The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Franklin Whyte..... but no Frank today. Nick Kobel riding solo today as he recaps the Dez Bryant situation, and why he thinks Bills fans need to pump the brakes on the Dez to the Bills talk. After that he takes a look at what the Bills could be looking at doing in the upcoming NFL draft. Tune in here!

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You're in the sports bar would room true. Flew splits after have Hyannis cowboys and dead right. Part ways after eight get the putt for it now becomes a free gage Nate the the second round picks to move to get the wrong guy I'd be here and how. Now bring NY from the bills this is here. They focus on Stapleton my original statement. If we did a lineman later on in the draft papers and on I 957. EST yeah. Hello everybody welcome to the sports bar after hours is always on the cobol frank weight today I am right. So low in here but he'll pull the story can join me. Ain't listening we can actually join me I'm all alone here today and that's totally fine we got a good show we had a good show like danger was output. But Steve house filled in for everybody here will for danger here and so a junior it's more spark after hours welcome. Basically what what do I do what I usually have me in frank usually do is we just basically recap the show that she missed the the sports bar from three to six week days. With danger and the tag in although if you wanna listen to them because they're obviously the professional CH head over to. ESPN Rochester dot com in the media tab you'll find. The episodes uploaded on their you can listen to them and that's where you'll find us as well so where you found us that's where he could by the other episodes. As well to today from the big hot topic was Dez Bryant Dez Bryant getting cut. By the Dallas Cowboys today assuming it was speculated for a long time just due to his lack of production and big jackets of their save and a good amount of money there. Does Brian of course isn't gonna go out quietly though. So there's a lot of angles to attack this ad buy it the first thing I want to talk about is the fact that Dez. Left apparently. By saying Aussie guys twice a year. Which of course implies that he's going to be looking at Peter division. Able to sign with which obviously in a the in the cub was division you have the giants who could use a wide receiver you have the Redskins who can use the wide receiver. How I don't know though I don't know if Dez is gonna take that lead out a is that without an order of Eagles. Although that would be something but. Everywhere to be in division I would say the best opportunity for him. Would probably. Beyond New York Giants. If the giants could somehow find a way to keep O'Dell Beckham junior I mean after paying him a bowl load of money. If you can try to convince Dez Bryant to take less money than he's gonna argue that he deserves which you know whether it. Depending on your stance on this he deserves or not but he's tried to get the same amount of money that he was a policy making in Dallas. Play. He. Shouldn't because he just got cut and that Kutcher whether or not that tells me to move for Dallas or whether or not they would just a was there wasn't a deal that. Wounded. Makes sense to have guest Brian for that much money due to his lack of production. It will be interesting to see how it's marketed especially Italy in free agencies about a month after free agency opened. So obviously is to be harder for Dez Bryant to find a home because a lot of these wide receivers. Need teams have already found their big money ticket. Now being bill's fans. Of course pops in your head. We go wide receiver should really think about going after Dez Bryant. And now bill's fans. I know what you thinking. We only have Kelvin Benjamin Zeta-Jones is a question mark the rest of it. There's nobody there. And while Kelvin Benjamin in Dez Bryant playing on each side of him would look very nice it would be very nice was gonna throw the ball. At throwing the ball. If I'm Dez Bryant. If I'm Dennis Brown why would I want to go to the bills if you look at Dez Bryan. His career. He was doing fairly well early on its careers especially with Tony romo's throwing the ball. And geno and obviously cub was never really had too much success when he came to long term victories Bly Dez Bryant's stats. Put him at the top of the league and what CB category by it's what happened when Tony Romo kept getting injured and rookie quarterback to press got. Came into the lineup. The ball started getting distributed a little differently and that's not to say that his targets went down because they didn't Dez Bryant's targets remain about the same. Every year in his career alive. Those receptions started dude diminish and those yards there it's diminished and touchdowns or two diminished. So if I'm Dez Bryant and I seen my numbers drop. After rookie takes over. In my curtain are my former team. I don't know if I'm gonna take the risk on going to a team where there's not even an established quarterback yet. And there are obviously gunning for a rookie quarterback the bills will draft a quarterback at some point in this draft. So. It's either AJ McCarron or quarterback in Jimmy give up Dez Bryant and somebody who needs to prove something after just getting cut. I don't think I've taken a risk ruin the Buffalo Bills there's a lot of reasons why Dez Bryant. Doesn't fit in with the bills I mean you can even look at why would the bills even one Dez Bryant I mean obviously he's a good he's a great receiver. And weird doesn't desperately looking for by receivers. Deb price today is gonna be a lot and we do not have a lot of cap space right now its policies and also. It's not really a Dez Bryant fan in my opinion just based on his behavior. On and off the field. If I'm trying to establish culture and I've worked on establishing a cultural last season and I'm sorry to remove cancer is in my locker room like Marshall Darius and Sammy Watkins and whatnot. I don't think I overspend at a wide receiver like Dez Bryant who could come meaning totally take over the locker room I'm hoping McDermott's interest in mad at all. So if