The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 3

Vinny Asito and Will Bjarnar update the Shady McCoy controversy, and discuss Way-Too-Early Super Bowl LIII odds and predictions; then, Will tries to convince Vinny that the Golden State Warriors dominance is okay... yikes. 

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Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes and. Welcome back on the sports bar for yet another addition of after hours on video CO alongside the one and only. Will be on like that well how we don't get how you meant I'm good at the stone thrown in the unlike the big thing we can do it now he did it would yesterday's change it up. We do we do things differently I look we got on how we got. Reached in the little host that I agree with the change in an up gut you know Mike and Mike had greening donut every day goal it was kinda on the side week. We do things they like to change things around keep things fresh too. Trade off duties every now and again it. Unfortunately though there's not much talk about now. That's kind of the flip side of this place is just we'll show on local English on the Oakland don't get to certain is that there's lot to talk about I mean happy thirtieth though yeah Charlie Britain is our Monday. Oh. Eventful one. I don't know I don't know what he's trying to market of one. Go out anyway your eyes here we wouldn't wouldn't show his face on at a time no. It's going on right now decently that house in this kind of situation it's just kind of just protocol just. Stateside. Live your live your life. With the doors closed the dike would DRG Jordan and get locked in elect legitimately locked in your house. Do not. Even look up the win noticed he with the sunlight looks like. We don't have much. I mean picked bird yes and much right new news yesterday we were able obviously to give. Kind of gives our thoughts on every in Milan and when everybody had and today it is remain. No new news it's gonna be nice if you're gonna. Developing things AB de Janeiro for the ones that get the break right of new New Jersey gallery mumbling not Wii and I went a little laid out Rana I order show after breaking news somebody but after horse pike Pomona and the gone a London. So no one. One it happened. A while get traded on Wednesday will be the first to see the tweet yet evokes. That's why it's when radar here in this life you're hearing and podcast for later. Which if you wanna find podcasts we're gonna fund podcast on the can find on ESP The fact over the right to drop down podcasts. That's us. You don't found yesterday to one since there's not a stuck us with but as a just plug ourselves in more. You searched the sports bar after hours word for word on iTunes podcast app that we are. On iTunes iTunes. Like a lot easier than click on the link and going under the what's at the wets it's fantastic and radio dot com radio dot com and would there. I think. Listen the shoulders of us the sports bar there's a may be canyons where are after hours to podcast or but yes iTunes dollar everywhere subscriber ever. Were everywhere we we're making it big. And when we break the news. It's. But like mr. With the Shawn McCoy not a heck of like going on this beyond what we heard yesterday in the NFL oh saw scroll and on the apple dot com website you know. And the big news story of digging digging for headlines wholly on Romo pat wait too early Super Bowl prediction. Ready for this one what do you think. He's got the Packers verse that genetics. Packers vs jags and super rule. The immediate thoughts immediate thoughts. Andy. We need him if that's that's no. And goes no immediate thought is Tony Romo was injured again that's. I Yemeni both know I look. Feeling. The Packers are kind of go to just in the NFC because you expect the best player in the NFL who teaches team does have Bo every year and then something happens along the way. The you know there there incompetent and even us Jolie apparently does take his team and that's sounds. Well a guy. Debate for another day actually we could have this today seeing that there's literally nothing but. You know you'd expect. In my opinion the best player in league take his team is suitable every year he didn't have anybody around him. That doesn't happen often and me is that a lot of guys around him Scott provides Adams who's number one now sure that Lindsay Graham sure. Whose is running back. Jones who cuckoo's. He's on the defense side of the ball well he's he never has deep snow yet it he'd ever ads are known as brutal and yet which makes but. I I could see the Packers side effects. Now the jaguars out of things. Not so sure they got close last year and a lot clothes that I think people give them credit they had a fourteen point lead on the patriots beat everybody knows it's never safe. They still had one in their defense is really really good I one of the best new info if not the best. Aideed was green an article yesterday