The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Frank Whyte. The guys recap today's show which highlighted the Bills pre-draft press conference, and of course Bills draft talk. Tune in here!

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You're in the sports bar would to room through and hits close to expire after have alliance you've got to have fiscal back. That's one of the main jobs. But GM practice to. Two putted franchise quarterback is quarterback we see every single time you have more nickel all. It's time to take that shot you have to take that jump out at some point. As a franchise you have to take that shot and you see how many of you have to Heilman had coaches come in and out of the building. Because they haven't had the quarterback clean needed to take that next step as a stream jet stream. Girls disappeared then I draft quarterback you have to stay focused on staples in my original plan included in the office. I'm in the person on 95 C up. EST yes. Hello everybody out there and welcomed and another edition of the sports bar after hours there's always and they called in the global joining me is always hearing why can I you know and they I don't know I gave it semi own name on Nicole hang it out we've you guys hear reports are after hours as we always do everybody was they bride Amy break. We always recap the Shalit be missed at the sports bar would danger habitat we'll weekdays. Roman three to six here on ESPN Rochester he could find us and the media tab of ESPN rat. Just to dot cannot. And we just. We get the show just got a little girls just a couple of rosary captain about the day of my. And my danger and seemed to and we had that on Google casual sports star in exactly exactly from the entrance point of view. We just by the gave different perspectives but he announced similar point of view those pledges Arnold take on them yeah definitely death so it was a big. It was an exciting day in. In one bills drive if you will today was the three draft press conference for both. Rainy and being and Sean McDermott it was pretty interesting just to hear what they had to sailor of course it was you know your average press coverage he didn't really learn. Too much they obviously. Like to keep all that stuff inside you hear anything. Frank it's you. Those damn day since just when I think I get away from the home write it they always try to find a way to keep that I keep that popular especially around the draft. One and one of the biggest things I. Com heard from Brandon being herded in the open. You have Democrats as cornerback missed his job as a GM to bind the franchise quarterback and I think that those interesting is that to go cut and contradictory to that it would bring him being had said was that he thinks that this draft. Can still be a very successful draft in the bills leave with out a quarterback frank what do you think about I disagree with that. 100% what. As Jimmy Kearin. He hasn't proven anything yet. Arm. How one put all my. Eggs in one basket. Always say that they're they shoot for AJ McCarron to be their guy. Maybe this don't draft they're guide this year. I mean but we live in though what have you done for me lately type society and especially in NFL we need. The bills knee and that franchise quarterback like he just say. His jab is to find a franchise quarterback. So would that mean what not to not to go away from is this year it this year is no more speculation about. Are the bill's gonna. Move up into the speculation as well. The bills will move up. With the trade to get that number I mean to get that number two spot on to implement a bloom open my expectations out there. Anti gay give that number two. Spot from the giants. Eating so I think so. Not that it dubbed them the tools but top fives that because what I'm hearing is is that group the title former urgency. My job is to find a franchise quarterback that's outlet a little bit of pressure but. Also a little bit of desire to win in his glow a gold digger. I'm starting to shy away from the idea of the bill's gonna trade to number two. All in less they trade up. First. To have more desire opaque desirable picked and twelfth because I really think you're gonna have to ask a lot of the giants to move ten spots back. From two to twelve its first of all the talent that flipped on the board there and also be looking get a man's past. He's never traded a number our first round pick he's never drew a first round pick ain't once he's traded up in the second round. But he has no history of trading back so even if Brady green and David Gelman have a good relationship. I think they're he's really got had to start grease the palms and bring it means to try to get clinicians initiatives. What do they make them off peak. So I think that we're not gonna have to be something at the bills were refused they did. I mean even ability EU EC potentially your guy you guys I at a track and you see one of these top. Three quarterbacks that you want. I mean you have to do which you have to do at that point right all agreed and Ed bile means if you know your guy and you Byrd you have the assets to go get that guy police do you. Get that guy. If you're insuring your thinking oh draining effort judge Allan. I am I recommend against that if you are on shore and you're gonna trade away potentially 31 round picks that can be used probably till till first romp breaks till second round pick collectible look tense but you're you're almost guaranteeing their 31 round paste it. Now again if he can find a way to move up to the draft to make it a more desirable spot