you're bill's been out there and you think it Dez Bryant would make perfect sense from the bills. I think he makes perfect perfect sense off the bills I don't think in Tbilisi go anywhere near Dez Bryant his offseason. Some more reasons and that it would interesting though is. On a list of sport teams who Dez Bryant would fit very well by two NFL experts out there the ravens. Who always are looking for into a receiver they try to Maclin last season that can really work out too well. The saints. Man I really like to seem over the saints adding to be really fun Drew Brees the end of his career he's he's still playing good ball. And he's looking for the number one guy and it specially after he lost branding cooks a few years back I think Debra I'll be really fun on the saints. The Green Bay Packers are on here are necessarily agree with that because the Packers are really big spenders in free agency and they just cut Jordy Nelson because of a big campaign in I don't think they gonna try to sign up for big money. Four wide receiver and then they have the bills listed on here is the fourth. Ends I just think that's only because the bills don't have a very sexy what receiver roster I don't think that they actually believe that Dez Bryant in buffalo makes any sense. There are. There are positives to Dez Bryant coming to the bills though there aren't it would be beneficial for a few reasons but that doesn't mean the positives outweigh negatives. In my opinion the only positives that would be is it adds depth. Adds depth to what receiver group that really there is nine. What do you down to what receivers other on the field tell Benjamin and Dez Bryant gives you. Dual threat to the wide receiver position. Also but that the middle of the field a little bit more for Charles Oakley to. You know maybe get the ball out of it more up his production to make him Livermore worth his cabinet right now. And I think it does. Especially now when you were cheek I need to retires Eric Wood retires the offensive line needs a little bit how. So actually helps the shovel coal in the run game a little bit because we'll actually have threats. On the outside threats that we could throw the ball to. The only problem is who's throwing the ball. Moving forward met reverend during the show today he was. He's pretty vocal about. How Dez Bryant isn't much of a fit here in buffalo he says that there's no way that does brown would even think about coming to the bills just based on. Their quarterback situation right now. And I think he talked about was the NFL draft and it's we always talk about the NFL drafts here on because this is the crazies in a draft that. I've ever witnessed. I was born in 96. And it's you know it's kind of in crickets for the Buffalo Bills since 99. The Buffalo Bills are in position to draft there guy at quarterback and again. The bills really haven't had much luck there a sense not making the playoffs in 99 the last good quarterback I watched callais. Tyrod Taylor picked. I either I really I don't know. I've never watched a franchise guy back there I've seen them take J. P. Losman and as a young boy I was very excited about J. P. Losman and I thought he was good. Of you know those there through the eyes of a child and obviously J. P. Losman did not turn out the way that we had hoped. And EJ Manuel into the shot him and that didn't really pan out very well either he's currently backing up in Oakland right now blood. Who knows I mean. Who knows that the girls are gonna do here at this draft and with Richie cracked meter retiring it adds a question mark to what the bills are willing to import with. When he comes to this big. This is big accumulation of draft picks that they have worked so hard to get so. And in it's noteworthy that the bills haven't had this much draft demos since before they drafted Jim Kelly. So never in the history of the franchise before. Since since Jim Kelly heavy heavy ammunition to go did. Oh quarterback that can make an impact like Jim Kelly. And we always Eugene Kelly as a reference year buffalo and it's only because that's that's all we got. That's all we got I mean that is the four Super Bowls and we haven't had any sort of production light Kim since he left. And we haven't had that god made us feel comfortable behind the center like him since he left. And it's I think it's time to take that shot you have to take that shot at some point. As a franchise you have to take that shot and you see how many GMs and how many had coaches come in and out of this building because they haven't had. The quarterback play needed to take that next step as a franchise we just made the playoffs for the first team for onsite for the first time. In seventeen years. The first time in seventeen years. And we did dealt with the worst passing offense in the league behind Tyrod Taylor. This team is ready to take that step this team is ready to take that jump. I think this team is comfortable with the majority of their roster there are glaring holes on this roster. But I think this team is in position. With EMU I would BMO. To move up in the draft grabbed their guy for the future and then work on building the team afterwards. Obviously there are options. The bills have they can move up into the top four of the top to the top five top ten to try to get their guy. And depending on who their guy is they're gonna have to give up more or less for that. It's important that the Buffalo Bills know who their guy is though they need to determine. They're number one guy and then they need to formulate a package to get that guy I don't care what it takes. But if the brain and being is 100%. Percent sure that this is their guy. Do what you do to get that guy. Now a lot of bills fans are worried about getting rid of a lot of draft picks. And I understand that I mean I totally get that you know if you if you make these huge package neagle upping the Guyanese applies to. I would not wanna be the general manager that made them move but. On the contrary if you do that if you take dead dead shot that no one has before you. Any pays off. You are you gonna be a rich man and you're gonna be you're gonna have a job for a very long time. And I think these are