compared them to kind of what's gonna become the new legion of boom is Seattle kind of phases out. If Earl Thomas. Adds up. I figured out his contract who Moses is it's already been dismantled art Earl Thomas is that like it. It didn't have a member left and chancellor says it is gone so it now it's never going to be what once was and the Seahawks I don't know if they will buy it. No I I think the jaguars are. A tougher case to make to make its approval this year and they were later said they were close last year but. I just I just have a tough time seasonally or why your team is I disagree I'm the opposite. Do you think the the jaguars are more of romo's prediction I'm more. Of Ike could see the jags oppose the Packers well. Just see is that. Well accounts that conference. At least they'll have the patriots of course all eyes through yet absolutely. They're kind of power I think kind of seized 12 competitive. Do. Like we just said you needed defense we needed defense sure that Aaron Rodgers airline. An FC specifically is pretty much loaded with good defenses are good up and coming defense's. User vikings you of the saints. You have the niners defense is looking good. Rams defense is looking freely and that's just five after top hat and sixteens. For her actor Kirk. So OK let me go this day and I don't know if it's even a question you'll have an answer to that iron answer to it. Aaron Rodgers healthy last you would see you. Think the Packers make the playoffs mic noise. Absolutely. I don't I can think of IR and a healthy bear arms team wouldn't make the playoffs and one make noise right. Because it seems like at the end of the year even if they were. What uncle out of contention they find themselves back into it with one. You know with one swing of the you know one swing of momentum their way. Aaron Rodgers makes one play in week fifteen that completely reshaped the playoff picture in week sixteen solidify despise it's. It got always hinges on his shoulder. Or his shall always has because like we said he's never had a true defects and if you put Rogers on. Those five teams adjustments with those great defense is my god they're the favorite every can you imagine putting. Dirt off is a good quarterback you imagine Aaron Rodgers in the Los Angeles rams right now. Support team. Back to the jags I I deceived them. The the reason I ate disagree is I see the jags as. A team the Broncos kind of prove this a year Peyton wants to mobile for retired here. You don't need phenomenal QB plea but it has such a high fence right. And the jags defense like he says arguably the best in the league. Yes bleak portals plea portals here if he completely competent below mediocre football. Maybe a little ball of mediocre if he can completely passed all the ball and not turn hold onto the ball give the other team easier chances in the RD will be. It'll be adding by having more wrecked the fundamental football there's no reason. Is to Eckstein can't make. It. I think they can. I just think. You think the Packers have a better chance objects and I I think the jazz emerged at the. Yeah I think that's really don't comes down to let I don't know I think I think. Every year we kinda say that OK one of two teams that he AFC make the super. It's been like this forever the pat patriots or Steelers had stomach at least the past five years five or six maybe even seven or eight years that's that's been. Who we think and then when somebody else comes along and has. You know ravens like the evidence they had that one fluke of the year. Can look like color within that one good year they've learned that that what are your rest finally got yet they finally got over a hump and what it is wise. Does that defense does that knowledge is amazing yet Terrell Suggs Ray Lewis yet they had a stellar defense from top to bottom. And pilot counts Joseph Flacco. Not a our knowledge that he played he was fine he played so mediocre football I see your point it's just the reason that I would say. I would take the Packers. In this argument of which team Qaeda that we the argument we've got to created out of this which team had a better chance of making the simple I just I have to put my feet and Aaron Rodgers over. The Jacksonville defense I'd I have to. And that's essentially comes down because you can't argue the fact that your you've got to put your feet and Roger's right Blake bordello that's not even an artist and got him to seek and I can't because I think that the Jacksonville Jaguars. Have from. Offense to defense with every asset taking into account they have a better team. They just do Buddha the jaguars yeah I but. Top to bottom easily. Yet but the Packers. A better quarterback. And far better quarterback at that. And you commit to target them better receiving corps so when it comes down to it I don't know I I like to take Aaron Rodgers in. Pretty much any argument over anybody in key when healthy is the best player in the NFL again just