the twelve maybe if if you can get my my dream scenario. On this. And this is the only way I see the giants treating to end and of course. I have no knowledge whatsoever of any evening so it did it take this for her what this is boy this is my dream scenario for the bills and honestly for everybody if the browns. Don't see Sam Donald as their number one guy. I think this the Cleveland Browns trade the number one overall pick to the Buffalo Bills this they would mean. The Buffalo Bills straight to number one. And the with the browns give you return you read teen all with the browns game in return is 31 round picks and potentially more. And then they're sitting at twelve and 22 and a with the browns can do it or is moved from four to two with the giants the giants went to go back to port and the press can use all the bricks that they got the bills to move from fortitude and other browser still picking at Su and twelve. And whatever else they need to pick cat. As well as the giants getting some competition for moving back from 24 or anything now. Think. And speak you have a little bit too much coffee fit if I think the real sick I think that I think that makes a but the thing about the bills. As far as the team goals in the organization those. They need to win now in the playoffs to date date they made a play of -- season which was a step in the right direction and thousand. To some great great time for them but if you wanna go further deeper into the playoffs needs at quarterback. And I'm not saying if you draft a rookie quarter rate this year and this year he's gonna have outstanding year but this appears you for the future and I feel like. They go back on win. What Tom. Brady being set. His jab to define a franchise quarterback this branded beats. Your mother and now you've got to have a franchise quarterback. That's one of the main jobs. Of a GM this 22. Founded the franchise quarterback is quarterback lead I'll say it every single time you have to have more. Cornerback leaked for any quarterback Lee how Long Island in here in this so. Get rid Tyrod could delay didn't care who you move looks a number twelve okay what's next. What's next the speculation is over the trade nimble enough. Are they don't animal and a better under a little less and less these guys. Our. He had an idea of sure they keep it Corvette and it's one because it not. This could be slippery slope for the Buffalo Bills is Randy being talking about moving up moving up in the draft and this isn't actually today but it still bring him being talking about movie of the draft in his opinions on that. I know everybody suit worn higher I don't know that. There are some players that are going to be at twelve. Whether it's quarterback for another position that I know would not have fallen to 21. I'm excited about that there's some guys that we were talking about right for the com all of our scouts and I'm like we're waste our time this guy he phoned Tony. You know we're going this guy's a top 101213. Getting past fifteen were in the range for those guys and best unnecessarily quarterback. At the end of the day we're gonna get up you know better player that's why that's a second round bout you. That you move from 2112 and there's a reason for that you're getting a player that should be you know a little bit of a more value. So do you think for EDT eating it's still giving dead and this this isn't a block high in May kick don't let these guys. Talking wild man. Less physical work to watch their team best at being a lot of time in the media you know we're in the media so we can lag to read between the little learn. You know it. Number two well even that is not a quarterback right now. Now I'm not bar and it knows why he did of lying break blade not I'm not buying nicer guy. Sorry. Now this isn't means you're seeing an eight to keep playing these these. These little clips of brain impedes has made several of them for repetitive but. And a draft where nobody really knows how to evaluate these college quarterbacks in. Omnia what exactly goes into that if you're interested in them from being kind of touched on that a little bit. Bomb at the press covers say here's reassess. Lot bigger resents Avaya waiting college quarterbacks. Is a much harder job than violating pro quarterbacks. With systems. Vote talent level you've got some teams are all spread some you know some conference's play great defense some adult. You got all sorts of things that you have to weigh in there and those are all part of it but there's no one factor anyway that that that's more port. So what he'd do you explain this desolate mutual hired discounts for. The scouts are going to be the guy does that these guys are your eyes and ears. Indeed a guy who rely on. Interest airplanes so you tell me that you don't trust those those mock drafts that based on those draft Robert colored dress at. Really well and edit. Really we added the united audio and manage the paper has judge Ellen gophers over years and now. There are about this is to see him lying in. Effect of the second game of chess not checkers so you don't wanna show your hands. Other organizations you know so you gonna say every being. Politically correct in front of the camera secretly umi to Corbett you want a quarter. Because guess what let me actually this question. The switch topics replaced and in the bills. You play on teams that don't draft record yeah there were boils team without a good Corvette last year. I. I think I think. If you upgraded to QB position for movie with Tyrod to. AJ McCarron well I come to games and Asian parents that