing based on what the story is at least. Enough for her not for a local bills fans acknowledge not that not even not in the slightest nod for the guy himself was involved heavy topic in the sports bar. With danger obviously today soma Coley has been accused of allegedly allegedly he's been accused by. Not by authorities but by a his ex girlfriend and a friend of hers. For various things. One being the pistol whip there. Or had sent someone to do it's ten men to pistol with her jewelry back others into grand photo that was. Like graphic very very. And a lot of claims of child abuse domestic violence. Dog is well abuse which is another if they didn't seem that mean the list just kept going and we kept learning new things we keep learning new things and it's. Honestly there's no facts right now there's a lot of accusations and alive and there's a police report and we see this a lot I mean especially. Slash choosy eco. It's it's sometimes you think OK this girl is just right all I wanna get my name out there I want people to know why am I want money. I'm gonna try. Literally anything again to get the money right. Or and we're not saying that's what this now we have no idea but then sometimes it's. It's all of what we see is it's true vote result is right now this is early in the stage and we don't know what's gonna happen. But we keep like SO we keep learning new a new material just keeps coming out. It's something that's difficult to talk about because it's not really something that you provide your opinion on its discount is something that you'd write and you gotta be careful when you talk about things such as this and these kind of topics as you don't wanna. You don't wanna slip up and accuse him of all you can you educate storm under the bus exact right away like on the show today. In this kind of an example that but also innovative very different way. Dangerous talking about now. You know shady is just and treason for lack Edwards shady guy now that's not necessarily accusing him of anything that is just. Danger making observation which I think I agree with based on summit has passed Wright issue and I mean and. Election issue in this scenario he has a past so it's not it's not wrong to call and she 89 and obviously people are using that as as nick no pun intended type deal but. Things haven't shady in the past he's had his instances. Like like Dieter alluded to on the show armed. What was it. What what he went back to Philly for the first time as a member of the bills he got an got a bar got a bar fight with bouncers and with cops with our sister cops and with his former college teammate at Pitt. Who is someone whose name is getting brought up now as the one that McCoy might have sat. I mean if you didn't hear on the show today keep and keep an ear open for the name to markets Porter to Marcos supporter and exporter he is. For lack of a better word I guess confidant and could close friends college teammate has bought it has boy. And that would be a guy that you wanna keep your ears open for because let's say this does come back he's the guy who's been along let's say it does come back to McCauley but it comes back somebody that might be involved with him. Maybe that's somebody who's directly involved and you know. There are thoughts that Cheney may have sent someone. Perhaps this is I mean we heard when I make any predictions. But it came out and it came out yesterday that. She the girlfriend her actual front whatever she is right now was out of the country while boy was still in the US. So just right then and there you think OK well how'd this happen so quickly what did happen. I just. I'm kind of I'm kind of stuck right now because I hear things where I'm like okay yes I can definitely see that happening like that sounds legit. Then. I don't know she puts it on into Graham and TMZ is like come the only one where. We're seen as information comes from an absolutely applicants right. How reliable is that non. But in the end I don't know something about when this stuff happens. For example like Zeke last year. When a player comes out and they kind of put up a statement. Or they're fighting for themselves and serve further stance. You'd normally you kinda have someone in this case McCoy come out and it's. Did you she's steam it wasn't I wasn't he ought to try to feel the real deal that was pretty short in I don't know a lot of times I feel like guys are just. They go on and on all I did not do this this is my stance this is where I stand I know. Still have Kimball blogs salon and his or just kind of a little paragraph yeah it wasn't enough for me. I at least yet. I completely agree I don't know and try to for the exit OK here goes on his in a little Rusty Wallace yeah. Is this info about 500000 peoples' lobby wants a lot of people to CNET Pollyanna about it over average social and rent. He says for the record the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false. Furthermore I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months. You kind of addressed he did it's are you given that he did he stuck to his arguments that yes I know. I was not well at all but it was the same time he's not talking about anything specific he's saying look I didn't do this. It's false I haven't content they're betting content with these people months. But there are times when things of much