I just mentioned a couple minutes ago. So it's tough for me go against him but no I absolutely see your point and I see the analogy with. The Broncos for sure because pain did not have a good year that year and was unhealthy for a large part of it and you know progress while I had to take some of the load off and they still somehow found their way in the civil. And they won now Carolina. Not a good team and they kinda. They do say when it came down to the biggest moments in. You'd depending on which way you look at some these video clips that surface the unit for an extended period of time during that super morons gave up on the game. You wanna point fingers you can point Cam Newton. But Denver had a better defense and that's kind of what one in the game and so I see your point with the with the jaguars but. We gotta be in this topic. Well before we leave it posed does because we got to have a little fun course to early Super Bowl predictions on your ears. Gophers. Okay Iran. It's tough for me. I just went out unless you. About. I think Aaron Rodgers is tough to go to bat against. I think I think that argument was made in large part they just say it or not gonna pick them. I. I'm not. And that's just simply because I think they have a better Tasmania and jaguars but I don't think they have a better chance at beating some of these teams Nancy mean. The Eagles. Christmas comes back healthy they've gotten better aren't. The vikings consolidated last year did the saints. We saw what they almost atlas. Rams. Got much better it is. That's by the team that I'm gone. Idea we saw that's the team of the NFC it's which saw them collapse and got plans and I ran coming in its aka. We saw them collapse. Against the Atlanta Falcons last year there a year order on weekdays one more year experience owners. Todd Gurley is one year better when your stronger working out with sick quads Barkley. A pretty good sign in sic on as you play a game yet underwriters out of us like one you probably were just absolutely. Don't know I cannot I think talent wise. Valley ranch of the best roster in football a so and I think that that will translate not just on paper but. On the football field I think they get on NFC and AFC I balance between the patriots and Steelers and just because I can't trust the Steelers because I they haven't give me reason to trust them that's the Beers I gotta side with patriots again. Such as a teacher it's rams. He gets another. And then things. Oh bold prediction that. He's been talking about them let's play those 45. Or later like. It's been kind of a floating conversation. For years but what use. Our. I like this rams team their goods and young. I can't buy ended and yet I just can't do it especially after. They earned a hole playoff game last year completely blew it blew it. I just experience wise I can't ride with them. I think the saints are coming out the NFC this year I thought that last year. Really like the saint Anna a lot of people think I'm you know by definition beyond that to happen. It probably nobody yet knows. I think that play alone. Is just momentum momentum momentum and you know they have forgotten. That defense is I mean that team alone has offensive and defense of market year in Marshall McMoran oh Mara. You've got Ingram was suspended the first four games but by the time he comes back. The gay got one is gonna come out one of the best dual threat he's in the paddy field in the NFL old they are they suspect. Aspect of the and now I think you could argue against Freeman and I don't know I I agree that's right so I got the saints' Drew Brees. Coming out of the NFC. Against. The Pittsburgh Steelers because I'm done writing with a teacher I wish I was I know. I'm sick if I don't I am too believe me it's something about this year the way the offseason. Has ban. With Adam being suspended or grow our cans in the contract issues. Some in some outrage in New England. I hopeful that it didn't and I think we'll do we say the exact same thing last winter we see the same thing all time and prove me wrong which Republican to do than put. No not go to Augusta I got a Steelers smiles easily as I hope so Steelers saints. Yet we have. Chip leasing apartments I know an ambulance today they talk fancier I know dated we're talking super. Here's a hypothetical I its last Super Bowl like the Steelers enter it is ideally. By if I didn't after Rupert team in the well I root for the bills obviously. But they're not going so I had to root for another team yet though that size doesn't price this I just bought two trees so. I'm happy with epic. I am tonight. I hope I hope it turns out that idea. We will will pull this up on February and probably we'll see. So who's closest. I'll just our loss of allowing green onions for no I don't know it'll be like. Cardinals he it'll be Eagles cardinals Texans Eagles jaguars are Eagles chargers are. He schemes Broncos speaker of the chargers are you. Are you all