are I think it's only a handful and no it's the example its most for at least you. That's our mission have anything anything about Tyrod though he was very comfortable and years. Smart and the system he. When it comes down to Tyrod I mean he was we had 31 ranked passing offense in the league last year with this with the storm still in the air is still yet to be written about age Medicare and he he could be a step up from Tyrod could be stepped back. By to say that we can't make the playoffs without dragging his rookie QB who has no experience in the NFL. Compared to lead to sticking with a AG McCain for the year and then see we go with him. It's it's its way to say I think the bills are X still able to make the playoffs at eight AA record and tell me is waiting often I. Like hybrids song that I got in my radiating. I'd rather play Obama this the right now about the bills are it's going to play it still possible it. Out drafting a quarterback for the bills maybe I didn't vote and David Wells last year either and they did. Bly I think I think it's still yet to be seen. I think for the long term future of the bills I think the best move would be to draft your guide but it's also if you wanna look at you your. You know the best case for the future. It might not be mortgage you wave year and tired futures for picking a question mark definitely adding to build up play this wants mar. Adding to it well you have to do was best for your team and you can't make the fast move does that mean the best move in this Marmol so let's let's flip that focus a record McNamee we haven't talked about quarterback ever it. But so genetic uncontrolled join the show she's on thirteen win sports a sheet in this show and she is a different take on who the bills will be taking according to give a talk too much about this guy. She says that. Bigger mayfield is the number one choice for the Buffalo Bills. And that's based on his numbers of appearances at one bills drive he is the number one quarterback who's been in most bigamy you have four visits over buffalo. And it's interesting to think about baker because. We know he's gonna fall come draft and I'll Kyra he's back while pressure and so what we everybody talks about just down and Josh rose seen and you know maybe CM Donald knowledge and a stumpel with. We baker mayfield. Where would the bills. Have to trade up to won't have to street from you are making that statement right now that you think big Omega. And that on the board at twelve. He you think it of their twelve I'd disagree hunter Steve Baker is gonna get draft I think at least I'm sorry ladies. Is getting drafted eight. That ladies who has a Lebanon Breivik. Dad I don't know I'm looking of course I know it and a Broncos are at rock learned a five right Broncos are at six. Other items are Brothers or five browser board jets are three janitor to use. And the browns are one com. And I was suggesting bigamy to go as early as three of the jets to Kenya and it's a reach raids of that suited draft Josh Rosen. But I mean did you make look at eagle at five to the Broncos. It's legal five the Broncos. There's been a lot to time bigger mayfield and Denver together and then. I don't see him making it is up to tackle Beers so he's not north and Beers. Well probably I think if he gets past five inning gets passed by the Broncos somebody is trading in the top ten for bigamy field. I will bet money on that Boehner if it does not make you Dan. Okay the first OK so. Denver Broncos and are notified the colts aren't mystics hold its six he has no percent in Tampa Bay Buccaneers number eight Chicago Bears Tony quarter may. Number nine tonight is go to the end is that no quarterback and the raiders ten the rain is no quarter. I'm not seeing Miami mean you're in the position now Miami's one volatile now now matching that those teams currently position they're gonna take bigger mayfield put paid to you need NFL won't turn it on either quarterback so why wouldn't they trade back if somebody want to trade up for big major and especially Miami who so close to top ten of their eleven. What's stopping the bears and trading back threes but to go back to eleventh salute Miami can dig pick me field. When. Make it to some point I don't know. I think do you picked up that the pills actually had that trade I think a lot in the draft to give bigger mayfield yes we can not agree so. So he's your number three quarterback. I don't know I would rank him number three at a lower I think gas internal Roseanne Arnold Sam Donald's my number one. He is hitting just wrote on sand the top three just roll and things are going to end in das Allah. Okay we can all agree that they'll learn three top QBs. So. We'll still we have now bigger mission don't know Myers that. Mason Mason room. So if the bill to comfortable sitting at twelve. I think the only quarterbacks left at twelve or Mason Rudolph and the Mark Jackson. You completely applicable players in my opinion Mason Rudolph who really knows on him a lot of out there that he's assistant cornerback in here he may not be able to adjust the NFL level mom. And Lamar Jackson such a polarizing figure as well but she says baker made and Jack doctoral says bacon mayfield is the guy the bills are looking at an obviously. And he still find the bills trading up to say eight or six or even for the baker mayfield you don't have to give away everything you have. Have you still meet your quarterback. Arguably the more competitive of the group. He's got the best college record he's got a lot of he leads the way a lot of the way in a lot of the passing