the guys to do it I think Sean McDermott to bring in bean are the two headed dragon at the Buffalo Bills need. You make the next step as a franchise I think bringing being. Seton back I think he I think he's got this I think he knows what he's going to do you and I don't think we're gonna see that until. I don't think we're gonna see that until the draft actually comes I think that trade is gonna come the day of the draft. Ends. Maybe they don't even trade maybe they stayed put at twelfth maybe they're comfortable there at twelve to meet the guy they want. Is in the projected to later in the realm maybe they're guys Lamar Jackson. Maybe they're guys Mason wood off. And if they sit back there at twelve and they take their quarterback in twelve. And boy do they have an opportunity to fill those glaring holes in the roster they can make them move by the U draft a guy twelve. And then draft needs. The rest of the way they have to get Tony to them they have two picks in the second round if two picks in the third round. There's also options and that they can go they can we passed twelve to beat that guy if they like. If they feel comfortable that Mason Rudolph will be there later in the draft it's not even it's not even hard to think about the the bills could wait until later in the draft. Maybe even take a guy like broke once with a twelve. Take Mason Rudolph 22 used it two picks to trade up into the for two secular picks to trade up into the first round maybe even get Mason Rudolph adept pick. It 31 round picks in this team. Oh really really tried to. Actively work on fixing all the holes in the roster while picking up their quarterback for the future and doing all at once. But the problem with debt and bills fans need to be aware of this is a possibility. If the bills decide to wait for their quarterback and take the chance that the quarterback. Maybe there are twenty you. There's just as good of a chance that he won't be there in fact it's probably a bigger chance that any quarterback that they want. Could be taken before 22 if they wait that long. There are many many many teams who could draft a quarterback before the bills at 22 and there are also teams to retreat in front of the bills. To get their quarterback before they to a 22. So on the bills I'm not taken that chance on the bills if I'm waiting and all I'm drafting a quarterback at twelve. Even if it's Mason Rudolph I'm drafting Mason Rudolph at twelfth I'm drafting Lamar Jackson. That's well I am not drafting a quarterback at 22 because they're too many variables it's too big a chance. This whole thing is about not taking the chance of missing it's taking the chance to hit. If they take the chance trade up. Don't get the chance of not because. Give a lot to lose if somebody takes that quarterback away from you and then you start taking a gamble on a guy that you don't even know. I think the bills know what they're doing. I think they're playing a really good game of poker and that laying to rest the league now. There when it comes to me. I think that the trade up and get their guy I think get to trade up to. The top five I think that's what they do to I think we see the bills make a big move the trade over the top by the draft and picked a guy. Who's their guy is that the question that's a huge question. Honestly. It sounded like Josh and and say what you will about Josh down and why it. Whoever picks Josh Allen is taking a risk. There when they're hoping that his development. Makes him the quarterback PD can be. But if you may if you take that Rick if you trade up or judge Allan if you package the whole house for Josh Allen. Man. You're gonna take a lot of heat from the stand bees ants. Even if he is your guy. It's clear that he's not. Hills mafia is guy. Bills mafia does not want Josh Allen and you know I'm very comfortable with the bills taking Josh Allen at twelfth. Well if I'm seen the bills used to 31 round picks on Josh Allen. How do you not start that guy right away and everybody everybody all these draft experts. Are saying that if you're drafting Josh Allen he needs to sit back and develop. Play it think big check recent history of all these quarterbacks and that have been taken in the first round in the early first round. Looking admits to risky who got. That's 21 round picks that the bears use them it's too risky and they tried to say that they were gonna let him sit in develop but all of a sudden. Also the bears are winning games in these fans are calling for the rookie in it. There's pressure in a front office to start this rookie that they paid so much for end. You see it time and time again that the guy that you say is gonna sit back for a season or two. Jumps in a way before he's ready. And so the kids still there amidst a risky or whether or not he's gonna succeed but we seen it time and time again where you mean looking EJ Manuel he was supposed to be he was supposed to sit back and develop. But EJ Manuel. A force to start week one. And he was it too much pressure on them he did well early in his career bush he couldn't sustain that and after awhile. He ended up failing as a quarterback. I think the same thing happens when Josh Allen if that happens with the bills of the bills straight up the judge for Josh Allen. He starts prematurely and I don't think he succeeds. That's a really big possibility the bills have to pay attention to that's gonna do it for me on the sports bar after hours amid a good time listening again if you wanna find. Any of the episodes that you missed of the sports bar would danger in taking a there are uploaded every single day. Hours one and two and possibly three RE SPN Rochester website is being rested dot com in the media tab you can listen to that there that's where you find us as well again thank you for listening very humbling if you do you take the time to listen I'm just to kid. Who's trying to take Everett I've read every opportunity he's been giving and of course much appreciation to the guys there forgive me this chance so. I wanna know. What the bills they do more than anybody but we're scared to wait until it 126 over here for everybody here and sports bar frank Lloyd nine today I'm Nicole thanks for listening.