less magnitude and by that I mean. You know let's just see her come to respect when we talked about a previous pockets that didn't go on line but we talked about it Julian Edelman with the steroid Matt. He was adamant and emotional and just. Vehemently upset and was like I I'm so sorry patriots fans I don't know how this happened this is absurd. I didn't mean to do this I didn't mean for this to happen. And it's gonna be something that I try to fix because I don't wanna hurt the fans don't want her myself an alarm epidemic threat and he's talking about performance enhancing drugs now that are going to. And again that's another big news abuse that was another thing I hate that came out that he might have done. I do and PDAs or whatever it was last year do you hire that's part of this accusation and that's that's that's kind of what I'm going with this whole thing is yeah. There are so many deet tails and Ben that have come out already whether it's the dog is sun yeah use with a girlfriend. The drugs. If I'm him. I wanna target each and every one of those points that have been made. In my statement no I didn't not to drive any of that why no I would never had a girl no one should ever do that bubble blocked my son like that's my kid. I would never touch him. I just it's just not enough. It's a laundry it's it's it something's. He's actually missing and obviously this is not going away and we're gonna see it kind of progress overtime and you know maybe we get obviously we will and eventually learn all of the facts of this and eventually find out. What they'll actually is going like he said who knows when because exactly what does he situation the seeks to that was coming back on an on an. Now this the bad example but like this is just kind of the the way to. I could see a demise I mean me as a sports. Records aspiring sports journalist a softer I was actually reading article that you saw just my friends who had a product on the fantasy roster. Half that were just like my daddy's back again OK out went. Oh my god wait he's out OK am I gonna play and it was a constant. You never knew what was going to happen while the older old elite eight Brady's style that's different but we've just that just shows you. With the NFL and the problems they have things things don't just get settled. Within a step of finger I mean now they hate so why and that's and that's well documented the NFL there's a bad job path. Handling scandals whatever they may be when it comes to drug use when it comes to abuse. And let's go with Ray Rice who played another down the NFL let's go with Greg party who again. Was re signed after the that his whole debacle fell through but it is now fighting in the USC. These guys. You know that those are two examples of guys who inevitably are eventually you were to leave the league but. They were cases that took forever to finally figure out. And finally solve. I was not not to applaud as an organization because especially the deep well yet and seeks case you could argue they like. Everything that happened last year yeah possibly root the cowboys' season just because it's a consistent. It's just always talked about and only I know the way and you'll watch it circulating your team throughout an entire sixteen game season. It was duke the weird thing about disease case. Is he kind of fell off the feast the year he went to combo. And it worked out by himself yeah spending week this is we exactly what you're saying the same time it was still a cloud hanging over cowboys camp. The players body that can't we just heard about it's still every single week right and like he said he yeah he just laughed but. How do we know why do we know that because it was still news yeah he was and he was in and put our country he left but at least we still nobody left because he wanted to kinda take attention away from the count was but him leaving. China could argue amazingly the words or worse is another story around the team does is it and that's what that's all gonna do for the bills now. It's not we hit this this is exactly we talk about what their intent is as a team as an organization. This code ish dress is this is what they stress I don't remember my exact open I would really talked about this Monday. Went after they leave many can't bouncer army camp wherever it is that the team's holding this is what the coaches just. Just stay out of it knew was because if you're in the news during this time it's probably not good and this isn't that not not yet. This is about the wars that you possibly. Just about what's not helping in this is his conduct to go off and another separate little tangent. Related entirely to news story but it it's his former teammate and now kind of exile at the region cutting neo. Who while accounts is crazy person. He has been reported to have thrown a dumb bell and a man in Jim. And that was reported again by at principled DMZ but you know that's been yeah that is truly out village dot showed up I was pretty. And he is trying to help out as poorly as some coy and say no I don't whole story I can happen. You know the old school what is it what sort sort Heidi you know gamers of all how do you know exactly why are you involved number one. Why are you saying that you tell me this is him saying it to get his name back in the lead but because that's what it's doing right now