bought them holy about them being a civil contenders whose the chargers know here in a lot of you're hearing a lot out for the charge you're hearing a lot you can how they finished last season yet a lot of people and autos and aerial a lot of people wanted them. To make the playoffs last year because of how they finished last season a dale. Absolutely demolished the cowboys team on Thanksgiving and ballots volatile. Which was loved. It. So I mean it's it's games like that and it's runs like what they went on that people and carry over in new. The following season is weird for me you know we can the NFL see offseason as long one. And a lot of changes are made. I think. The chargers are good team and the primate the playoffs and everything turns out well. Or epidemic there a phenomenal running back and everybody knows that in Melvin Gordon Philip Rivers is. In some of the best football of his career Keenan Allen is one of the best receivers in the NFL individually. You have to take all of that into account and. You know I think I think you'd be silly to say the chargers when you left contender or playoff team automatically at this point. They're talented football team. On both sides of the ball I think they have a great coach I think it's new and it's extremely generated ninety to prove that last year with honey finished. So. I don't know why it's so early and that's why it's so tough for me having not seen. They're past being thrown in training camp yet and let alone it down being played of regular season pre season football. But that's what's so fun about this that we just get these conversations and so I don't buy into them being a Super Bowl contender. I behind them making the playoffs sure but I when I wouldn't say it's like a three seater two seed in the NC when I would buy them is like. One of the final. Fourteen standing. Or final two teams standing and actually I see them at best yet. How has the best everything turns out this momentum like you said people. Pitching on the momentum which we don't even really know if it's there still. Because it had. Half a year now to kind of underwear battled chronic heart it's extremely difficult to carry over momentum from. December. Into. Into September September of the following year like that's that's a long time. That's more than six months like that's that's over half of the year. Players you leave players earlier legislators later changed honorary draft coming water yeah exactly. So I mean. Call upon what do we know he's got that hey graveyard but he. Listen we got a problem. We need you Pat The Bat signal the gate signal. I don't know do you buy into them. I'd like I said I could see them. Final fourteen AFC maybe I think that's Atlanta's playoff split out on seen a lot of them. Possibly being super boy just I don't know I'm now with a. Who do you think art since Purdue and since in this wanna. You think has the the worst odds there's four teams tied for the worst super wal lives far. Are trying to hit as lunacy with the as of these are the very recently I can see the bottom four teams that will only civil let me let me search again. As eyewitnesses though yes and yet unfortunately began. Well yeah. How many. Or what as of may 26 these okay and that's injuries. Are far actually there are five teams have hopeful five teams. Tied at 100 to one odds appear bills won. Or not one of the five though. Jets. And I'll give you a give you browns the browns are one yet. Bottom though. There's another team Nancy north. Angles yeah. There is a team in the AFC east. In middle opens. There is a team in the NFC east Redskins. As a team and NFC west. Knew it and. The cardinals. Are act and I wouldn't put. Together that's so broad China. By west side the one. Eagles patriots. Eagles 81 Steelers E'Twaun. I I don't like I had the cardinals have a better chance mood tools. The jets. Probably yeah. But yet they use for your own picnic up. That's the hate and why not put money down and now the good the couple months maybe out. Roughly nine. And that's just filler but. I agreed if cardinals the flame better chance. In making it's one of the bills bills or even one so not. Not farm group where the giants on that list. I'll go on and slay the bills were eat a one over eighty to one yet. The best was 521 yes giants going to be 51. It turns 52 when. There's production. Right on the nose actually really how. Our use a team we just mentioned this the last team will be on the move onto something much more entertainment. Losses charters. 21 point five. All right no I got to do two more aren't mine got gorgeous to look don't look Tony romo's Super Bowl prediction with packer than Jack that the jaguars rethink their. 