stats he's not the tallest guy out there if you wanna use that against him he's not. The most. Quote unquote professional guy out there you know if you lean rats or bats and that's why ran into crunch that's 1000 tests on because the bills are known for one. One local good character guys how we fit in that locker let out early on other equipment Derek too he talked a little bit about com. Defective character he had over Taylor any roster uplift cook for you guys right now and the first verse Nash though that was just Rosen what I heard this just based on his football mind in all like kind of a step out against of but here at this year's summit chairman today at the pre draft. It's government's probably the biggest thing that was. Affirmed or verified for me was. That you want to find guys that. Our good off the field and on the field there's a lot of good players out there that don't have their act together off the field and and you're tempted to take those players. You know so I was reminded of how important that is as we went through a process lecture. Think about it. Sean McDermott saying those things today at the press conference but. Also if you're head over to what the bills recently did on their Ross and it is signed Jerry currently. Players hear from the jets and how I honestly. Don't understand it. I think he doesn't make your team better he does and getting worse well I mean it's like those deadly needs some depth at wide receiver but. Eat last year he needs sets in time for for PEG's performance enhancing drugs. Claiming that ghosts may have put in his system you know whatever so. The only problem yet and palaces he had and he says there's like ghosts in the locker room and they they may have had a hand. In and him feeling his drug test but. In Osama dearest coming out and saying these things with signing these players who have issues like this in their failed drug test before. Ill at its. It makes me really think about whether or not. They can make you can really be their guy. Seeing it now and Josh Rosie and actually being there guys because. He's got interest outside of football and blah blah blah I'm kind of stuff so. It's so tricky with these. Com palace quarter brace because you don't know how. Will they lose just to the NFL is that this is nothing like you on the in his worlds there's nothing like playing national football. Suck but you also join the show in the second hour he could find that on demand and ESPN Rochester dot com in the media tab where you listening to us right now. On he took Josh hill a little bit. Saying many better than people think it may be getting the raw end of the deal does based on the narrative that it's out there right now he claims then. They want to go out there it was impossible feat for people to forget and everybody who is just one of those counts GM's thinks that he. He has all these sorts of troubles we accuracy issues in August of people can't see the other aspect of his games. And what's a fair point to be made I disagree with that because there are other things out there besides just actors see that a winning against. Josh Allen and Olympic and what the the court into the buffalo bill's gonna pick and knowing how all ha. Much hatred is out there for just island in the bills mafia community. I think it's a really bad pick for the bills just take all of that because if your. Efforts slugger trading for Josh Allen you're gonna. Arguably give a two or 31 round picks so that puts enough pressure on him alone just that kind of anti Eric expectation coming into. Is that the Greer he needs to play at a certain level because of how he was drafted. But you don't to a franchise. The Buffalo Bills. With a not so forgiving fan base and there are a lot perfection and they want over perfection from him if he gets if he's in red white and blue. Come. Comes of numbered the thing about that being a hub. Josh Allen and I. The thing that makes me nervous and the thing that wouldn't stop me from draft to them the level competition. Being you know we are to stories about actors he struggles. The number of touchdowns. Ability to create. Zone and to make a plane down assume he has a big strong arm that's one of the positive things about it on him as a player. But it's like. I don't know and actually he still needs time to develop. And I don't know if destroy him in NFL. I don't know if he ever be able to meet his potential. Ames he brings the point that the media is obsessed we aids he's negatives and I also disagree with the as well because. Feel like so many people in the media are trying to each jammed Josh Alan Dell might wrote that he is the right guy because. Earlier on they predicted to be the right guy in the end is our eighth. Before we leave. Good friend of the show bomb. May not. Will leave we'll leave you with a clip here this I'm allowed to Australia. And then press the is and see him. Isn't why I say that bid the national media may have. A positive. Set of thoughts for Josh Allen in this is this is mail out on his pro day. Oh yeah. Oh we have told us. So I'll call. We need apple and. Anybody like we need that line we need that one we need judge known to be it'd we needed it's all. All yeah in armed folks. Could give an arm that's gonna do it for us here on sports bar after our leader on that note yes really. I want it picked a these people just heard some real some real salty stuff they need the you know OK re doing even while windows down. I drive and a car. Then you rest here for the sport or after hours on a global I'm Craig white and is always guys have agreed and. Yeah.