it would be we just brought it up. They brought it up in the show earlier. I don't know it's reaching tag you know it's I can't take much. What he says series it's. The situation itself is. Last and Steve and it's. I mean just some of them some of the parts of the post them and read a few with a desist from the regional think it's actually you know it so. The post itself set at shady McCoy is the devil you are an animal. We didn't say anything about how you beat your dog penny into kidney failure let's not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from viciously beating your son. Are small things like peeing in the bed we kept quiet about your drug usage all of the illegal steroids and he goes you were using. But we will not keep quiet about this I can't believe you did this to my best friend your karma is going to be so real the world needs the though. What type of animal you really are this was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning is sir on the right there that's were referencing the two photos that one you. You know you have a beautiful woman whose. Unfazed and then the next photo you have stare woman it's absolutely it's disgusting is still looking within the people like it's a horrible horrible. Horrible for. Very graphic. And. It was later deleted. But that's caused because you'd have morons on also music all this crap why you gotta the sports the name of my guy we Malone like a you we don't know if it's true. And Alex out the picture now. How dare you Google right now it's only gonna aren't gonna just everywhere we've been taught since we were yet but it if you put something that and so you know you never be gone never gonna go away because sort of way that you see that archive in the you know how many people screen shot that. Sad that someone twice and it it was deleted. By the time ice autumn iPhone prize eleventh. Did beat when did you use and steroids could not read it obviously it is hoping it's gone and then. Right. Tech Bleacher Report it's got a little hyper linked to this post I welcome hole it's already been deleted but it was a screen shot it's got 181000 likes the eight that's 181000 people who have liked it god only knows how many more people have seen it. At that point it it was deleted by. It's all over the Internet its everywhere this story is ever there. And by no means. Is that going to be going away and you know not be over any time which is and it's for the bills from Osama coy and for pretty much everybody involved is really enforced because like we said this the exact time you don't want news and they going to training camp in the next couple weeks. Did gene mentioned this in the show today if he shows up in Rochester New York place. With this whole thing steel unfolding he's gonna get near full and it not only here year full. I don't you wanna know what's todos Santos who knows he's got athletes up double he's gonna keep monitoring its work around will keep on. Whole whole whole entire process them but 11 thing's for sure any of these things are true. Quotes they are bosses. Whose careers and I'll move on to something a little more light. Carmelo Anthony. Please me NBA NBA act here's the day ever run into this from an awhile and knock on wood has. Credit god that we don't have the run and then Mel's accused guy he's cut at a local regardless other local Thai yeah. Carmelo Anthony has. Fallen from grace it's just today in the his dry years you went from a good basketball players have a lot of shots and it has ultimate bad baseball player takes a lot of shots and misses those shots. And still does not pass the ball. He last season played. The Oklahoma City Thunder and he's now entering. What would be the second year of his contract but he's looking to get a buyout with the thunder you had a report earlier that you saw on Twitter from the league was at my NBA update. Right yes if you report on them at all little bit about Melo and the progress yeah I heard it. Yeah we've heard a lot about where he's gonna and up he met with the heat we know that. And we are alike are realizing that we are in the second we've heard Billy Ayers and we've heard Houston. Which okay ghost retain magazine named dale and someone. Who's part of the banana boat that is so. Obviously we got LeBron and Allie now Chris Paul's in Houston. And do you they'd still got to Miami so that it makes sense that those are the three teams that are circulating but. Our hearing possibly that the thunder and go Brooklyn nets owner discussing a deal about Milo. Which would involve Jeremy Lin go okay see some picks involved. Talk about malice career going downhill he ends up there come. At least if he goes Houston or LA even Miami's he's going to be in the playoffs the fees and used eighties or LA he's going to be. All flee in the Western Conference finals means that. Is he tech Brooklyn. And he. And I don't think he well I think mainly I think about applicants and frankly I think that's been. Not to disparage my NB a but no but we've been here all right guys who are of the steam it's G it. In the fact that he is did you say it doesn't make you don't think it makes sense though the Brooklyn thing no. In Houston he said you're gonna comment on all OK if it makes complete sense for Carmelo Anthony. Because none and it makes sense for Houston wanna go get another guy he can