15118. And Packers. Twelve. Well motto. The good to pick up the right and ago we should just run run it through we're gonna do all downhill and with wells on the talk a little NBA summer league. It's been going on on down some of the some in the top four all of the top five picks or play in the all important it. None of them got worse and it really is killing me. And as it has gotten them guide. Tree on a young is an impressive. Trail along in its so I tried throwing him up this way yeah for she liked during. During warm ups of his first gained the air balled from the airport is first two shots at Atlanta OK everybody conduct. And be okay. He was in he was getting some heat he was getting about side everything that he's playing pretty well. Eight is averaging sixteen and eleven. Celtics with a big help win today over the new role X 82 to semi five. I'm a Kevin seven knocks he has eased by far. Look the most who went five for twenty today alcohol that was them. This is just a bad set up very by Rupert taught me. With a plus minus a minus twelve somebody did all these points or slogan went three for four relies. For or rebounds and Mitchell Robinson though seventeen points twelve rebounds seven offensive rebound. The knicks have something to at least like. It in her eyes are happier yet. Under the they didn't see broadly as Michael Porter and even be talking about knowing when talking loudly and at all. It's something. And he used that box you. Know he's young and he's nineteen years old. Look forward to. We're talking about it and he's scoring. Forty points a game it's summer league. No but honestly if if the Kevin Knox thing works out. He could. Possibly be the next aren't they played a night incidentally tonight and you know lose at the games and courtside as the carrier ring. And we've been here in those rumors about regal and plea for his own sound next year and wanna talk about this. You know who sat you know who sat courtside last year to seat on Oakland. LeBron James for a few games and where he now who went off the ball went off in Boise now. He's highly placed in one LA era on again. Listen to them all a minute. Scott and you know I didn't get this is Lee Fergie to drum roll. Wanted to say here Kyra he liked. It's the new NCA. This is just it's just the new NBA it's it's guys guys that were buddies you know you don't all of the the two guys who. Arcana linked most to New York next year. In next year's free agency in the top pry the top two in the class next year Tyree Karim Kevin Durant. Two guys who wanted to play for New York for a long time and bring the bring best ball back to you met bottler to Jimmy Butler to that and Jimmy Butler wants to play with Tyreke to Ky area Jimmy Butler wanna play together and Kevin Durant has been. Pretty noted. For. Supporting countries decisions to move away from the LeBron limelight. Who's on the Bill Simmons podcast. Earlier this year he was talking about how he's like Tyree doesn't want me that credit and wanna deal with that he is Portugal who. So he says he supported his guy Tyreke. And both of them have been linked to the New York Knicks next year and that terrifies me because I. As a Celtics fan not only Eastern Conference and to not want both of those guys teaming up but I don't want Tyree Irving leaving the Boston Celtics after two years I even. He's spent half of one injury and didn't get to go on a playoff run. Annual memory anyone ever ring because not to win next year his wars in when next year even if they get there. It's just this is the new NBA and frankly. Part of me is really OK I wanna get your thoughts on this and we can we kind of dove and this I believe it was either on our first episode. That was up on line or previous episode before that about DeMarcus Cousins. Join the cones they warriors camera its online and how I absolutely needed in how you actually hear it mighty opinion is it's not completely changed and the thrilled about it. But I'm more okay with that than ones why. I'm still hate bright and all I get that and I want there to be competitive basketball but at the same time I'm OK if basketball is in. Totally competitive if it's good. Like the warriors out no audio components that Joseph I don't I don't know an okay. The warriors are going to be one of the most fundamental fun to watch basketball teams no matter how much they're winning by. The polls up about large mark I'm on. I think it's ideal or fun and it's it's it's interesting to watch to watch good basketball as a guy who's Linda plans suggest you belong and I think it's good basketball watching the best players in the world. Dry of on highest level India's good that I know every time they play I'm not saying it's good basketball necessarily for the fact that it is like. I'm not saying it's my ideal scenario. Look at lake I want there to be competitiveness in the NBA that's what it's all about the sports beat two teams fighting the end not one foregone conclusion. At the same time this is just the direction that the NBA's movie in this nothing we can do about it. So wide row I'd much rather sit back and Buick are right this is good basketball where the these guys are absolutely thriving. And playing. Some of the