get the ball because number one. They've lost her her reason this summer right who hits his numbers went down at the end and yet but in the this morning productive guy at this point they're desperate. Yeah they've lost to I across number one they lost two main guys who were key part there at least regular season rotation Trevor Ariza got more. Playoff minutes and look them by a moute did. But they're both gone in at capella. You Watson how he's probably gonna be gone. I don't need yet. I don't know if he's out of back in Houston Houston thinks they're a lot closer to getting him that I think a lot of the camps do because he wants a hundred million they won again in sixty million and if you want forty million more than. The teams offering you're gonna go somewhere else that. As the kind of money that dale actually view the U them amount of money right but a reserve is now playing for the Phoenix Suns and the c'mon moute is back with the clippers so those are two key guys that you lost -- down two men are ready and capella still kind of floating in the balance right that's not a question mark that's a big question is huge one because he is very important to you and third chess player on the team. Our pilot and I don't know maybe fourth because I'm program act outlook for Barkley capella is the defense maker's team and he'd. The rebounds their voters he's their motor please. Obviously you James Harden and responding to senator Gordon the go to guy like Carmelo Anthony who. Has always been. Not a prolific scorer in recent years but he's always kept his numbers up. He's a guy seeking at least get the ball away from hard and Gordon or Paul. Because when one of those guys down it's on the other two and two of those down you got. One guy on at a by himself and that's what we saw last year when Chris Paul went down it was up to James Harden and Eric Gordon to take on the warriors. Essentially alone with compelling entering the defense. Art and had a bad bad bad final stretch of that series Gordon had solid final two games but. Everybody knows about the over 27 that they ended up going game seven from three and a team that prides himself on three point shooting CarMax. Problem Carmelo feel sure that he shot well from three last year it's funny granted each and he took his most attempts ever from the three point line and also had his best yet. Percentage from three point line last year 35% though which is good for a guy that shoots a lot at but Carmelo also lets us take this into account he and his worst. Ask a situation of his career last year. Oklahoma City Thunder. Is not a team that star should want to go to right now and that he wanted. When he was their last year there are party people saying. This team would be way better that was just PG and a league and now it is actually now it is you know will be better without sleep how true that is. I think 100% without a doubt they will be better without Carmela next year because I think he's obviously on a report that it's gonna happen. Russell Westbrook is ball Dominic guy Paul George of the guy who's secondarily ball dominant and he needs the ball to do well you cannot be getting thirty some odd year old karma it knew the ball when you have Russell with Paula George. It just is an excellent. May be on paper it's like oh god Ross PG and hello. You can get. Just yet but the Big Three but now is just sometimes it just does not work and that's one of those case does that those three basketball's that don't mix too canned. Carmelo cannot be included in that two or. So he's moving on I think to Houston makes a lot of sense when it comes down the players. Saying. At the big. A lot of sense is. Let's go back to New York who was karma is coach for a long period of time in New York. One Mike and Tony. Who is now. The coach of the Houston Rockets at Mike and Tony also a different situation there now there alike especially with how good if you pile that Houston was -- no I agree menus. And it. Not not necessarily does make sense these weird it's kind of money it's ironic funny how ironic this yeah played out. Because Mike and Tony. I'll accounts quit the next job because of Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony was pushed out of New York because they are better when Mike it was the coach. And Mike Woodson and some of these other bombs that the problem in the past the leaders. No I think Houston's best. Instincts. Let's say he were to go to LA. I don't know what you make of that public that you make it a Miami moved. It is in Houston as well as right now makes most sense and at this point in his career. Is bashing it's a waste titles you have now won east and or LA best chance you have not won one yet your portal on whole femur simply because I think the score the ball no deals. With a championship. At least try or at least don't don't app from Brooklyn to hit hit it. He tried the New York thing how that oh yeah you made a couple playoffs you've been beat the you know better my games the tales of plea Jeff Green. And and other NBA news. Adam silver had his state of the league address. Yesterday. With. Yes no such thing as today despite and today banged Oliver who is Sports Illustrated dot com and dot com greater. An attempt to waited out a quote from solar well someone asked about the one through sixteen playoff format in he said quote. And has a real appeal to ownership and our fans it's just not such an easy thing to implement. Okay make sense now. What do you make of this year are you a fan of the whole 1216 format possibilities. I Kazaa and what are you stay. I've I've kind of self identified as of the traditional. Traditionalist I guess in sports like kind of and he grabbed it back team what has always been in place. Since I've been a sports fan. And that eight seeds in each conference 88 best teams north on that out of each conference coming out and kind of is going at each other in their own conference before you get to the end. Really like that I really like the fact that there would be in Eastern Conference represented in Western Europe. I just. That's kind of always what I've won it like I want the NBA champion to come from one of the conferences and not let's I want. Yeah because if you like that this was the case if there was one to sixteen because for the Houston last yet and just are people that might not realize. One to sixteen it's like they're extending. Each like each each conference is tackling teams it would be the best sixteen records right throughout the whole MBA yeah so. Like which would definitely change things up especially you know I think that yet this is why that's why it's so tough right now because of how to get them drastically different. It competitive wise it is with the western east Eastern Conference but Blake the right solid chance. Navy. Fourteens. In the Eastern Conference would make eighty. If I had to think of the top my I. Know who Boston Boston Philly obviously Boston Philadelphia. Milwaukee. I'd put more to Ian yes and then Washington. Probably the wizards. Maybe a few. On who can and you think by any I can't. There. Regardless it would be western conference on top heavy out yet I'm not try to pressure 100% that beat. From 816 teams are made him but this is so Western Conference top heavy day. I don't think at least right now I I don't like I just numbers I don't like it. I I mean register. As a discrete treatments offered restatements of I dislike when there's an Eastern Conference champion west. When I want I want that trophy to be fought between the two. With air quotes around it past teams that each conference last year look. Cleveland I don't think with the best team in the Eastern Conference last year I do they're the best in the best player which. I guess you could say made them the best team of who was the best team. If they want east if they were. I don't. I don't know. Aides toss up I looked and went to seven with Boston and OK but if they if they give Cleveland wasn't the best team it's got to be Boston now it's either Boston or Philadelphia. How I think boss and I think also caused Intel fellow radical Basque team to seven right and beat that night that will best team on the road in against sad we got a tail profit. And a I don't necessarily love that. An argument because it's Tuesday if then kind of scenario that were going through again and again. LeBron effect is that the fact that he creates. Power houses of teams that otherwise if you took him off it would be. The Sacramento kings of the Orlando Magic yeah I mean Iger in that aspect I just I still believe I agree I think all around Cleveland ultimately would have gotten there. But I think it's on the changes of LeBron on the back Oprah on. I don't know of the past but this that's such point. There were like. Ike I can think of prop 876. Or seven at least Western Conference teams right now. That would make the playoffs in the east. Before any in May not before I three or four teams in the west that would make the Eastern Conference playoffs before any team in the Eastern Conference code. Because I think you've I think Boston. By far right now with everybody coming back healthy. Next season is best team needs and I think bright nip it at their yemen's total top two I think price third against Toronto. Then I would did beat like a kind of balancing act between Milwaukee and Washington we just off. But in the west you've got to go onstage you've got Houston. What seem clear on where book by the LA not to site not to play offline. We see this in the NFL where. Okay there's already teens make the playoffs but then there's those sometimes. At least in the past few years you'll see ten and 1611. And five sometimes they don't and they don't get it. Because it is so many bodies are doing is in May when knee in a crappy division right O was better than everybody and that's why this is tough when you look at. In the NBA perspective because in the west. There as the nine and ten seed that might be 101215. Games over 500. And yet you put them in the east and older six seed. But it's just not the case in the east. So that's what that's where I'm stuck because it makes so much sense if your team in the Western Conference but very little sense of your team in the eastern Roberts. Tigers. Like I mean you think back. What was your own nine went in the butt of two dozen Tenet the Steelers but the cardinals in the soup. But cardinals are 97. A lot of people really pissed off the fact that they made the White House in the first. The giants the first and they beat the patriots undefeated patriots all right so here's here's the Western Conference standings last year. So the teams amid atlas Q single state Portland Oklahoma