best brand of basketball we've seen in a long time. Then sit back and describe to. Three DeMarcus Cousins the wars have been doing that for the past four years I know and it's frustrating in the cousins doing it for that he'd join the wars in the first place but what is this one does anything happening next year anyways. So it doesn't know how thing doesn't even matter so it just runs and even more. He's not healthy right now though we don't know how healthy who will be when he comes back if he is super healthy yet saw regardless of the borderline I said all of the Portland even need to be what he was I I I know I know. For me I never rose I hate. I understand that I'm sorry he'd like I've tried to take the other side of the coin into consideration in just kind of rose colored glasses earth. See this is just a one sided coin from mean that's not that's fair and you you're in the majority. I have in the very very minute minority like there're there are very few people who agree and the only reason I'm doing this. Part of its for the sake of debate because. There's nothing else but another part of me is. Saying our I'd rather I'd much rather just sit back and appreciate the fact that the best players are. Playing together and making basketball. Just so fluid and beautiful and just playing great basketball together rather than sit back and we don't release you gain much rather see a team. Who's not full of superstar ports have a phenomenal season color gather at a plea that absolutely that would but we're not basketball and I absolutely want 100% were not in that NBA arena. I don't know that we ever will be again. Don't mean like in this NBA I'm OK I guess just dealing with. It's not ideal I'd much rather see I don't this isn't gonna continue to be a thing I I guess this is an imaging monitor and actually know. Eight if it were to be monitored DeMarcus Cousins will be played for the wars sees exactly but it's not it's not monitored yet it's panic. I don't think this'll continued I do you think get a win an auditor. In what way Adam silver and solve these a step in and do something about. These contracts in Howell player in general just how players are coming in right but the thing is. These players are getting paid fair contracts there are guys in the worst taking cuts so that they can play. The Katie first first two years was not being dealt Max contract so he could be. On this team he just signed one and it's only a one year deal so that maybe he can leave after he wins its third championship in a row next year. Staff Curry's the only player on the words other than Kevin Durant Max Max contract and they're feeling how their their coming in between all the lines of the line between artists. If this warriors team has been so good so talented in so quote unquote fun to watch for the past four years. There's already been arguments before DeMarcus Cousins that. Lake avenue when they played on Wednesday as a chance they're just full of superstars. Now all the do we just bring in someone else who's already a superstar. An all star who before he got hurt averaged what twenty and thirteen last year yes. It's easy to see you as he was gutters you know I only wish I in team they're in no way that this is this can be fun in my perspective. That's not OK in my sure one of the the musher a player coach on the warriors OK it's going to be a blast and yeah absolutely. It is now in an ideal world this wouldn't be happening. And there'd be competitive bass every single night there'd be competition ever come every single playoff time and their beat. Sixteen that you could grow into finals matchup in you'd enjoy yourself. That's not where the NBA is right now. So I'm just trying to kind of sit back and Buick are what are my options here I can either be. Just absolutely livid about what's happening in India. And not enjoy myself because bass balls not funny anymore. Or I can say all right. Maybe it's temporary. We got to deal with this. Outlook around the NBA right now you've got blown state was a powerhouse. Boston. Is the powerhouse in the Eastern Conference at this point LeBron is trying to build that in LA. Houston is trying to build and Houston yet but there's one power house like that I know that every team is trying to get to that point. That's the goal every team is trying to build a warrior killer Daryl Morey general manager of the Houston Rockets. Has. Said that publicly. That huge and try to build a warrior killer yet Evelyn wants to be rock police guy and Magic Johnson are saying they want to build a warrior killer but until that happens what are we supposed to do just be mad the only guy and what. That is were not connect any team that builds the quarter on a warrior killer is not going to be full of five. All stars right I know that act. And that's why it's just. I'd even call a disgrace to the NBA because issues it's not foreign. For the fans sure warriors fan. It's not fun but I I've. I'm not