city Utah New Orleans. San Antonio Minnesota. And right behind them. Two more teams. Above 500 Denver. And the losses clippers okay 46 is a little extra Denver the clippers were forty to forty now let's go what do you let's say what you put the nice what is the ninth seed in the west fit in the Eastern Conference exactly and that's it. The Denver nugget 46 and 36 with a nine seed in the Western Conference. In Eastern Conference they would have finished sixth. They go because the Miami Heat 44 and 38 the box also 44 and 38. The Washington Wizards 43 and 39 and and everybody. Who finished outside the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference below 500. Like a cat I need him at a wrinkle in the teams in the Eastern Conference that are actually really and unions. They're they're really cute. Throw it deep those alien Victor all the depots there again and I don't know Indiana. He's just there to provide real good the five seat no I in their conference this year they're going to be there a solid team with because I think that they. And it. The five C last year in in the Eastern Conference. This year where I don't think Toronto finished his first. Now. I think it's I think I can you depriving case that goes they supply and only took all the Bryan led to have Steen to Sutton yeah but. Are not beaten the Celtics are not beaten six on Tuesday unseemly. No I pretty brutal one as extremists and leave us there actually a plan to say if we don't want to sixteen as India. Think I mean if we're going out late wording they know they realize that agreements if. We're literally going by last year on the order of the NBA would have ban Houston. Toronto. From Houston Toronto. Golden State. Austin. Philadelphia. Cleveland. Portland. Oklahoma City. Indiana that's just kind of rough order which. We named a little more Easter covers incidentally we would of but it's just the back end that really drop off and that's what's this like the Denver thing that fact that they finished outside the Western Conference picture. And would have made Eastern Conference playoffs. And as a sixty not even a bottom feeding each seat as a succeed that's something that. You've run into view work to do you want sixteen so perhaps if it happens it happens if not and it doesn't. Hit it area something that. Is far off of it eventually does happen it's it's not the next four years no Adams government likely. I wore for the fun to come and it was Richard Lugar I mean it's Jews Jews been many Machado CI TF I can't. We can't possibly go by these 35 minutes without. Talking about Manny Machado he's been rumored in trade to the Red Sox the Yankees he might stay in Baltimore so is he staying in division. Via trader is leasing division because the stays in Baltimore how owning your thoughts I don't even if you want him right now if you wanna waits on the. OK I don't not watch many which I don't want my team. I just. I don't know where we would put him hit I think we as a Yankee fan vote. Where's he gonna fit on this yankees' roster right now. You got and you are who's you've taken over third base yet there are gonna bring him in and and put them where Hindu cargo. ET I mean yet many complete first base yet he Turco covered what they are cardiac and the Baltimore have them. Like bird play. I'm Chad. I don't know it's. He's he's guess that in Baltimore. That that's why so you may councils and stutter and to stock up I don't that these are companies I I think I have a sense from stable right now and I think. Writes our report from that and Malia today are any. He wants goading the Yankees next summer her. In free agency anyways. Total price harper who knew. That in. And it is one insurance. I think any but he doesn't. Now I think the only person in the world that I would be late. In the no thanks would beat David Ortiz and he's not in the league we Sauna and why. No I agree yeah I think. We've done a lot of green and that's part that's. There's just got to add this all these stories kind of fell fell into the same. I think of like in difference yes like does it happened well there's. This happened on wants some equally as you possibly bank idea. Of I had personally Red Sox go for a cure what's at the deal. Get and yet the best record in baseball right now but I type of playoff time we're not beating the New York Yankees and we're not beating Houston masters. Yeah Manny which I would athlete and Malia eat out if I don't think he ends up Boston. I'll see it happen. Begins at anywhere but playing third base for the Baltimore Orioles cellar dwellers in the not here our nation about it all right. And now we touched on pretty much everything today. At least he got an NFL I don't think I don't talk about it it's not good talk victory caucus talk teeth. Are. If you wanna listen to us every single Monday Wednesday Friday most weeks tomorrow will be back actually on Thursday week. Scheduling wise we moved to Thursday this week. So will be back tomorrow but if you wanna listen to us every Monday Wednesday Friday you can find us on the ESPN Rochester Webster used and registered economies scroll yourself on over to. The drop down on the side of the page it's got audio on demand podcast. And we are the sports bar after hours there we are that's us vigna CO. I'm will be on this has been the sports bar after a few weeks you guys so yeah.