saying it's fun I'm saying it's still good basketball. So I have to be okay. As long as good as well as being played in the NBA I I'm always going to be OK it's not on for me and I know who's gonna win the championship next year. I know that at the end of the year the Golden State Warriors are gonna have their lie yet it's July dip dip dip the warriors just won the finals a month ago. The last week. And we already know that pisses me off but. The same token. I have to be okay with the fact that they're just gonna continue their dominance because there's nothing and many an NBA is doing about it. If somebody if you get you wanna know what should happen if they really really cared that much about the word the fact the warriors are. A foregone conclusion that point the RJ should've signed with Philadelphia 76ers. Or the Houston Rockets. That's who should happen but no he wanted to he wants to live in LA soon moved LA. If somebody wanted to take on the warriors that bad Danny Ainge is that all right Jalen brown and picks San Antonio have that. We'll takeaway. And will be off to the races. Actually he's he's been before a single parent and the NBA it's not that easy but that's what teams should be doing. Let's say the brunt of the Hughes when he got to be Gloria James Harden teams are just well LeBron James players just make. That's what's top at all. It's not ideal at all. That's happening that's that's the direction the NBA's movement which is talked about Kyra read Jimmy Butler Kevin Durant possibly linking up in New York because they've all the linked. And that's the wind lead to increased outsourcing is in the Dayton because it could be could be. Some some somewhat oblique and it throw during in there yet. Leah currently. So let's say like let's say in two years. Iran Jimmy Butler and Tyree. Somehow by the grace of god all end up in New York pulling the next. A step towards Vegas is healthy. He's fully recovered from an ACL injury and you got that little wars in the finals I understand that the warriors at that point. Have likely lost cousins that he's gonna go for Max deal somewhere else to talk to continue to play for five point three million with the warriors. End of Gloucester ram obviously because I'm putting him on the knicks in this area. That's creating something different that the NBA's moving in the direction that. Whose original apple two pretty heavy suggestion after super job it started when Boston traded for Ray Allen Kevin Garnett they they created super team light. Then LeBron joined Miami. With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh premiere isn't that nothing will ever got better regulatory did I completely agree with even yes even lose two situations adjustment of course and it. It never was just different it's completely honest. He joined team with Marty three balls and just beat him. And they had just beaten it was a cowardly move. By the same time as Smart pass. I hate it but it was Smart passable if he was the smartest move he could have made. It was just a EB I agree the beaten I agree I eat I can tell you can't Barea he absolutely did doing now. Never again look in the same way I am one illegally refute that believes he should just always have and after max's name because of how it should. At the same time he's an NBA champion at year's local all edges it out at tiger he did he decided. You know what I'm done. Actually fighting. For a spot. Representing the Western Conference in the files on the go join the team that's already going to be there even by state and Oklahoma City. And then I can go get my chips. But we've gone on for. Quite long enough and I I understand that you vehemently disagree with me I'm sure that anybody who listens to this will to. I'm just saying at this point with the way that the NBA is moving. All I can use a bag today are. It's still good basketball. Alan but I'm not saying it's fun on the tea like it I'm not say hello that I'm not saying it's something that I really want to happen but. I got to deal so. We'll see what happens to a I'll accounts Klay Thompson who cares to a six year. Have cores or an ankle injuries all the time right. Governor Katie brokers for one time and I'm not wishing and now there's none but if that happen. Of course and things in interest it and things it is a little more so. We'll see. Well the blue and sign. I'll see you next week Monday will be that will be here Monday Wednesday Friday or less than normal schedule. We're gonna fund podcast moments ESPN roster dot com. Drop down podcasts that's us and iTunes has always add on iTunes. Will verify the whole radio dot com app. Miseries regardless listened to the sports bar actual show please do. You do a great job. Polished. We're just we're just there to help out. Nadia do it's it's and emails and we do this everybody with a Friday is your roster. ITunes. May be radio dot com tune in you'll regret it. Will be on our obviously you know. Governor weekend.